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  1. sorry cant find your aftermath after getting farmed once again prep us btw
  2. thats a whole lotta people losing money easy for the bears
  3. clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc For our usual sunday p2p trip, Rage gathered 47 strong bears, later peaking at a solid 51 for another farming session. Once again we were left wondering if Rodney was going to show up at all, after not showing up for weeks and letting their allies get totally demolished yesterday. To nobody's surprise, they once again didn't show up resulting in their minions getting farmed for the entire trip. From single handedly farming pidgeon clan fo to making them team with EliteJerks and SoVirgin, in the end it they couldn't be saved. Over the entire trip we had multiple full clears on the full alliance while taking many many +1s from them. Better luck next time bozos. Thanks to all the bears that once again showed up to an amazing trip!
  4. Once again cant find fo aftermath topic

  5. Fo once again farmed by brewcup winners

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