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  1. Massed up for yet another P2P Sunday, a tradition the pure community has practiced longer than most still participating even know. Many who consider themselves pure clans didn't come out today, some who even consider themselves our rivals have quit doing so entirely. I'd like to give a special shout out to our dogs over at fatality who have refused to enter the P2P Wilderness since their horrific innerversary 4 weeks ago. That's right, it's been an entire month now since they've dared to step foot into our wilderness. Just close already you fucking posers. Anyway, being as FOE and Apex were the only two clans out, we set up at GDZ, and had one of the cleanest 1v1's to date. The fight lasted for about an hour, and we got a +1 out of it. Thanks for the good fight, and respect for fighting down opts. @Parviz
  2. I've seen some call it an "innerversary" LMFAO
  3. sad news @Htownallegedly snapped his spinal attempting to squat 2 plates. RIP my fragile friend. ♿

  4. im wonderin the loc on a lot of things bro loc on topic loc of any pics of spams from em loc on nathan loc on the payment for their vennies loc on pic with 100 (allegedly) loc on explain y they went cwa and did inners loc on them getting any kills in their 4 minute video (loc on any posts on tanqe's videos topic?) loc on explain y ended in 1 hour list on goes bro what's the loc????
  5. 35 is still double what you had on Sunday my boy. I don't share cc's but you do. Maybe take your own advice?
  6. u too quick with the tele my bro i give u dat
  7. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, April 10th, 2022: Final Ownage Elite entered the wilderness peaking at 35 Eagles. As the weeks progress into 2022, we are witnessing the crumbling of Fatality. Week after week it seems to get worse for our dogs and today was no different. With the lack of leadership for Fatality, hype has quickly diminished. All that remained were 20 brainwashed mutts that ran and got obliterated on sight today. We started our day at ruins where we found Fatality, lost and confused, sitting in singles with out a clue. We bullied them in singles while they got their classic 4 man spams as they dropped and teled out. They then proceeded to spam at an empty bank in typical Fatality fashion. We moved on to get an actual fight and joined a cluster going on at dwarves. Although the fight was overran with mains, we got some nice action where we caught a great clump that quickly died and cleaned up quite a few pures. We re-hit the same fight where we discovered the remnants of BluntPurez pures and a handful of Fatality. We quickly exterminated both clans as they pulled the fight to corp. The fight didn't last long at corp as they got completely cleared. Embarrassingly caught red-handed, Fatality were caught spamming at an empty bank where they immediately hopped to random worlds and officially ended their trip LMFAO. We got our final fight at CA where it quickly turned into a giant cluster. We pushed west into BluntPurez and Legacy where we cleaned up the majority of the pures until the fight became a mainfest and made our exit. ~L8l
  8. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, April 3rd, 2022: Final Ownage Elite entered the wilderness peaking at 45 Eagles. After a successful 17th anniversary where we completely dismantled Fatality, we set out today to continue our domination. While Fatality HQ is in shambles, FOE had another victorious Sunday with loads of action. We started our day hitting a cluster that erupted at sperm. BluntPurez pulled the playbook from Rage and had very few pures along with a swarm of vennies at their side. We easily cleared the pures, along with the majority of their non-returning vennies, until the fight turned into a ragfest. Who knew the Dutch also knew Spanish? Unfortunately, your clan is in disarray and vennies won't help you accomplish anything. We got word of a fight at east ruins, so we quickly set up at ruins and rushed into the trees. We had a short scuffle with Terror before the fight was crashed. We re-hit the fight where we found a sea of vennies and Zenith in a fat box that quickly exploded. Noticing the pures were evaporated, we teled knowing our job was finished. Shortly after, Clumptality set up at east bandits where we had no problem rushing right into them. Our dogs don't understand how to stay spread in p2p and were easily caught in a clump where they died in seconds. THAT AINT A GOOD LOOK LMFAO. The remaining Fatality teled out as fast as they could after realizing the blunder they made.. the same blunder they make every week LOOOOOOL. Immediately after getting blown up, Fatality set up a fight with BluntPurez at RDG. We set up west, anticipating a 1v2, and rushed into them. Right off the bat, Fatality gets gwased and BluntPurez runs like rats. We pushed the rest of Fatality west into singles where they scattered and teled out. Fatality got a regroup and set up east of mossies. We picked them off from singles, ultimately pushing them further into multi where they couldn't run. The fight lasted a short while where Fatality got completely dominated. We chased our dogs to ruins until they teled out. We ended our day in beautiful fashion, bullying the shit out of Fatality in singles at east graves. Week after week we dismantle them in singles until they end. Fatality was yet again the first clan to end their trip and in typical Fatality fashion; demoralized, beaten and bruised. ~L8l ~Swip
  9. Set up a PKRI against Apex a few days ago. As always there was no sign of our victims to try and stop us lmfao. Thanks for the good fight. ~K2P ~Terpz ~L8L
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