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  1. Supremacy Massed up 32 strong Tigers to take on Fatality in a Pay-to-Play preparation war. We managed to take a easy 2-1 win.thanks for the prep Fi! @Mustafa @x poo Supremacy Starting: 31 Supremacy Ending: 16 Fatality Starting: 31 Fatality Ending: 0 Supremacy Starting: 30 Supremacy Ending: 20 Fatality Starting: 30 Fatality Ending: 0 LOSS
  2. Massed up around 47 big Supremacy Tigers to take on Fatality in a free-to-play preparation war. We managed to take a convincing 3-0 win through great tanking, calling and transitions, thanks for the prep FI! @@Ham @X Poo @ Supremacy Starting: 35 Supremacy Ending: 28 Fatality Starting: 35 Fatality Ending: 0 Supremacy Starting: 38 Supremacy Ending: 26 Fatality Starting: 38 Fatality Ending: 0 Supremacy Starting: 32 Supremacy Ending: 18 Fatality Starting: 32 Fatality Ending: 0
  3. Spiral

    Supremacy Vs. IR 2-0 (small prep)

    l00000l they left after 1st set
  4. Delete if you can, already got posted here
  5. l0000000000000000000000000000000l
  6. gj guys gr8 pull hope to see you on saturday again
  7. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net On this fine Sunday evening, Supremacy massed up 60 Tigers later peaking at 70. For our first fight of the day, we defended for Fatality at vents. We started off the fight down a couple but held our ground firmly as our south side was able to get a nice wrap. The fight was pretty even when IR came rushing, who we got off Fatality to focus. We pushed west on top of IR catching some pretty fat clumps as we quickly pushed them to singles where they scattered and logged. For our second fight of the day, we defended for Fatality at Dwarves. We started off the fight very strong once again getting a south side wrap that forced them north to gap. After a few minutes of fighting Fatality ran north through the gap to gather up returns so we swiftly followed them and kept the pressure up until we reached GDZ. We continued to fight at GDZ for around 30 minutes with us keeping control of the fight for the majority of its duration until Fatality ran east to new gate and logged. Thanks for the very clean action Fi! ran towards CA to hit Legacy but as we rushed they tele'd out so we started killing all the Foe and Apex returners coming through CA. As we were gathering up our free loot Fatality came rushing in from the west catching us with our pants down. Fatality had a strong opt advantage off the start so we moved north of the trees west of CA to buy some time for returners. Fatality got a little cocky and tried pushing through the trees on top of us but we managed to catch them in some fat clumps as we whittled down their opts and our returns began to show up. We slowly started to overwhelm Fatality and pushed them south towards FOG where we caught them in a big clump and they tele'd out. For our last fight of the day we heard IR was trying to get some action vs Fatality at bandit camp. We logged in on top of the fight with spec weapons out and quickly started killing as many IR as possible. The fight was team on crash but it didn't matter too much as we chased IR all the way south of the castle where we continued to pummel them until they had 5 left ingame and tele'd out @@Mustafa @x poo @@Noel
  8. Spiral

    20 def movement?

    the smaller the shield, the bigger the sword