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  1. I hope these icons would better differentiate the importance of events, and the differences between main and pure topics on these forums Feel free to edit your existing topics to get these new prefixes on them
  2. Congratulations to Rage and Legacy for being the top 2 CWA clans of the month. As Rage has the higher points, pls arrange for the run off prep
  3. Congrats to zenith for winning WCOTM once again! Dm me for the gp
  4. Many thanks to Ranks of Legacy, Fatality and Rage for participating and special thanks to Jamz for summarizing the data: ly lost 51 ppl in the rounds they won vs rage r2 - 17 people lost vs fi r1 - 20 people lost vs fi r2 - 14 people lost rage lost 33 ppl in the rounds they won vs ly r1 - 9 people lost vs ly r3 - 10 people lost vs fi r1 - 14 people lost fi lost 42 ppl in the rounds they won vs ly r3 - 9 people lost vs rage r2 - 23 people lost vs rage r3 - 10 people lost With Rage losing the least number of people, and with all else equal Congratulations to rage for winning the first 3 way COTM tiebreaker Rage ranks drop me a DM for prize gp
  5. My apologies to rage for forgetting to make the sig
  6. Currently clan groups are being created here: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/gc/ Unfortunately we have noticed a good number of clans who participate in multiple activities, i.e. pure/main clan <-> RSBL, or simply have an cwa main unit. Thus with this problem, it isn't particularly fair to solely label a clan. Henceforth, we will be migrating everyone to the IPB club feature which allows for compound clan naming types. This club feature also allow clans to easily add their icons that would show up in post view <------ Dear clan/team leaders, please recreate your groups accordingly here: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/clans/
  7. COTM declaration system Is a clan dodging you? You can now publicly declare a fight against them! Be sure to read the rules https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/forum/452-cotm-declaration-system/
  8. You are representing your clan in an official capacity and have the authority to arrange preps/fullouts You can only declare against 1 clan per month You can only declare before the 14th on every month, 11:59pm EST time clans being declared on must accept before the last day of the month or they will suffer a 3-0 loss that counts to the cotm and league system You are free to arrange your fight time, but should negotiations fail, the default time will fall before just before the weekend trip of the appropriate fight time, i.e. saturday for f2p, sunday for p2p Standard prep rule apply to all fights: 25v25 min 1 def Prevailing weapon bans(if applicable)
  9. Thanks to @Sybrenwho pointed this out to me RSBL With the increase of cwa topics posted by main/med/zerk clans, we would like to give back to the main community by introducing a modified format of the popular RSBL. This version of of the RSBL copies the existing COTM format for pure clans and would consist of the following(subject to feedback): Monthly award with a small prize(50m++) Sig for winner Top 3 Clans/Teams with the most number of wins will slug it out for a 3 way tiebreaker fight League table that shows win/losses of all participants How Do I Enter? Create a team/clan group here: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/clubs/ be sure to select "RSBL" in the clan category We will launch this system starting from 1st Sept if we see a sizable amount of interest
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