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  1. can often times be the case with 2 reasonable clans
  2. thanks for the short notice fight bros
  3. On this glorious Monday Rage massed up 29 Bears later peaking at 31 to take on Outrage in a F2P Pkri. There were a couple of mains sniping the majority of the fight, but other than that, the fight was clean as fuck. We started the battle by rushing Outrage on Sperm and eventually pushed them towards CA. After approximately 45 minutes of back and forth fighting, we decided to call it a draw at CA. Thanks to Outrage for accepting the fight. Shoutout to shitpremacy for being dead as fuck, having no midweek activity, and not even attempting to crash. Kont Broxx
  4. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | ts.clan-rage.com | "Clan Rage" cc Rage massed up 20 later peaking at 28 bears for one of our daily GMT Midweeks. (2PM EST btw Sup come play) We started out by killing Purge/BP/Dc all around revs and killed FOE once before BP wanted to organize a team-on-crash PKRI with us. We defended at CA and had the upper hand with BP until LY followed by FOE crashed. We held the cluster down farming LY for their mystics for 5-10 minutes while BP regrouped and re-rushed. By the end, team on crash successful, all clans died. Never crash my fights LY.
  5. sup 30 second fight clan, nice kills guys, get the hell outta there! 

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    2. roflcats


      yeah your propaganda really doesn't make any sense l0l


      you should focus on being a bit more organized in p2p 


      less commas btw buddy 

    3. pam


      its not propaganda buddy i listened to it live l0000l

    4. roflcats


      you should leak our winning audio then if you have it buddy 

  6. homie you spent 90% of your trip rg'ing in singles, always desperately trying to find the best angle to crash a cluster, only to last for no more than 30 seconds your trip was ass
  7. another weekend, another 80+ pull

    stay in singles soup

  8. For the third Sunday in a row Rage set out with 80+ Bears, later peaking at 88 for an action packed trip. With lots of new faces in the clan we understood that having the highest pull wouldn't make things easy. We were the center of attention for all clans out today, dealing with crashes in many clusters and facing FOE in a tough 1v1. Our rivals over at supremacy spent the majority of their trip avoiding the big bad bears, often standing in single with their newer members wondering what exactly they were doing. Near the end of the trip where both clans were closer to even opts, they logged into us up opts at new gate for a 1v1. After they gained a numbers advantage, we pulled west, picking off their members who were off the hill. They rushed north through the gate and logged out, leaving many tigers left behind for us to feast on. Both Resistance and BP had logged in to crash the fight, which Supremacy claimed were called by Rage in order to assist us. It would be a strange alliance, considering we proceeded to slaughter both of them after sup turned tail and ran. Thanks to all the clans who provided us some solid action today. See you all next week. @Broxx Pics:
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