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  1. N uts ack

    cwa Legacy Vs Fearless 3-0 P2P Prep

    Grats fellas
  2. N uts ack


    Zoom closed you lol
  3. N uts ack

    I'm looking for XLPC clan is very popular

    There are currently no xlpc clans
  4. N uts ack

    midweek Zoom Slaps Up W8 FT. Bobbie Book And ATL

    Zoom on my chest baby
  5. No we are not taking applications sorry
  6. N uts ack

    friendly Team Zoom Vs Team Zen [2-1] F2P Mini

    Zoom strong gz boys
  7. Legacy wins again what’s new
  8. N uts ack

    weekend [R]age Sunday l "This is pretty easy, but pretty fun."

    Looks like zoom put up more of a fight than any xlpc gz Zoom and nice rage sorry you don’t get action ;(
  9. Seal team Zoom assassinates world 8 gz
  10. N uts ack

    weekend SKO Saturday Feast

    Unbiased, rage smoked you and the tanks were camping rage most of trip