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  1. if i had a nickle for every minute spent logged into the wilderness by zenith this weekend, I wouldn't even have a dollar 😅, and i really needed a dollar to buy 4 quarters....

  2. you can write a whole essay and it won't change what happens next weekend, what's the point
  3. please respect cookies' creative space while he writes about zenith's 30minute p2p sunday

    1. SwordsAndSandals


      30 mins is a achievement for them

  4. why is zenith trying to stay relevant posting about this rivalry, they can save the fiction for their saturday and sunday aftermath
  5. not a good look for zenith... having 70+ on ts and... oh wait
  6. would very VERY useful if apex leadership would download Rosetta Stone so that they can understand their own rule set on their declaration vs fatality
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