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  1. Forgot I already killed ur shit clan this month 😂😂 hows last place bud?
  2. grats divine! Sick prep @NRG btw looking forward to more
  3. Divine on my mf Chest 

    gf NRG

  4. Divine on the come up 

  5. N uts ack

    Hows that for some Damage?

    Welcome back
  6. Big dick divine shooters snappin necks and cashin checks
  7. N uts ack

    Xlpc Rankings

    Ur clan will be closed in less than 2 weeks thoughts ?
  8. N uts ack

    Xlpc Rankings

    Divine pulls 20-25 on midweeks agreed
  9. N uts ack

    Xlpc Rankings

    Unbiased list of xlpc rankings 1. Nrg/divine -will find out tomorrow 2. ^ 3. BT 4. AP 5. Tribe 6. XL 7. IMT
  10. Sick action today! @R4ngeTAP gz On getting demoted loser
  11. Heard @R4ngeTAPalready abandoning IMT? Was ez LOL

  12. N uts ack

    gl imt

    don’t do this lol