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  1. We've been closing all year apparently 😂
  2. Ah yes, the #1 and #1 clan fighting it out once again. What are these other clans even doing these days?
  3. Hey look clans that arent afraid to prep. Good shit both, and gz terror!
  4. consindering they wont prep us, not worth our time IMO. Keep avoiding the prep requests and getting smashed on weekends. "foe dont use mains bla bla bla" We ran you around barb for half an hour while our mains were at a different cluster, having 2 fights at once just like last week. That was until we noticed some of yours.. then you got smashed and rot came again.
  5. Goodshit guys, was really good seeing you guys out yday!
  6. clan-rage.com | Discord: nPj8YU | ts.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Rage massed up 60 Bears, later peaking at a solid 65 for our F2P Saturday trip. After a week of winning preps, we set out today expecting a showing of ROT and other bozo clans. What we didn't expect was having a repeat of our marathon vs Fo, making them run for miles again, but this time around barbarian village instead of CA. Our trip consisted of hitting fights at bandits, smoking ROT's meds near boneyard, clusters at 18 ports and completely decimating Fo at barb to the point where they had only 30 ingame.  More pictures below in the spoiler!
  7. You havent lost in 3 years because you dont prep. Keep avoiding smh.
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