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  1. Spiral

    Rage vs Northern 2-1 P2P mini

    ft. Perfection
  2. On this beautiful Friday, the tigers decided to hit the rev caves after a little bird told us those Intense Retards were out again, we camped the south side and baited Bad Pures + Intense Retards to come hit us with around 25 ops, we only had 20 at that time but because we were holding the outskirts on the south we managed to get both IR and BP in one BIG CLUMP and pretty much finished them both in that one single hit, not gonna say it was hard cause it really wasnt! thanks for donating to us once again, know your place lmfao.. Massed up around 35 later on only to witness IR+BP end their little gay pk shit and we pretty much cleared the Revenant Caves on every world afterwards.. Thanks for the action just before the weekend lmfao retards! Ham Poo
  3. Supremacy starting off this beautiful Wednesday afternoon with 15 big dick tigers later peaking at 29. After a couple hours of free loot in the caves we were challenged by a reformed version of misfits called "Revolution". The following is a clear depiction of what happen. Shout out to Revolution for the clean action today. Respek https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=52&v=50G5CS7begk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRu2PrDsIzs&feature=youtu.be Supremacy vs Revolution We scouted out these off-brand bee's in rev caves and logged into them with about 5~ less than them. We knew this would be an easy take as we had big dick @@Pillow calling. We managed to clear up all 20~ of the them in the southern end of the cave. Supremacy vs Revolution After we cleared them the first time we were excited to find their location again. They hid for about 30 minutes then I received a PM from their leader asking if we wanted to set up a PKRI. We rushed sperm hill with about 20~ and we quickly realized that the faggots lied about opts and actually had 30~ with them. We sent out a mass poke and quickly had 27 big dick supremacy tigers pulling up. We dragged the fight to chaos alter for returns and held the west side. As soon as reinforcements came in to make it matched we controlled the fight. We bounced back and forth between corp hill and chaos alter taking all of their return sets. After fully clearing them twice they decided that they had enough and tele'd out. This was a very clear victory.
  4. Spiral

    showcase Animated Banner

    ngl.. looks pretty good 😛
  5. Spiral

    cwa Fatality vs Supremacy 3-0 P2P Prep

    close 2nd and 3rd round, gfs!
  6. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net On this fine Saturday evening, Supremacy massed up 65 Tigers ready for some more F2P action. For our first fight of the day, we asked Legacy for a fight east of bandits. We defended for them with matched opts and quickly went up opts at the start of the fight. As we were beginning to snowball, Foe came rushing in so we moved it east to singles. For our second fight of the day, we heard IR and Fi were battling in the center of Falador. We came rushing in from the north and began focusing IR. After giving IR the smackdown for a couple minutes they retreated west and ran back into the bank. Next, we heard Fatality and Legacy were battling south of CA. We rushed in from the north focusing whatever was in front of us and sent both clans running west towards p13s and into singles. After they touched singles, we moved to p13s to snipe whoever we could until the action dissipated. For our feature fight of the day, IR finally grew some balls with their +5 opts and defended on top of p13s for us. We rushed in from the east getting aggressive with scims and took control of the fight right off the bat. Even with a +5 IR was unable to keep up with our superior piling and we gained a +10 opt advantage. After a few minutes of fighting Foe logged in on top of the fight with 100 so we moved west with our loot. Heard Apex were sitting in GDZ hut all alone. Rushed in from the east and instantly started giving them a spanking. Literally perfecting them as we pushed them in and around the hut. Eventually ROT logged in with their capes and Apex only had 20 ingame so we moved east to singles with 63 after only losing 2 ppl the entire fight lmfao Lastly, we found Apex at the hut again. We rushed in 57v60 and began to smoke Apex. Checked the cape counter 30 seconds after rushing and we were already up 5 opts and lost a total of 1 person. Apex soon figured out they were losing so we chased the low quality clan into the hut where they got raped for 5-10 minutes until ROT once again logged in. This is why you refuse to prep us. @Poo @@Spray
  7. some ppl got life wtf