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  1. Thanks for the clean fights Apex
  2. We set out into the Free to Play Wilderness today with a strong 45 green cucks. Knowing that we had similar opts with other clans we wasted no time in setting up fights. We got our first fight of the day with Apex inside of bandit Camp. We rushed from the east and maintained an opt advantage over Apex the entire time. After a good while into the fight Eop thought it would be a good idea to try to crash our clean fight. For the next 30 minutes or so Eop was pushed around bandits by the big green clans, and sent to single multiple times for trying to interrupt our clean 1v1. All clans decided to leave the cluster when Foe showed up towards the very end. We then got another fight with Apex ontop of Corp Hill that was a lot more quickly ended by Eop and Foe both crashing. Finally at the end of the day we got our clean rematch with Apex at bandits yet again. We rushed them with our big rune scims out and never looked back. Although it was a close back and forth throughout the start of the fight once we got a decent opt lead we maintained it and full cleared Apex out of Bandits. Shoutout to Apex for all the clean and consistent action, we hope to keep it up.
  3. Lee

    weekend Misfits Vs IR Ft. ~ Big Return Fight

    We cleared you up, left and you then had action with IR, idk what more you want me to say lol
  4. Lee

    weekend Misfits Vs IR Ft. ~ Big Return Fight

    bro this isnt even the right topic lmao
  5. Lee

    midweek Misfits doesn't pull out on FI ez clears

    lol w.e thanks for the action
  6. big action in the rev caves