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  1. What in the actual fuck is this teamspeak LMAO Vid cut shows first fight full clear, during the second fight we had brought LY down to 10 in game but had to bail bc too many raggers. Life of a Bear
  2. Initially massed up 30 Bears, later peaking at 35 after hearing legapiss was out in the caves and we gwassed them in tunnel for our first hit.  After clearing them up in just 30 seconds we sent Legacy to their infamous 15 minute regroup. This time around they were unwilling to fight until their merged CC with Supremacy was all prepared. They sat idled at entrance for ages before finally heading to NW corner in random worlds. We found Sam all alone before he could hit the logout button, and sent him back home to edge. They finally mustered up the courage to log in, we followed. We took control of the fight immediately and gwassed supremacy 1-itemers as they tried to run through a corridor to rag us in a fall in. @K0nt Pictures
  3. Met Foe in the caves and had a few tussles before we decided to set up a PKRI at boneyard. Both clans started with around 40 men, and the fight moved down from boneyard to CA for a solid 20 minute return fight. We gained to 50 Bears and controlled the majority of the fight. Both clans were getting ragged by lesser clans so we teled out after a bountiful fight, our bellies full of loot. Feels great pulling 50 to a midweek whilst our rivals could only muster up a 10 man rag unit 😂 Thanks for the fight Foe. @Broxxx @Fist Pics in spoiler
  4. Left mass with 65 Bears today ready to KYP Legacy and supremacy just like we do every weekend. We started off logging into Legacy who had equal opts to the Bears and dicked them south of 13s for 10 minutes straight. They went down hard off the bat and proceeded to log in mains in an attempt to hide their horrible quality. Regardless, we lost maybe 2-3 people throughout the whole fight and pushed them to singles over and over. After a quick regroup we rushed sup south of 13s where they had been fighting FOE. We initially rushed with 35 to their 60. They got some quick spams calling us "dumb clan". They enjoyed their lead for a solid 30 seconds until we reminded them that we are actually bear clan and bullied them around 13s for 5 straight minutes. They eventually ran to singles where we dipped with the W. After realizing they couldn't hang with pures they proceeded to mass log in mains and try to hit us single. We held our ground and forced them to run from us repeatedly for the rest of the trip. Gl tomorrow little guys. @Broxxx @Fist Pictures
  5. Massed up 33 big bears for a F2P Prep vs UB and took the first 2 rounds, losing the PKRI afterwards. GF UB @Bluewatch
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