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  1. Looking forward to one of either @cookies , @Hormone, @0wl, or @Mercy to finally grow a pair and confirm one of the following: A: That zenith are interested in a strictly pure vs pure event, and are confident in a direct confrontation vs Fatality. B: That zenith are NOT interested in a strictly pure vs pure event, and are not confident in a direct confrontation vs Fatality. My PM's are open any time. Thank you.
  2. accepted. 2:30pm(ish) est, September 19th, 2020. GDZ. Wa alaikum salaam.
  3. only in pure clanning will you find responses like this acceptable.
  4. @HalpZUJUcvf.png


    You might want to keep your words(and your items) to yourself. 

    1. Adam Son

      Adam Son

      Hahahha zenith through and through, but hilarious him losing staff hahhahhaha

    2. Halp


      but you'll never smite me, you're just not smart enough.


  5. if you have to tell people you're the #1 clan you are far from it
  6. The people who have been playing this game the whole time haven't moved on with their lives. They continue to enact the worst parts of what they knew when they grew up playing, it's all they know.
  7. clan A is under no obligation to stay longer than they have to if they've been winning the entire time alternatively, both clans could appreciate a coordinated event but fuck that
  8. Hey brudda, you're going to need overheads at a bare minimum to participate in any competitive clanning events. Not to discourage you, but on top of that, just about every clan today requires you near or approaching max. Like, 75 attack 52 prayer quad 99's maxed.
  9. no but nobody learned from last time since we're at 25
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