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  1. no but nobody learned from last time since we're at 25
  2. Jagex (supposedly) intend to communicate further with the clanning community in regards to integration. We are a relative fraction of a percentage of ingame players as a whole - not a month after supposed claims to embrace communication to seriously support clans, plugins that have played no harm no foul are explictly mentioned as unacceptable. A fraction of a percentage that can't get polls passed yet explicitly targeted by sweeping reform. Fucking lol, alright Were these changes meant to be included in whatever plans they intend for us to hear, great. Label them as not allowed when there's unlikely to be a short wait, hell even any length of time between what we have now and what is to be(likely nothing) is completely whack.
  3. praying melee 24/7 p2p-esque rotations to snared piles that looked nothing like a 45v45 i've seen before
  4. was waiting to see what a 40v40 + f2p prep would look like with snare and well i gotta say it's weird well done
  5. cc counter comparison to cape counter ingame, and cc counter to teamspeak users in channel are no longer intuitive at a glance. This is immensely frustrating.
  6. Jagex considers the following plugins unacceptable: Leadership tools: Cape Counter CC Counter Combat tools: Combat style plugins Multi Lines Freeze timers I have always held an awkward stance on freeze timers as I feel personal freeze timers are okay, but either everybody or nobody should have other players freeze timers. Cape counter and CC counter are integral to awareness both of your own clan and the clan you are fighting - I never felt any which way about multi lines but the style hider so players dont accidentally select defensive combat styles definitely did more good than harm. I'm extremely disappointed in this stance as multi now involves more guesswork than anything else without risking your account being banned. I can't even tell you if I wrote my own client with these plugins if they could detect them or not - but the vanilla client fucking sucks.
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