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  1. Unfortunately FOE did not turn up at the prescribed time and date, thus Rage auto wins cotm for the month of june
  2. world tracker has been fixed 4th jul celebratory eagle cursor icon has been removed
  3. On behalf of the Sharkbrew rank team, we like to wish all Americans a Happy 4th of July. Whilst this has been an extremely difficult time due to covid, we hope that all of you will take care of yourselves both physically and mentally Don't forget to mask up and keep 6 ft social distancing if you have to go outside
  4. With reference to this topic: It is necessary that sharkbrew implement steps to protect our users in the event they accidentally breach discord TOS in the heat of the moment, therefore we have implemented a bot that deletes messages that, if reported, may potentially cause your discord account to be flagged or banned by discord. If you like a word to be added to the list, feel free to reply to this topic, or DM any of the sharkbrew ranks on discord.
  5. Credits to Kye for original topic BrewCup 10v10 Main Tournament The BrewCup tournament will have only have 1 category; 10v10 restricted gear on max mains. Hopefully this tournament will can kick off season CWA events to replace JCup. We have plans to advertise this tournament on reddit, introduce betting and hopefully be able to get a streamer for the day of the fights SIGNUPS WILL CLOSE ON Sat THE 27th OF JUNE Key things to note are: Date: Saturday 11th of Jul 2020 Time: 2pm EDT with the last round starting no later than 7pm EDT Restricted gear Best of 5 PKRI Prize Winner: 200m prize money + sig Runner up: 100m 2nd Runner up: Rope and bucket Signup Application: Reply to this topic with the following: The 3 officials are required to idle in https://discord.gg/zx9nSNq which they will receive the tournament participant role The following items are banned - Failure to comply results in team forfeit Ancestral, Bulwark, Kodai Nightmare gear Justiciar Ely / Heal other Venom - Serp helm is allowed as it no longer venoms people. BrewCup Rules- One team per person All matches will be best 3 of 5. All rounds are PKRI (5x PKRI) Teams are required to start their matches on the established date. If one or more members fail to show up at the correct time, they will be given a 10 minute buffer. After 10 minutes and the event starts, THEY MAY NO LONGER BE INVOLVED IN THE FIGHT. If this is the case, you must decide if you fight down opts or forfeit the fight. The round starts when the wall drops. "We weren't ready" or "We didn't have prays up" is not a valid excuse. Tournament will be held on a Saturday with the first round starting at 2pm EDT / 7pm BST / 6pm UTC. We recommend you record every round in case of a dispute. Ddos will not be taken as a valid excuse for a redo. This is a general rule for the tournament. BrewCup Extra Information This will be a Single Elimination tournament. It will be a short tournament. It should be completed in 1 day however if not then it will be continued either on Sunday or the next Saturday depending on a general consensus. Sharkbrew TS will be available for these 10v10 fights. Bracket will be generated a day before the event. This will be screen shared in the tournament discord. Example setups Mages: Tanks
  6. which xlpcs go out during aussie times? looking to join on my acc: sharkbrew_rs
  7. check your member's account, I sent you a free hat
  8. Promotions @Bibii- Having transitioned over from the W308 discord, Bibii has always been meticulous with the systems he has been assigned to while also looking out for problems that are not within his domain of responsibility. An excellent rank who is proactive to work with. @FLOWER- Being one of the newer gatekeepers to the rank team, he has taken to the ground running by volunteering to maintain the ELO league & running events. Even inspite of his IRL work, he has always put time for the community and I am impressed with the work he has done. @Purefect- Despite the heavy demands placed on him by his IRL work, Adrolt has always had the heart for the scene and he has been putting in constant work to help the community. His notable achievements include the NTPC, NA vs EU events & the ELO league system. Unfortunately he will be temporarily retiring in Feb, so let us celebrate his presence with this promotion Community Support I would say majority of Sharkbrew ranks are either retired from the game, or aren't taking an active role in their clans. While this mitigates the bias of a community site being run by players from a select clan, this has also affected our ability to be up to date of the happenings in game. Therefore we are launching the community support rank to interested players who may not want the full responsibilities of a Sharkbrew rank, but simply wants to help the community. Congratulations to @Lord Ex If you want to become part of community support, drop me a DM on Discord with your proposal, and we can discuss further
  9. To protect the integrity of the league system, we are allowing members of this community to dispute and help fact check statistics or content in any clan's aftermath topic that could be used to rig the system to their benefits. What are we looking for(and not limited to): Disputes that clearly show a clan grossly overstating their opts Clans reusing old pictures to portray false image of activity for their clan Clans cheating in arranged fights Punitive Measure: Reduction of points per topic Nullification of points
  10. We can try- it is harder to moderate on discord due to the edit/delete feature and the live aspect of it compared to forums
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