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  1. Anti apex Alliance? You picked a fight with two clans who both smoke you easily in 1v1s 😂 Then you decide to crash fights of said clans, no wonder you keep getting bullied week after week.
  2. "15 year old legacy clan" massed up 40 SV and randoms along side their 35 members to get shit on in caves*
  3. Kind of dissapointing that they only had 24.. Result as expected, another win for the bears
  4. 3rd one in a row baby!🎉 Gf LY, was a really close one!
  5. Friendly reminder, fo pre-doxes their members before letting them do anything 

  6. Pull wise Zen & Ly are miles ahead of everyone followed by fo, then rage - fi - apex - sup. Exodus has just arrived and pulls are weird so cant really place them somewhere CWA P2P: Apex/Rage, Then LY/FI/Fo CWA F2P: Rage, then probably LY followed FI/Fo again Honestly LY and FI both been stepping up lately, lets see if they can continue it. My opnion is obviously biased towards rage, but considering the amount of preps we do and amount of wins we get. COTM belts keep coming our way so seems justified.
  7. fo taking another L this week
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