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  1. Was a fun prep Fatality 💪 Glad my clan pulls 90s for weekend trips and 45s to clan wars when my so called rivals do 19v19 'preps' vs Legacy 😂😅 Apps open ✅
  2. Feels good being #1 🐻🏆✔

  3. Cant help the fact your a loser irl and on the internet.. good luck with that 😀👍
  4. The day has come for sup to re-open as a mini team caused by eternal slump, gz
  5. l0000l thats actually true, gz on 35 man pull sunday
  6. What are you calling sup then? Didnt you lose to bp p2p and fi f2p? l00000000l sit down idiot
  7. Thanks for the fight, we dominated the entire fight and dipped out when all on the map AND minimap turned purple 👍 ref to vid
  8. you try to create hype on supremacy forums based of us meme'ing fudog l00000000000000l fucking idiot
  9. 3at: hop over to w381 3at: fuck LOG OUT LOG OUT ITS RAGE
  10. Mfw people think we wouldnt have won the prep without us and rs getting ddos 😕
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