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  1. Massed up 20+ Sharks to feast on Wolfs just like previous 4 miniatures. Open eyes.
  2. After some wildy action 420 approached us for a 15v15 capped First to 25 which we gladly accepted. Managed to dominate the fight from start to finish. Thank you 420 for the action.
  3. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Fatality defeated Rage in a Friend P2p Battle ft. The #1 (Fatality) and #2 (Rage) p2p clans. Quick 4-0 For Fatality just shows why everyone else avoids us in p2p matched combat. Apex shitters decided to show up to watch us hoping that we would lose. I guess they will have to avoid for another 4 years before they are ready to fight. Keep letting your clan starve from quality action. Fatality Starting: 16 Rage Starting: 16 Fatality Ending: 12 Fatality Starting: 16 Rage Starting: 16 Fatality Ending: 11 Set #2 Fatality Starting: 18 Rage Starting: 18 Fatality Ending: 10 Fatality Starting: 18 Rage Starting: 18 Fatality Ending: 12 @N33bs @XGRX @Deadz
  4. " What is Dead May Never Die " What started as a declaration on Zenith ( who failed to respond ), turned into a fun big mini vs Legacy & The Boys instead. Appreciate the action and Ty 4 Mini. See you next week AlexSnow
  5. Another big mini vs our brother Wolves. Thanks for the tussle Terror. Really fun as always. Brain: Goose: Grey:
  6. clan-rage.com | Discord: ragebears | ts.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc On this fine Saturday we gathered 30+ bears for some tussles with Fi. Initially, starting out with RKO, we had some back and forth fights, but with good piling and clean transitions we were able to take the 2-1 win. Despite being down a few opts, we wanted to keep the action going so gave Fi some Ft50s down a few. Thanks for the action, here's to hoping other clans will step into the arena instead of avoiding! Always a competitive fight vs the Reapers! Rage ending: 14 Fi win Rage ending : 17 POV's Yaz Miala Brain
  7. The bears took on Terror in the pay to play server this week in a multiple set event. Terror came to play after there recent improvements in P2P (note their smoke on foc). They gave us 4 very competitive rounds but with good piling and clean transitions we were able to come away with the 2-0 Sets (4-0 Rounds). Thanks for the event Terror, we look forward to many more in the future. Hopefully more clans will step up in the pay to play arena. POVS Yaz Kaz Grey Brain
  8. Today Fatality massed up 30 gamers to rumble with Rage in a classic 25 def P2P CWA fight! Defending the belt once again with a clean 3-0. Thanks to Rage for being the only clan to not avoid Fatality this year! Fatality Starting: 21 Rage Starting: 21 Fatality Ending: 16 Fatality Starting: 23 Rage Starting: 23 Fatality Ending: 18 Fatality Starting: 24 Rage Starting: 24 Fatality Ending: 9 Spark N33bs Deadz
  9. " Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing " The Boys approached Fearless for a p2p event and ended up getting double servers locked in. This week we took them on 15v15 in a Ft25s Wildy Gear mini. We fought 3 rounds, each sweatier then the last. Ultimately we walked away with the dub, grateful for the action as always. See you next week for F2P & Good Fight Paige N33bs Tiko 4Ticks Miala FireBlackAsh
  10. we scheduled a 6 day prepped event to fight onslaught 20v20 minimum in f2p safe portal today. we tried our best to mass up 20 spartanos so we could get this free win over a clan that does p2p server only. during our awkward 45 minute mass, we only managed to peak at 12 spartanos and had to end up cancelling on our boyfriends. To the ranks of Zenith, please don't brutalize us again this weekend. - POV -
  11. “Impossible is just an opinion.” We reached out to the homies over at Triumph for a Big mini. We ran a 12v12 Wildy gear RKO. Despite 1 of our members using an extra plus one, Triumph took us down to the wire. Despite running mainly 60 attack players they took us down to the low opts in r2 and r3! We ran a Set 2 vs them. Thanks for 5 fun rounds and looking forward to many more respectful events in the future. The undefeated streak continues! 14-0! Gf Shooters Miala Yaz
  12. Apex massed 25 shooters on October 26th, 2021 for a first to 50 VS FS. We got better and better each round, ending with a very dominant Round 3. Jizzle stopped by to rap some tunes *Easter egg in video*. R1: 50 - 44 R2: 50 - 43 R3: 50 - 34
  13. " Never underestimate the heart of a Champion " We hit up Rage for a quick 15v15 Wildy Gear event after having to cancel with the previous team. Thankfully they agreed and fought us 3 rounds. Though Rage took a round off of us, we remedied that by taking the victors belt. Appreciate the fun action and look forward to fighting you more! Gf Rage Tiko Will Paige Koala
  14. " A True Champion Can Adapt To Anything " Right after our event with Rage, we took on Outbreak for a 15v15 RKO & Ft25 P2P event. With victory still fresh in our brains, Outbreak was able to steal a round from us. After focusing TF up The Boys came clutch with the dub. As always we appreciate the action given and look forward to future events with you guys! GF Outbreak Paige Tiko Will
  15. " If you fell down yesterday, stand up today " We approached Triumph for a CWA PKRI, unfortunately they cancelled last minute. Despite the last minute challenge, Rage agreed to step in to fill the spot. Rage won Ft50 during R1! After some inspiration from the Exec team, The Boys were able to take the next two FT 25 rounds. Thanks for the event Rage, appreciate ya boys pulling up on less than 30 mins notice! Nawe Paige FireBlackAsh
  16. " The Only Thing We Command is Respect " Triumph approached us for a quick 10v10 P2P Wildy Gear CWA where each side massed nearly 15 pures each. Though they fought hard and returned fast, The Boys secured the dub for each round. Ty for the event and we look forward to future action with ya! GF Triumph Paige JD
  17. " Ride Together , Die Together " We approached Terror for a 1 Def event and they accepted on short notice. The Boys pulled 21 shooters for this Wildy Gear PKRI and we couldn't have been more proud. Despite Terror being down opts during R3 they held their ground. We appreciate the action and look forward to future events! Edgi Paige Grey Wolf JD Joey
  18. We did our first 15v15 P2P CWA event against HORROR. Both sides fought well but ultimately The Boys took the dub with a 2 - 0 win. Ty for event & Gf Grey
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