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  1. Anti-heroes/Anti-clumpa discord chats looking like this: Merging 2 clumpa slumpad clans into a 14 man pk trip of randoms.
  2. @Cera S6should consider being a polite human being and deter new VR applicants from joining. Baiting people into being fed on by Heroes is tragic behavior.
  3. If it happens again I'll have them transferred to VR. Mercilessly watch them succumb to the hostile low IQ environment while I consume crustless enchiladas.

  4. Untrustworthy servants forgot to remove the crust from my toast.

    I will be sending them to Zenith for 3 months as punishment, tired of their apologies.

  5. 2022 will be the same for the goomba slave alliance


  6. Apex+Zenith forced to hold a pocket all of 2021. Apex ended with 24 on TS, Zenith 35 on their last Sunday trip of the year.

  7. >beef with DF/PD, half of your members list leaves over the incompetence/constant losses >team with rot to try and get an edge back, get clumpa dumpad into a further slumpa >beg DF for off after dropping to sub 20 pull preps & losing to pures in clan wars >DF declines the offer, leaving VR in eternal servitude to a clan that has doxed their entire leadership couldn't be me
  8. 3 months of crab walking just to get cooked

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