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    ez 4 corrupt pures greatest runescape pure clan of all time

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  1. was easy hahaha @[email protected] IMT wins again while you’re getting hit by mains in the “xlpc” scene hahaha
  2. Looks like LY is 1v2ing a rivalry atm lol looked easy
  3. Ah yes getting head irl and then logging in to get another W. Meanwhile LPC kids getting ragged by mains heh
  4. I have the tools, the people, the power and the ways to make us rich in the game and then get rich irl aswell
  5. IMT #1 xLPC. Till next time brothers

    1. MAGICfrmda6


      Zoom > CP newfags 

  6. Rage killed themselves tbh... bringing mains to a clean scene and now will get dicked in lpc 🤦‍♂️

    1. IamjohnC


      It's so funny that you're such a braindead kid :D
      Who is camping you with tanks? do you actually recon you inbred of a child.

  7. Rage 0 action clan bullied to lpc haha, IMT are the champs again

    1. Jamie ツ

      Jamie ツ

      you went from #1 a month ago to #4 to xl, fh and uf and you're an established clan lol, feelsbad for imt boys just close.

    2. Munqki


      Too ez scene 4 uss

  8. Rage 0 action clan l0l imagine bringing mains in 2k19

    1. Scims


      Ragistan effect pt2

    2. Pun


      unbiased pov but looks like rage only clan without mains

  9. IMT wins again


    1. Thessalia


      imt had 0 wildy action and got 0-2'd by SKO LOOOOOOOL gz 

  10. imagine thinking a no overhead miniwar means anything LOOOOOL

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Anthony


      This xlpc nigga

    3. IamjohnC


      Your clan is closing lol! why would you have a clan if you don't want to compete whaaa hahaha
      Imagine losing a 2v1, and then to lose a prep after aswell claiming to be good? hahaha

    4. IamjohnC


      Yikes haha! ur so lost kid haha. You lost wilderness belt and now you lost your prep belt. Back to square 1 kid

  11. Rage teams with Excel (LMFAO!) on weekends 😂
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