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  1. Join the Most Active Pure Community - Zenith.Ts3Chat.Com - "Rs Zenith" Clan Chat Zenith vs Rage & Mains We heard Rage was out so we went to go hit them, Unfortunately they were surrounded with mains this didn't phase us. We peaked at 50 Zenith Warriors. With amazing returns and great calling we continued pushing through Rage and Mains. We fought at the dragon pit with us being in control the majority of the time. Rage decided to run south and was caught in massive clump. We continued on pushing them south, transitioning through them. We fought Rage for a couple minutes in the center of revs, Until we had 35+ members and only mains were left. After 3+ Hours of fighting we caught a quick spam and teleported to the bank. Rage regrouped at entrance and rerushed approx 4 minutes after we had left and took a fake ending. Thanks for the fight Rage, Unlucky about the mains. @Co0kiezs POV @murderman3000 POV
  2. We smoked LY all trip, don't know who you were spectating bud.
  3. Join the Most Active Pure Community - Zenith.Ts3Chat.Com - "Rs Zenith" Clan Chat After a sick 2-0 F2P Saturday against Legacy, Everyone was super excited for P2P Sunday. We massed up 100 Mountain Climbers and peaked at over 105 for our Sunday trip. Despite being Final Ownage Elites anniversary we set out to have the most action, We accomplished this having over 10+ fights. Thanks to everyone who was on the entire time. This is why im Z. Zenith vs Apex FT. Final Ownage Elite We found Apex east of FOG so we decided to go hit them, we rushed them from the west and quickly caught tb's on all of their members. We fought for sometime before FOE logged in west and came to fight us, we teleported out shortly after. Zenith vs Rage We found Rage about to go multi near graveyard, we quickly charged from the south and caught the majority of them while they were running multi. We tbed and killed all of their members in multi. Once they were all gone, we pulled southwest and dipped with out loots. Zenith vs Fatality We found Fatality east at bandits, we quickly rushed from the northwest and barraged them out. Within seconds Fatality was down 30. They tried to pull southwest to bandits with 10-20 in game. We tbed and killed everyone south and quickly went to the bank. Zenith vs Rage We heard Rage was fighting northeast of chaos alter, we came from the south with specs and tbs flinging. We fought them north near pond for a little until they were absolutely fully cleared. We killed the stragglers caught a spam and went to the bank. Zenith vs Legacy FT. Final Ownage Elite We defended west of 26 hill, Waiting over 10 minutes for Legacy to muster up enough courage to come hit us. Finally they did, We focused their south side completely ramboing through them. We received word a clan was about to crash so we pulled far south and stayed on top of all of Legacy, Once they teleported or died. We came to edge and quickly spammed them and laughed at their deflated teamspeak. Zenith vs Final Ownage Elite With clans doing nothing and everyone being scared of FOE, we decided to give them a small fight, We logged in bandits and waited for them to come. Once they logged in we pulled west to bandit camp teleport and massed barraged them east. We had massive xp drops. After sometime the 170 FOE broke through and we teleported to the bank. Zenith vs Legacy FT. Apex We heard our friends over in Legacy were fighting in singles since they are dogshit and weak minded and cant go multi. We logged in and rushed them in singles and within minutes, Legacy was completely cleared. We teleported to the bank and quickly spammed and laughed as the logged out. Zenith vs Blunt Pures FT. Onslaught We heard BP was about to fight OG, We logged in on top of BP and quickly sent them packing to edgeville. Once BP was cleared, OG came from the northeast and we quickly focused our attention north. We caught massive barrage clumps and transitioned through them. Within minutes both clans were cleared and before clans could crash we teleported to edge. Zenith vs Legacy FT. Apex & Blunt Pures We defended north of falador in a pvp world waiting for these shit dogs to log in, Once they logged in we completely dismantled through them. We focused their north side and caught them in massive clumps. Legacy was gasping for air and decided to bring it to the falador garden. We followed staying on top of them the entire time. We caught them with their pants down and sent them to edgeville. Once they were cleared we teleported to the bank and went back and cleared the remaining BP. Swat's POV Codi's POV
  4. And that is? Also why are you trying to act as if you have leader say, you are Experienced lol unmute in ur ts
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