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  1. Hi @Nimble, The current state of Pure Clanning is a bit dire - communities would rather pursue alliances with main clans to take out their unresolved issues on other communities rather than actually address topics in a mature manner. You can look at the mentions towards me above for reference of such behavior. We are currently struggling with a lack of wilderness content in the way of bounty hunter and multi-revenant caves - both of these were removed from the game without replacement, what we currently have for singles wilderness is the revenant caves reworked for single combat which sees a good amount of pvp activity at all levels. Multi wilderness suffers from the aforementioned - many clans would prefer to collaborate against their 'enemies' resulting in a limited experience where F2P Saturdays are now between Fatality, Rage, and Terror performing clanwars events vs each other, with all other pure clans cancelling Saturdays. Sundays are a hit and run fest where clans attempt to get a few seconds of action in before teleing out due to mains and increased interference. No clans seem mature enough to take the step to fix these issues so the collapse of our community continues. Thank you to @Colin and @Steroidsfor going out of their way to notify me about this topic rather than directly replying to the OP.
  2. I am especially confused over the request for Fatality or Fatality members to issue an apology over what amounts to the integrity of the former tournament runner being exposed for what it is. This makes no sense.
  3. think of this topic as a litmus test: an examination of the general community at this moment in time and it's ability to respond to a question when asked. multiple times in the past I have attempted to coordinate with leaders of other communities who have responded in one of several ways: immediately turning into a flame fest utter disregard or acknowledgement of their contributions towards clannings decline zero interest in community involvement for wholesale progress now the last point in particular is understandable, pure clanning is feudal, and actions that benefit everyone first rather than just your clan are few and far between - who would spend energy on something other than their clan first? however, the first two speaks to the lack of maturity and integrity shown by other leaders. and this lack of maturity leaks into the ethos of a clans members - look at these responses, could you tell me with a straight face these clans are led by a respectable staff team? Fatality are open to discuss how to help revive clanning. the ball is in the court of the other staff teams.
  4. 40 replies of utter trite. no attempts made at cohesion, or understanding how we got here.
  5. No pointing fingers or naming names, what are you going to do to ensure that the destruction of P2P Sunday doesn't follow suit? More importantly, what are you and your clan going to do to revitalize losing half of our collective scheduled weekend activity?
  6. pretty disappointed to see that someone with a history of emotional instability has been allowed this kind of responsibility; I suppose that if there are truly this few people looking to assist it comes to this.
  7. well done on leading one of the powerhouse matched F2P clans of recent history, Abe. I'm sure the fact that your retirement gains this much attention has earned a chuckle. Have a good one, lad.
  8. I would rather you all stop playing and move on with your lives because we tried this in 2017 and it didn't work, in fact it was actually worse in many ways than the HPC bracket Most of you don't want to actually pure clan at all but rather have an outlet for your misguided anger and need to lash out at something on the internet
  9. talking mad shit and not being able to back it up is a great way to end up like nearly every other mini team over the past five years
  10. to put things in perspective, it can be argued that they're a necessary evil. if there's no singles teams, players can "risk" more - and there comes a point where your gear in single isn't really risking considering that unless you're a complete whale, t75 gear and up with brews is a scenario where any player with any kind of game sense isn't going to die. that's not risk. i don't disagree that the presence of teams can be overbearing in certain places and situations, but without them you're just plinking rev cave farmers with dinh's and +4. you're not killing those people. that's not a food chain for anyone to build off of, and that food chain is necessary for pvpers to even find other players to fight in the first place.
  11. https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/wilderness-changes?oldschool=1#_ga=2.16716790.1110126816.1624538051-995524662.1622654616 TLDR Talking Points: All singles locations are now singles+ Quickly getting into multi is more unsafe than ever A huge issue that has plagued OSRS updates has been the amount of feedback pertaining to specific niches of the game that are affected by parties that don't exclusively participate in said niches. PvMers that don't PvP shouldn't have a say in how PvP can be dictated, unfortunately this has never been a reality, and with the pending unpolled changes coming, both singles and multi communities will suffer. Singles+ is the death of singles teams. Fundamentally changing the structure of the food chain to benefit people who don't have their playtime revolve around the top end means that the wilderness is absurdly safe in single+: with no pj timer between the window of combat and being able to log out, there's no reason to bait players, no reason to attempt to skulltrick, and no reason to hunt pvmers. Anyone with a lick of knowledge can survive a pker in single easily. This balance is completely disrupted. One of the larger issues with Weekend trips beyond communicating between clans to fight is the length of time it will take to physically reach a location. We've typically used locations like Graves, Ruins, East Strip, etc to safely approach a multi fight. There's no real way to escape people attempting to rag you and your fallin in singles+ other than straight up teleporting out, and that's if you're not tbed - and if you want to chance running into multi, i'm not about to pretend some of you won't have your clan logged in multi, with meds in single. Things like loot keys, dragonhide chaps, fundamentally mean nothing if we don't have the ability to perform PvP in a format that benefits people actually trying to fight rather than make everyone as miserable as possible. I suppose there's no real irony in pvm feedback dictating how pvp functions when it has been blatantly obvious all along. For fucks sake.
  12. For all the back and forths, needless adversity, and incessant flaming - Fatality couldn't have done it without pure clanning existing. Thanks everybody.
  13. I have no interest in attempting to reconcile relationships with people who have actively gone out of their way to make both mine and the people whom I have represented for 6+ years as miserable as possible at every turn. You have reaped what you have sown.
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