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  1. Thanks for the view btw hope you enjoyed the 18 minutes of Zenith destroying people
  2. If you're gonna read the title of the video, watch it to dumbass cleared them multiple times. Ty next
  3. The scene is split, do not cry LMAO. BP are the ones avoiding when they have plenty of 1 defs, but are avoiding the rules they accepted. Goes to show the AVOID
  4. LMAO.. BP won't accept it l00000l. No way all this talk but BP fears going up against Zenith on 1 defs. Not to mention they did a PKRI vs Zenith on 1 defs about a month or two ago LOL! Also not tp mention BP gets slaughtered in rev caves on 1 DEFS! Accept and stop fucking shaking LOLLLL @Dizzy
  5. GF! No clans had the balls to mass up to crash LOL!
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