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  1. fo closed just like your shit country
  2. Gathered 24 shooters for a F2P BO3 FT50 prep versus Fatality in the purple strong-warriors-only portal. After a close R1 with only one kill in separation we stepped it up and comfortably won R2 and R3 to secure the clean 3-0. R1 Rage: 50 Fatality: 49 R2 Rage: 50 Fatality: 35 R3 Rage: 50 Fatality: 32 @Grey RIP YOU UP Ben
  3. rot wouldnt have to suicide so much if it was apex they were crashing, they would just go straight to clan wars LOL
  4. no idea what the fuck they were doing l0l ty for donate
  5. pisspex no topic, zenith with a 3 man pov of ragging singles l00l0ll0

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