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  1. Grats on clean action, it's becoming quite clear who is allowed to have clean fights and who is not.
  2. EZ needs to ask Rage if it's okay to ask rot if it's okay to ask sv for permission to accept this declaration. Formalities matter.
  3. Rage didn't sign rot's permission slip

  4. Rage didn't give you permission to post this, you need to go through the proper channels. delete this now
  5. Zenith should do giveaways for the members who are still brave enough to read & post on Zenith's Pinocchio aftermaths. 

    This one is for free.

  6. Just set up a cwa with Barn Unit next sunday, the wilderness isn't working out.
  7. it's been 2 hours, not a single zenith member who can overcome to dissonance of posting something positive on this thread.
  8. looks like you had fun, versatility of having both pures and mains means twice the action
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