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  1. Lmfaoooo terror got shit stomped again by mother supremacy 😂 @googsspeak up weasel
  2. Nah u just spend ur time on sharkbrew forums lmfao dumb fucking dog bu deader than bin laden
  3. Wtf lol you’re prepping fake clans for wins now? God bless you fucking suck lmfao
  4. Hopefully through summer maybe longer. Tbh depends on covid that’s why everyone’s active lol
  5. Took the set 3-0 and the first to 25 (25-10) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QReUmCN_Cl4 (uncle rash POV) Vendetta is officially returning to the xlpc scene. Ty for action terror Pm @jay#4567 @juicyloon#7193 for future events (lpc/xlpc)
  6. Ahahah asstro let’s see if u can keep up the pure on pure action. I doubt it but it’s a start
  7. Good to see Astro step foot in the wildy again after Sunday’s massacre. Mandatory 3am pk trips looked super fun 😂
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