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  1. N uts ack

    Pure community Hall of Fame

    98 str g0dz goat
  2. N uts ack

    Pure community Hall of Fame

    This. Great dude
  3. N uts ack

    Forum Game HA HA HA

    @Aysix legal midget with no friends irl or on runescape.com
  4. N uts ack

    Which Clan?

    Probably sup
  5. N uts ack

    midweek Rampage Midweek FT. Blitz/Ambush

    Nice fat clean action for the pandas
  6. N uts ack

    who broke/will break first

    Foe wins by a million
  7. Anybody want to prep rampage

  8. Damn ascent gets bullied by everyone
  9. N uts ack

    weekend Rampage Sunday vs. Xlpc scene

    Good work today pandas 🐼
  10. N uts ack

    What happened to Vendetta?

    0 clue what this is about haha
  11. N uts ack

    What happened to Vendetta?

    They bullied envy for a month got bored of tanks and moved to a more active/clean scene
  12. N uts ack

    pure account Looking for a XLPC clan

    try atl
  13. Xlpc back though 

  14. N uts ack

    xlpc xLPC Legends are back

    We back