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  1. Find proof of me talking to a main clan for help on a pure clan and ill give you 100M+ What i can remember with my time as a rank in Supremacy was alker talking to 'the supremes' a main clan we did a pkri/prep against on own mains and them later coming to weekend trips to help sup out for f2p/p2p and having "rev warriors" online for P2P which were led by massing, being cocksucked by alker and co to maintain 20+ opps and sandwiching clans from behind to spread propaganda and indoctrinate their poor members.. Sup always had some sort NH tactic with mains they called 'super pures' lol i still got all discord/teamspeak logs and idm releasing it to expose shitpremacy even more..
  2. A sup main in a foe cape? No one is using mains but sup l0l u freak
  3. Are you literally editing your comment to prove a point you can never make? Your clan masspokes a main cc + calls them so called "super pures" to login on TeamSpeak while my superior clan doesnt need any of that nonsense and just exposed the garb quality of sup in general l00l
  4. Rage doesnt bring mains, probably a lost sup member attacking his nazi rank wearing a foe cape
  5. Are you here again with the timestamps l000l where in 3:40 do you see rage mains camping sup members on screen? Rage has 0 mains while Sup...
  6. Nah we never log in mains, we're strictly against mains and we wont let any of our members use mains without the right consequences - i know supremacy is only making up excuses to let their 80iq members double log on mains in order to boost cape counter and snipe other clans ranks.. I've been apart of Supremacy's rank team and its just the way they roll, teaming with Rev Warriors in P2P and sitting in a main CC for F2P, you probably dont know better Kim but fighting on pures only makes clanning so much more fun!
  7. Got a main? Shit at the game? Retarded irl? Join shitpremecy now!  Know your place 😂
  8. they banned niblet last time he tried setting up with their ranks. also.. no action untill the scummy ass mains are dropped
  9. Good job with the mains today! Nothing new since I left dogshit supremacy.. last time niblet came into your discord to setup a prep he got banned 1 minute later 😅
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