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  1. Tyendinaga

    cwa Rage Vs Fatality | 35v35 F2P Prep [2-1]

    thanks for the fight.
  2. Tyendinaga

    Are You embarrassed?

    good take
  3. hello.

    1. xyp9x


      hi. fi aftermath coming up on SB soon?

    2. pam



  4. Tyendinaga

    What happened?

    the actual clan matters less than the people that represent it
  5. Tyendinaga

    cwa Supremacy vs Fatality F2P Prep 3-0 [35v35]

    goOd fight
  6. Tyendinaga

    Question about the state of the community

    handful of players in each clan are good and actively participate in nightly minis.
  7. Tyendinaga

    Things need to change. This can not continue.

    if you truly want things to be different, people need to start being held accountable for enabling behavior.
  8. Tyendinaga

    What caused your clan to be in a rivalry?

    we were better than them
  9. i like your implementation, however i think if we collectively rally behind the exp lamps passing we would stand a better shot. the concept itself should be in, by means of some shape or form.
  10. https://clan-fi.org/topic/80748-regarding-the-future-of-fatality-and-the-lpc-bracket/ Effective January 26th Fatality will be withdrawing from F2P Wilderness for the foreseeable future. As the only pure clan going out on Saturdays, and no immediate resolution to the main conflict rampant in the other four clans' engagements in sight, we are faced with a difficult decision. Despite our best intentions to remain impartial to all others involved, it becomes clear that regardless of our pull to Saturdays, we will remain the only clan not bringing mains to trips. The LPC bracket has become wholly intolerant to the principles and fundamentals of actual pure clanning that we strive to adhere by. We urge the leaders of other clans in the community to consider their behavior both in regards to themselves and others moving forward. -Fatality Staff
  11. Tyendinaga


    that's fucking awesome, who made it?
  12. Tyendinaga

    Apex Scared?

    To put things into perspective FOE had 6 hours of freedom to leave up 60 on Apex and decided ego was more important than a definitive victory. There's no excuse for that, letting a fight drag on so long and ultimately lose as a result of such idiotic decision making. Had FOE left an hour into the initial engagement the story would be entirely different. But they didn't, and Apex capitalized.
  13. Tyendinaga

    Imagine still playing this game

    Imagine not playing this game
  14. Tyendinaga

    EoP vs Sharkbrew

    should have made the poll on whose topic you'd want to read the least instead