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  1. clan A is under no obligation to stay longer than they have to if they've been winning the entire time alternatively, both clans could appreciate a coordinated event but fuck that
  2. Hey brudda, you're going to need overheads at a bare minimum to participate in any competitive clanning events. Not to discourage you, but on top of that, just about every clan today requires you near or approaching max. Like, 75 attack 52 prayer quad 99's maxed.
  3. no but nobody learned from last time since we're at 25
  4. Jagex (supposedly) intend to communicate further with the clanning community in regards to integration. We are a relative fraction of a percentage of ingame players as a whole - not a month after supposed claims to embrace communication to seriously support clans, plugins that have played no harm no foul are explictly mentioned as unacceptable. A fraction of a percentage that can't get polls passed yet explicitly targeted by sweeping reform. Fucking lol, alright Were these changes meant to be included in whatever plans they intend for us to hear, great. Label them as not allowed when there's unlikely to be a short wait, hell even any length of time between what we have now and what is to be(likely nothing) is completely whack.
  5. praying melee 24/7 p2p-esque rotations to snared piles that looked nothing like a 45v45 i've seen before
  6. was waiting to see what a 40v40 + f2p prep would look like with snare and well i gotta say it's weird well done
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