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    Feast my piggies

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    Fearless LPC - F2P Legacy Clan

    best of luck friends
  3. Today we massed up a strong 39 Fatality members to take on Supremacy in a P2P Prep. After a strong defending round by us, we fought hard in the next two rounds to confirm the win over Supremacy. Fatality Starting: 34 Supremacy Starting: 34 Fatality Ending: 24 Supremacy Ending: 0 Fatality Starting: 36 Supremacy Starting: 36 Fatality Ending: 5 Supremacy Ending: 0 Fatality Starting: 34 Supremacy Starting: 34 Fatality Ending: 9 Supremacy Ending: 0   
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    TLP re-opening

  5. Lee

    Fi vs IR 2-0 p2p mini sets

    ty 4 sets
  6. its just funny your clan is trying to say we had 15 IR in our capes when its false af
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    Reign of trash

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    thought yall closed? wb then & gl
  9. TEAM NAME: kennys real friends EAM LEADER: leeCONTACT INFO (Discord, IRC, etc): leeaboo#1941TIMEZONE PREFERENCE: mid to late estAre you okay with the established default time? (If not, state your suggestion below) 6:30 estWhat Category of 6v6 Tournaments will you be participating in? (Default, Oldschool, or Both) bothOption 1- Link your Memberlist for the tournament: (Max of 10 players)Option 2- Write down the RSNS of your players: (Max of 10 players) jigokurakuu, beyond gone, jayhawk pk, entourage, alexis len, stepdaughter, britality, reporters, beyond h0m0, garble lee, kenny, tyen, mitch, lennu, jackal, franco, pex, jaya, alex
  10. Left mass with 49 fatality strong later peaking at 53. We started the day off by hitting a cluster fight of Legacy, Intense Redemption, and Supremacy. We rushed barb village through IR and Sup, all the way east onto Legacy. We pushed Legacy far east of the Barb Village Bridge, and even farther into the single line. We continuously would pull west trying to get them to fight us but once it was apparent they wouldn't we moved ontop of them in single and got a bank. Got word Legacy and Intense Redemption opted into fighting each other since neither would fight us, we said fuck it we're getting in on this fun as well. They were both fighting at GDZ with Foe ACing, so we logged in on top of Legacy and IR and instantly scimmed onto Legacy. As we crashed Foe immediately begun to hit the fight. We continued to chase Legacy around throughout the fight until our job was done. We got word from a little bird that Legacy and Intense Redemption were fighting inside Maze so we went to join in on the party. We immediately scimmed Legacy at the entrance who were already getting bopped by Intense Redemption. After clearing them up we pushed east onto Intense Redemption who were still there who all ended up dipped. Seeing that there were some Legacy still left south of Maze we cleared them up in single and got a rebank. We hit up Legacy for a fight but they would refuse so we took the fight to them. Got word they were chilling at GDZ so of course we teled up and instantly scimmed on top of them. Soon after Intense Redemption logged in joining in on the fight. We continued to stay on top of Legacy showing our dominance while Intense Redemption would hit what they could. Soon enough Intense Redemption left the fight, and we continued our dominance onto Legacy. Foe soon came to clear the fight up, so we stayed on top of Legacy as they moved east, and we dipped south to single.