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  1. And that is? Also why are you trying to act as if you have leader say, you are Experienced lol unmute in ur ts
  2. I'd pipe down before your clans next.
  3. Your mains hit us (CD) and me lmfao but ok
  4. Former High Council of the almighty Sovereign during LPC & HPC. Who the fuck are you minion retard l0l
  5. I didn't mention p2p, are you braindead?
  6. No sir, you started the mains west of bandits with 15 tanks in your capes.
  7. The propaganda is real. I will not off until I close your dogshit clan. Enjoy the super pures every single weekend till you hit 20 man pulls.
  8. Close my clan, as a plus 1? I don't think so. I have more than enough leaks in your clan to hit you with super pures whenever I need. You tried the main shit now will suffer until I close LY. CD lives for this shit you started beef with the wrong clan my old friend.
  9. They started it, I will end it. This This lmfao They are called "Super Pures" just for your clan. Probably Sam lmfao
  10. Mr Scott x D

    weekend SKO Saturday Feast

    Imo u bring tanks and UF even confirmed they have been on both ur trips this week and last week. Don't you make the propaganda up sir. Starving ur clan for action enjoy closure lmfao
  11. Mr Scott x D

    weekend SKO Saturday Feast

    Where is Rage's aftermath topic at? l0000000000l
  12. Mr Scott x D

    weekend SKO Saturday Feast

    Why? You got no action for bringing tanks l0l
  13. Mr Scott x D

    weekend SKO Saturday Feast

    Teamspeak: ts.sko-rs.com Discord: here On 30th of March 2019, Sudden Knock Out gathered 45 Phoenix's to eliminate Rage & Immortal and that we did. Shout-Outs Rage for lying about opts and bringing tanks Immortal for the best of 3 first to 50 CWA Fight Videos Scott PoV Cranked PoV Rigo PoV Pictures