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  1. In-spite of the warning message displayed at the beginning of the registration page: I noticed users still using seemingly legitimate email address that may be linked to RS accounts, therefore I decided to create a system to encrypt all email address at all levels on sharkbrew- front end Admin control panel And finally at the database level end Users will still be able to receive emails, however neither myself nor any of my staff or admins can see the legitimate email addres-only the encrypted one. **Note** When changing your email address, you will momentarily see your actual email, please give it 1-2 minutes for my automated script to discover your email and to issue you your encrypted address
  2. https://www.sharkbrew.com/wiki/Main_Page Over the past couple of weeks, I had been badgered by some community members to put up the wiki, so here it is! As each of you have a unique perspective and experience in your respective clanning community, I hope everyone will take some time to immortalize their slice of history by contributing their experiences to the wiki! Also while running the underdogs tournament, some of the newer clans are not aware of the basic clanning & prep terminologies. Thus, this wiki relaunch shall focus on building a guides repository, so that future clans leaders do not have to build their foundations from scratch. If you like to become a wiki editor, please do drop me a PM on forums or on discord.
  3. slushpuppy

    announcement Free money for your clan - Clan twitch

    Well it is also a clan location security risk
  4. keep it in game guys
  5. Sorry, this topic has been long overdue because I haven't had time to fix the problematic awards system that was only partially compatible with ipb 4.2. Without much (further) ado, Sharkbrew would like to congratulate Apex for beating FOE in the final round to win the Sharkbrew summer tournament. All prize money has been paid out, and all members in the Apex clan have received their forum medals
  6. slushpuppy

    weekend Fatality's Saturday - Choke Slamming IR

    luckily u had the sense not to use the OG topic title LOL
  7. slushpuppy

    important Main WCOTM

    Feel free to suggest changes You are absolutely right, Clans are free to do whatever they want, but does it help the community?
  8. New Skin It's been a while since Sharkbrew had a makeover, and admitting the current default skin is way too large. Luckily I was able to find a dark blue theme which seems to fit the bill, so please feel free try out the new test skin and give me some feedback. If you guys like this skin template as a base, I will purchase a skinning service from Calum when we move to IPB 4.3 Ad-hoc Community Events/Events Calendar Taking some inspiration from the positive feedback from the P2P friday topic, and speaking to some members of the main community like @Chris-, I come to realize that sharkbrew should help out with organizing ad-hoc community events. So I have given Ambassadors access to create events that would appear in the side bar of Sharkbrew. This I hope will facilitate events advertising process. As Ambassador is strictly for high ranks of clans, I also created an @Community Events Manager group. This group gives members access to creating same events in the Calendar. If you want to become a Community Events Manager, feel free to drop me a PM on discord. We hope that this system will encourage clans to schedule community events like scheduled midweek cluster/P2P Fridays or even ad-hoc PCLs
  9. slushpuppy

    Need UI/UX suggestions from the community

    Thank you, yes I think i'll move the declaration section to the pure section after this weekend if the main community doesn't want to utilize it
  10. slushpuppy

    Need UI/UX suggestions from the community

    Dude stop triggering me. You know that is being worked on in staff boards with Andy... Even runescape uses "Community", how would u want that changed? Unless there is some esoteric technical definition for layout, doesn't layout come under UI/UX? Whats the issue on the phone? Er no, the bringing mains to events was shut down because lpcs didn't want cotm, remember :P? Anyone who affects the community would been added if not for the clan revolt that occurred straight afterwards.
  11. slushpuppy

    Jaja vs SV

    After the divorce, the 2 heavy weight wilderness clans are aiming for each other's jugular. They both seem equally matched, but who will come out ontop?
  12. slushpuppy

    Sub-Section Rules

    This is a Sub-Section Rules (SSR) - means that these rules particularlly effect this section only. The Grand Rules & Guidelines effects the entire forums, and we advise you give it a good read. If the topic is prefixed with the BANTER tag you are allowed to: Personally directed flame e.g. 'Person A is so dumb' No inhumane flaming e.g. Racism, Sexism, Homophobia etc. However, we do not permit spamming. Please re-read the section on spamming within the Grand Rules & Guidelines (link provided at the top). Additionally, every other rule still applies.
  13. New Members will not be able to use reactions New members must wait 1 day and 20 pc to be promoted to Member Reactions now give 2 SharkPoints, so the guy whom u been giving poor banter- you are making him/her richer Replies to topics has been bumped to 3 SharkPoints
  14. Unfortunately Zybez will close on the 16th of September 2018. This marks the end of one of the greatest fansites to ever exist, but yet begets the question.. If the most popular and active fansite had to close, what would this mean for us? Regardless, Sharkbrew shall soldier on, and to memorialize our fellow colleagues over at Zybez, we shall be introducing the follow new award categories for any ex ranks of Zybez: Anyway, on towards brighter and more cheerful news, we have touch base with a number of main clans and we have seen some collaborative synergies together, thus Sharkbrew will be accomodating the new 'Runite Community', i.e. Zerks/Tanks/Mids/Mains. Even at this early stage, I have been some cross pollination where both sides have demonstrated interest in each other's community and we hope Sharkbrew can facilitate such arrangement. With this new community influx, we are doing one of the largest masspromotion ever in Sharkbrew's history. Pure Community Promotions @Jamz - Representing EOP @Tyendinaga - Representing Fi @Enza - Representing Envy @BeBrilliant - Representing AAO Runite Community Promotions @Kye - Adrenaline @Vitor . @Rams - Sovereign @D3nny - Revenant @Kap - Cutthroat @Joel - PlayDead With these new promotions, Sharkbrew is set to reintroduce WCOTM/COTM for both mains and xLPCs. Stay tuned this week for further Sharkbrew updates, including betting.