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  1. pam

    cwa [R]age vs [R]esistance | P2P PREP | [3-0]

    very close prep gf guys
  2. Tonight Rage massed up 20 Bears for a PKRI vs Onslaught at GDZ for a 30 minute cap war. We started off strong but Onslaught fought back with strong returns turning it into a good fight. Multiple times throughout the fight Hydra crashed where both Rage and Onslaught teamed on crash to resume our PKRI. After 30 minutes both clans parted ways and we took our numbers to Rev Caves where we peaked at 35 to fight clans such as Legacy, Apex, and Resistance. Had multiple fights with all clans, ggs. PKRI PoV: Looties: FAT LOOT
  3. Today Rage massed up 53 Bears to steamroll the wilderness and maneuver through the chaos. We started off with two clean 1v1s vs Apex which we won handily. Thanks for fighting us down opts. The rest of the trip consisted of crash and run around falador, boneyard, and al kharid, where we were able to get some nice hits throughout. Thanks to all for the good action. Videos: Royce Edgi Pictures:  
  4. pam

    Attention Everyone

    i heard codi swag is huge irl and has the freshest pair of sneakers
  5. hahahahahahahahahaha
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    welcome jap
  7. pam

    Axis - P2P/F2P Dutch/Belgium Country Team

    Allied Pride
  8. b2b 100 miller nights for the boys