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  1. Wouxi

    invite only Takeover

    Takeover is a 1 defence P2P mini team that was created by myself and Alex with the intent on having fun & competitive action while not having to worry about clan politics. Takeover hopes to bring more action to the scene and to continue having competitive fights with other established clans/teams. Currently takeover is mainly interested in 1 defence action but also mixes in some 25 defence fights once and a while. Takeover is currently invite only, if you are interested in joining and feel like you have what it takes feel free to message Wouxi#1337 or AlexSnow#7836 on discord. Feel free to join our discord if your looking for action or just wanna hangout. Leader Wouxi Co-Leader Alex Council Dull Elder Cooking Cranked Infernal North Drags Steve Elite Codi Izzat Runs Yetti Deadz Member Paige Zetro Rumors Oliver Trial Zetex Zetix Sooma Riven Capalot Perry Digsite Current Record:17-1
  2. Nice and good luck man
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