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  1. I don't think anybody asked LOL now wipe your tears while 20+ Zenith pked 100m tn
  2. 100m+ PKED while you sat and waited for us to make a topic keep crying doggy
  3. Looks like a whole lot of cry from BP not surprised ! L0L... BTW where THE FUCK IS LEGACY!?
  4. your clans prep record is win one lose one win one lose one win one lose one l0000l, enjoy your 37 pull (10 of those people from legashit) lmfaoooo
  5. @Z IS A JOKENice 22 pull on p2p sunday, who dun it? LMFAOOOO
  6. Massed up 22 Spartans for our Sunday P2P Trip! We were really stressing to get 50+, but only ended up with 22 yesterday. Some reason every week that goes by our pulls seem to drop. Our 22 Spartans tried hitting some clans during our P2P trip but ended up instantly getting hit by Zenith. Some reason whenever we tried to log in to hit something, Zenith seemed to know our exact location and cleared us numerous times through the trip. Hopefully one day we can pull 50+ Spartanos because we aren't even halfway to 50 yet We also fought at Glory Hill, where Hydra made us have only 4 in game at one point, and eventually cleared us as well. It was a really rough weekend for us, as we had the lowest pull out of any clan. Hopefully next weekend we will be able to hit the halfway mark of 50 and pull 25.. Things been really rough for us recently and we aren't sure what to do. We also gave our closing speech video below to listen.
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