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  1. With obvious decline in PvP in OSRS and some clans leaders still trying to weaponize CWA activity in a shrinking pure community, we are discontinuing the current format WCOTM/COTM as it is waste of time. However, @Lord Exhas kept volunteering himself to launch his own version and we are giving him the access and authority to do so. grats to lord ex babysitter promo --------------------------- @FI we will still issue you the sig for Aug win in due time
  2. https://www.sharkbrew.com/?/league/clans/clanclash 1. Ensure your event meet the rules: 2. Ensure that you have created your clan group here: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/clans/ 3. Post your events topic with the prefix selected 4. *optional* encourage your opponent to have their clan group created so we can track your activity accurately
  3. I haven't been able to come up with a suitable name for this system, could you guys help me out pls? the name with its abbreviation should be succinct and roll off the tongue nicely.. e.g. RSBL
  4. when we finish counting mar cotm, we hope u guys will win
  5. Congratulations to Rage winning Sharkbrew's inaugural pure brewcup of 2020! The final score tally: Rage: 10.5 Terror: 9.5 Fatality: 8.5 FOE: 0 Apex:0 Unfortunately some of the participants preferred to monkey around with setting up their fights so their matches were nullified and 3-0 was awarded to their opponents. Winners of brewcup tournaments shall also receive a special trophy icon under their profile: Rage, Terror ranks lmk when you can collect your prize money for coming in 1st and 2nd respectively
  6. Pure Brewcup 2020 This year is the inauguration of first annual brewcup tournament. As decided by the community, this year's server fight type is F2P. Prizes 1x customized sig by robby 150 RSGP to winner, 50m to runner up Clan award on sharkbrew forums Rules Starting date: 11th Jan 2021 Fight type: F2P 1-25 def accounts & 1 def gear Best out of 3, Each clan will attack and defend one round each with one PKRI Clans will lineup in the middle for attack/defend rounds (normal prep style) Matched - sit to 40 min Full round robin - Everyone has to fight everyone Clans earn 1 point for every round won or forfeited by their opponents Clan with highest number of points wins the tournament There will be a tiebreaker if 2 or more clans have the same number of point Clans will be assigned 2 fights per week and can fight at their own convenience If both clans cannot fight, we will set a default time and day Default time: After Saturday weekend trip Any shenanigans will be dealt with accordingly, but we hope clans can respect their opponents Due to the visibility and higher profile of this tournament, we expect all clans to ensure that their member IPs have been changed and that they have a DDOS'd protected VOIP software before each events Any infringement of the rules will result in instant forfeit and round awarded to their opponent Equipment 1 def gear only Sign up form:
  7. Apologies for this delayed award release due to IRL obligations and for the new sig release
  8. Congratulations for FI for winning the tiebreaker for the month of sept. FI ranks, drop me a DM to collect your prize money
  9. I have made a custom plugin that summarizes the number of clans who are participating in different categories. If you like your clan to be part of a certain category, have your clan group leader select additional activities under the clan management page. Doxing: Due to the rise of irl name doxing in bonfire, we have decided to completely outlaw the use of any irl names in SB discord. The only exception is if the target person is someone of e importance who has used his/her name in public capacity on social media, or if said person uses their irl name as an alias and is currently on sharkbrew discord or forums.
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