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  1. Apologies for this delayed award release due to IRL obligations and for the new sig release
  2. Congratulations for FI for winning the tiebreaker for the month of sept. FI ranks, drop me a DM to collect your prize money
  3. I have made a custom plugin that summarizes the number of clans who are participating in different categories. If you like your clan to be part of a certain category, have your clan group leader select additional activities under the clan management page. Doxing: Due to the rise of irl name doxing in bonfire, we have decided to completely outlaw the use of any irl names in SB discord. The only exception is if the target person is someone of e importance who has used his/her name in public capacity on social media, or if said person uses their irl name as an alias and is currently on sharkbrew discord or forums.
  4. This topic is not counted towards your league score. Please kindly see the replies by members of the Sharkbrew rank team to find out why.
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