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  1. Clan Awards Best CWA Clan: cwa is dead but sanity on my coc Best Wilderness Clan: Playdead undisputed Best F2P Clan: tempest Best P2P Clan: Playdead Most Active Clan: Playdead Most likely to be a meatshield: violent resolution the new sv Most Victimized Clan: violent resolution, deathrow Most Missed Clan: ct rest in peace Clan With Most Stamina: Playdead Clan with most delusional members: violent resolution Most Improved Clan: Most Honorable Clan: DF Upcoming Clan of 2022: tempest Individual Awards Best F2P Caller: Best P2P Caller: whip Best Tank: @smished Best Mage: Biggest 1-Bang: sparze Best P2P Warrior: Best F2P Warrior: Best Highlight: Biggest Vending Machine: sparze Best Personality: Worse Personality: Funniest Member: Most Helpful: Most Approachable: Most Recognizable: Most Improved: Most Outstanding Person: Most Remarkable Newcomer: Most Influential: Worse Member To Have: cavebob Moderator Awards Most Biased Sharkbrew Mod: obli Best Babysitter: illegal Favorite Sharkbrew Mod: Kim
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