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  1. https://www.sharkbrew.com/?/league/teams The league system is finally up with the following scoring rules: Rules For every round won, the mini team shall receive weighted 0.4 points. Losing clans will lose an equivalent 0.2 points * total number of rounds loss per fight. This means that a team will lose less points for a 2-1 than a 3-0 Encouraging new teams to open We will not display the losses of teams. This is to encourage the opening of new teams and giving them the opportunity to fight other teams without the obvious stigma associated with a loss Encouraging more CWA activity for clans We will not award any points for the winners or losers if a team is fighting a clan. We hope this will encourage teams to mini or big mini clans If you like to open a new team to participate in this league, check out the team section here: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/forum/443-teams/
  2. https://www.sharkbrew.com/?/league/teams Create a team group if your clan hasn't already: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/gc/cat/6-pure-teams/ Post your aftermath topic We will add it to the system Proof of aftermath topic entry can be seen with the topic tags "League verified" You shall receive points as long as your opponent clan is an official clan opened for quite some time Fight types: Standard Minis(minis against other official teams) Uncounted clan minis(minis against clans- but will count towards a mini team's activity Exclusions: N/A for now
  3. Team NA Team EU Event Itinerary: 5:30pm EST/10:30pm gmt - Mass start 5:45pm EST/10:45pm gmt - Flame/Thrash talk session 6:00pm EST/11:00pm gmt - Challenge Good luck to both teams
  4. Mini Teams While this is not the first time Sharkbrew has tracked mini teams, this time around I was approached by Moni and H_88 a while back indicating their intentions of bringing the mini team scene back to life and how they want to interweave both the clan and mini scene to form a symbiotic relationship. Mini Teams ELO League From 1st Dec, Sharkbrew is tracking all minis by mini teams. We hope with this system, we can encourage more pures to gather a few of their friends to participate in this competitive league. To deter obsession of losses, we will not be advertising the team's loss, only the number of wins as shown below: As minis events tend to outweight that of pure clans, I have fast tracked the promotion of H_88 and he will be handling the mini teams ELO league. In the coming days I will announce the monthly prize money for the top mini team in the league
  5. The following are requirements for your team to be added.. (New Teams) Disclaimer: This is subject to change based on new ideas/suggestion. Message a staff member to be added. Must have at least 5 Miniwars posted after (Nov. 19 2019) Must have at LEAST a 10 ML Agree that if your team is found to be inactive for more than (2 Months) your team role will be removed (Must have at least 3 Miniwars/Month or AT LEAST 6 Miniwars in the span of 2 Months.) Any member of a opposing team is allowed to dispute the activity of another team. A team with a role about be deleted/removed will be given 1 week to get all their miniwars in before the role is removed. If your team is found trolling for more than 1 miniwar/month you will be removed (after proof is verified) Create a team group: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/gc/cat/6-pure-teams/
  6. Thank you to those who been nitro boosting the sharkbrew discord server. In recognition of your support, we have enabled the following features for you: Bypass flood limit !infractions <@discorduser> - check user warn history In the coming weeks, I am looking to give you limited mute powers to help mitigate some of the spam that occurs in the discord.
  7. It's the unfortunate reality of things but also bear in mind that Jagex is also responsible for the decay of the clanning scene
  8. The number of preps/fullouts has been on a steady decline and opts of said events has been going down too. Sharkbrew would like to encourage more clan war events and one of the ways we feel we can help is to recognize 2v2+ preps where multiple clans team together for an event. Coop preps Considering the fairly successful 3v3 event that was hosted by @Jamz, we would like to take the opportunity to recognize and reward clans who are willing to work with each other to organize more events in clan wars. Thus, I have added a new fight category to the ELO system From today onwards, all official 2v2+ preps will be recorded into the system. Each clan must have a reasonable number of members in the fight for it to count. Scoring 0.4 points per round won is awarded to the winning clan's topic Losing clans will not lose any points or have any losses added to their clan wars record In order for your clan points to be awarded, you must post your own topic. We believe that cooperative preps can help nurture alliances, spreads the risk of a loss, and exposes clan members to higher opt fights that are rarer these days. Bear in mind that while benefits are plentiful, leaders of new clans should be mindful of other clans who may use these events as opportunities to poach members or recruit turncoats ELO points decay We will be introducing the elo points decay for the wilderness activity section of the ELO league. If your clan hasn't done 4 midweeks and 2 weekend trips, you will receive a point decay on the following Monday. I will make announcement with finer details in the coming days with regards to this system
  9. Promotions I would like to thank everyone who took the time to apply for sharkbrew rank. Unfortunately for some of you, there are outstanding matters that have to be resolved before we promote you. For other applicants, congratulations and I am glad to have you onboard sharkbrew and I hope we can achieve the revitalization of the PvP and Clanning community together! @Brock @Jamz @Haro @Bibii @FLOWER We are still looking for applications. If you like to apply, please do so by clicking the application form at the top of the site
  10. https://www.sharkbrew.com/?/league/clans/wilderness What do you think? Should number of points be reduced? What would be a suitable timeframe & points decay mechanism?
  11. Introduction COTM/CWL/WCOTM used to be a household name for clans looking to compare their performance and activity in Clan Wars and Wilderness. You can find the origins with (former) sharkbrew rank @Bradenwho came up with the idea of tracking clan wars preps during an era where prep activity had all but collapsed. Thanks to his system, there was a noticeable increase in clan wars activity. Over the years, we have seen many changes, but the hardest hit so far was the migration of Sharkbrew from IPB3 to IPB4 in 2018. This had rendered all of our systems obsolete, and combined with my increased irl workload, I was not able to code up a replacement... until today: League System I have limited the number of dependencies with IPB, therefore we can foresee this system being used for many years to come! https://www.sharkbrew.com/?/league/clans/cwars https://www.sharkbrew.com/?/league/clans/wilderness This is a unified system that tracks both clan wars and wilderness. The system is based on weighted point values as shown here: Clan Wars This system tracks all preps(20v20+) and fullouts. Unlike previous systems, we award points based on rounds won. The formula goes as follows: For winners: points gained: numbers_of_rounds_won * 1.00(winner points) * 3 For the losers points lost: (total_number_of_rounds - number_of_rounds_won) * -0.75 * 3 To mitigate the effects of a loss, the losing clan will not lose as much points as gained by the winning clan. Also because we are counting rounds won, winning at least 1 round in a 3 round prep can prevent you from losing a lot of points! Also all preps are capped at 5 rounds to deter point farming. First to 25/50/100 counts as 1 round. Wilderness The goal of tracking wilderness activity ties into Sharkbrew future plans of advertising pure/main community events to the greater public with the help of sharkbrew's twitter account. This system is designed to demonstrate which clans have the most activity. I will post a topic in the future detailing our plans. There are no winners or losers; every topic(midweek/weekend counts). The higher the opts, the more points your clan will receive! Midweek: opts/10 * 0.2 * 3 Weekend: opts/10 * 1.50 * 3 When will the system start? I will be counting all events starting from the 18th of august onwards. How do I participate? For now, create a clan group: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/gc/cat/1-runescape-clans/ Then PM me on discord to be added to the system. I am working out kinks to the system. Promotions With these new systems up come with new promotions: @Break- Overseer- As one of our senior ranks I am thankful for your loyalty to this site. You been with Sharkbrew and by my side through Sharkbrew's ups and falls, and I thoroughly appreciate your presence on this site. You have put in a great amount of work into countless various systems that the sharkbrew community, and this new rank is the cumulative of everything your had done. @Yak- Mediator - Inspite of your many IRL commitments, you have dedicated yourself to the management and upkeep of the discord. Your activity has been excellent and I would like to see you achieve more with this rank With this out of the way, Sharkbrew is looking for new ranks to help us propel this community into the next phase. Within the next 2 weeks, we are going to promote no less than 6 new gatekeepers to help us run various systems. If you have already applied, please take note of your rank application topic link as I will need you to reply to a future topic indicating your continued interest at being a rank of this site. If you haven't applied, please feel free to apply by clicking the link at the top of this site
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