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  1. this the same thing u just flamed terror for ye
  2. not surprised, sb should drop them as a sponsor
  3. Today Clan Rage peaked at 55 Bears to terrorize shit clans in F2P. We had our sights set on fo today. With more of their ranks breaking each week it only gets easier from here on out. Despite fo trying to mimic us, their meds are simply too low quality along with their lack of multi log skills. We completely dominated them today and only 30 minutes into the trip they were scared to fight us toe to toe. Forced to hug singles for 1.5 hours straight, we were eventually in multi for 5+ minutes straight without them even attempting to hit us. BLNT Pictures
  4. c449e2f403366e94203dad6ae1385334.png

    fo brutalized all trip lmfao, rest in piss jordai

  5. fo will not accept because their ranks are terrified pussies
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