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  1. apex = got cleared hahaha very bad clan try again next weekend !
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, October 3, 2021; Fatality massed up peaking at around 60 pure elites for our weekly P2p PK Trip. As like most every other P2p Sunday this year we absolutely dominated everyone who dared share the battlefield with us. Apex decided to not avoid today and we reminded them why they should avoid the #1 P2p Clan of the decade. Victory for Fatality. -Fatality vs BP/Cluster FT. Apex Clear #1 Started out our #1 p2p Sunday trip with a setup PKRI vs BP that turned into a cluster with clean action for well over 30 minutes. Very solid action and boneyard luckily for BP once they started losing ground on the fight Rage came to join the party and It became a very competitive cluster. The fight moved to Corp and then from Corp we heard our little sardines were near sperm pretending they knew what they were doing today. Apex was cleared of all their pures and sent to the graveyard over and over until they needed to log into mains to try to stay competitive. After Solid action for about 30 minutes and half our clan still on their first life we didn't want to stick around for the mains and went and grabbed a bank. Victory for Fatality. -Fatality vs World @GDZ Ft. Apex Clear #2 (if nox could open his eyes a little more he would realized his "clan" is dead.) Found out about a fight @GDZ and decided we wanted a piece of the action. When we first tele'd up we made quick work of the Ly and made our way over to new gate where we met Bp and soon after Rage. With the amount of quality in Fatality these days we were bullied both clans for a little under 1 hour not making it very hard on ourselves to do so. The Fight ended up going east to new gate where Rage, Bp, and Fatality all continued with solid action. Apex joined in on the action a little late and once again blinded by their own ego they couldn't compete in the pure scene for the 3rd time on this P2p Sunday. Apex was forced to logout of pures for the rest of the trip and try to get some action on mains. Victory for Fatality. -Fatality vs Apex FT. Clear #3 - Short and Sweet It should come to no surprise that Apex quality has been at the bottom of the pure scene going on 2 years now but fortunately for Fatality they still think they are good and they decided to fight cleanly for once. Needless to say the squinter clan and his rape victims were quickly cleared and before Apex could pick up the phone to call mains we wiped the floor of them clearing all of Apex and their invites. Victory for Fatality. THIS IS WHAT #1 LOOKS LIKE
  3. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord October 2, 2021; Fatality massed up peaking at around 44 members for our weekly F2P Trip. We would like to emphasize how Fatality continues to call for pure vs. pure fights only, and that we continue to fight with pures only in the hopes of other clans having strong enough leadership to do the same. We began our trip at 13 ports, where several clans were fighting in multi. We logged in to hit Apex and Fo, who were teaming on another clan as neither could win alone using pures only. Fo was confused for most of their trip as they wore several clans' capes before remembering their was Team-30. What was once a respectable clan is now a shell of its former self, with an ego greater than their own pulls that eventually pushed them to taint their name by wearing the team capes of other clans. Please refer to the image below to observe a confused Fo member in the wilderness questioning his clan's standards as they continue to drop at the leadership of K2P and Friends™, as well as the loot pictures of other Fo members, who proudly brought the capes of Zenith and Apex at the instruction of their failed and embarrassing leadership. The names FinalOwnage and FOE-RScom bringing and wearing a green cape is nothing short of sweet irony. Please also view the below two screenshots, illustrating the quick defeat of Apex and Fo After hitting these clans, we learned that several blue-caped clans were fighting in the same location just a few worlds above, so we immediately hopped over and shooed away the rats in Zenith and Terror. This week, Terror continued their trend of flaming only from the safety of their discord servers, while easily being swept by Fatality 3-0 in a F2P Prep, their stronger only server. iven how fast they ran, it was difficult for our members to record screenshots to show them running away. The earliest screenshots recorded show how much they ran before any of us we were even able to screenshot. We also followed them to their regroup and reminded them the consequences of challenging at 15 year old clan, which has never once closed, for a very obvious reason. After we regrouped ourselves, we learned of several clans fighting at west bandits. We logged in and hit Terror, Supremacy, Apex and Fo, who were again in green capes to show their submission towards other clans. After these clans ran to single, we hopped out to get a regroup, only to learn that Supremacy did the same and walked back into multi in another world. You can see the screenshots below showing how they begin to run the moment our members log in. I wish clans were more interested in having clean ,1 vs. 1 pure fights, but we can see now that Supremacy is not capable of doing so. Finally, we topped off our trip after regrouping by attacking Supremacy again north of the furnace, who were fighting Terror at the time. The screenshots below shows the proud Supremacy members sacrificing themselves to top off our perfect F2P PK trip.
  4. If you think this youre literally a delusional retard. But seeing as youre in zenith it doesn't surprise me that you are. @Horizonkeep being upset that every iteration of every clan you've been in has been subpar.
  5. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord We massed up a massive 40 man (that's more than what Terror pulls to weekends btw) pull for our F2P Prep vs. Terror. We slaughtered them the first round, so they decided to pull some tricks with fake rushes at the second round and the PKRI was just EZ. ~ Attacking ~ Fatality Starting: 29 Fatality Ending: 21 Terror Starting: 29 Terror Ending: 0 ~ Defending ~ Fatality Starting: 29 Fatality Ending: 11 Terror Starting: 29 Terror Ending: 0 ~ PKRI ~ Fatality Starting: 25 Fatality Ending: 11 Terror Starting: 25 Terror Ending: 0
  6. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Peaking at 64 pure elites we had the most action packed sunday trip of the scene. We dominated clusters, PKRI's and put dogshit clans like Apex and Zenith back in their place. Fatality set up a fight vs Blunt Purez on the eastern side of boneyard, We defended and quickly wrapped our western side as bp attacked. Shortly after the fight started Rage crashed we quickly moved south east towards sperm to fight rage after clearing up most of the bp that were left there. We hit rage south of 26 hills quickly dominating the fight pushing them east. Mains hit ca and we took our win and got a regroup. After we regrouped and the mains left we moved back to the wild to find rage just next to venenatis. We hit them strong specs out and froze anything that moved Apex would later try to crash the fight we were having vs rage. Apex logged in with 16 capes on the counter (lol stop it) we repositioned ourselves and began to push apex down 10 wild levels to sperm/ghost hut getting kill after kill after kill. We made apex have 4 in game as the fight ended at pond, We all laughed on teampseak and tellied out. Stay easy victims. We got word that there was a fight at Falador. With most clans heading towards this fight we quickly geared up for some old school city pking. We logged in just south of Fally square and caught Zenith in a gwas. Applying to much pressure to z they were forced to telly out and reposition. Zenith would move to Fally park, we hit fally park and put zenith to 2 pures in game. 2 clears in one fight stay shit. After clearing Zenith twice we moved back to Fally square catching ALL of hydra in a gwas. The only thing they did to fight back was keep tellying back in to the same gwas we had them stuck in. Big props to hydra for lasting longer than Z. Zenith would later try to hit the Falador fight from taverly. Getting word of their intentions we quickly moved north outside of the city. We wrapped around the center casting barrages and killing them with ease. Zenith tellied out of this fight again getting cleared for a 3rd time. We got word there was a fight happening at GDZ. We hit our tabs and positioned ourselves in a north to south spread around white plat. Logging in we would instantly move west and get on top of Rage instantly killing them as rage repositioned themselves BP would log in to hit the fight. We moved east and began to fight Bp. We were aggressive dumping specs right from the start. Pushing BP towards spider hill we would fight there for quite some time. We would later telly from the fight as a majority of it was cleared. We rushed the dog shit clan apex at 18 ports instantly pushing them towards ghost hut. They moved into the trees to try and save themselves as they begged for people to return. Apex leadership realized they didnt have the brain power to fight Fatality and tellied out to go hit a fight at Falador. Don't worry we hit them there too. We spread east inside Falador park as apex was getting pushed from the center. We logged in and quickly focused outside the fence catching all 20 of them in a clump. They would try to push through us to go into the park but it wouldn't save them. We stayed on top of them reducing them to 4 pures in game. Game was a success.
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