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  1. Interesting take on never stepping in multi and being ended by Legacy in single.
  2. Zenith isn't even going to pretend clans pk after 4PM anymore. Mass till 3, stall till 3:20, get evicted from multi till 4pm, end.
  3. Silly pures got baited by rot into getting their clan name on the perm list after rot stopped pretending in game.
  4. Hopefully they do not forget about their dying alliance next Saturday.
  5. Goodness this gets more and more interesting by the weekend.
  6. They pretend for less time each time they are evicted from the dangerous zone
  7. They avoided helping their alliance just to get ended anyways?
  8. my left elbow is twice as big as my right but it's enough....
  9. I have foodstamps to go another 3 years.
  10. Zenith is hoping Apex goes through with their threat so that all of the members who left Zenith for Apex will hopefully return...
  11. Just in: Apex has threatened to close if rot does not send aid next Saturday...
  12. How dare rot not show up to quell all of the Elve/Nox/foeDanny/Dolph/Fudog cries for assistance as they sunk into the great pit of sand.
  13. I pmed all 74 rot members telling them we would be making an example of their alliance Saturday 3pm EST/8pm GMT and not a single one showed up to help their alliance.
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