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  1. it happends alot..? freeze isn't even 50% on 1 def. its hard for me to explain this to someone that doesn't do pure clanwars.
  2. if i splash on someone 3 times in a row and he manages to scim my teammates which goes from 121hp to 0 in .1 from 3 ppl is that not rng?
  3. RSBL is a different game completely. and EVERYONE has complained about this 'experimental' system for forever now, lol. we complained when the big mini tourney was happening AND when the small opt tourney was happening but your mods are lacking the hands to change a topic. im glad you guys are improving now tho. and rng is not pointless to debate on when you have to play 5 rounds x amount of teams there are. if you ain't dropped a single round due to rng in 30-40 rounds consider yourself VERY lucky. Knockout has an insane win to loss ratio, but we don't count rounds, everyone knows you can lose a round randomly to rng, but the better team will take the SET and that's whats important.
  4. Yes so why was this system ever in place for low opt events? 15v15 tourney, 5-10 tourney
  5. that doesnt excuse a horrible system lol. the 15-20 big mini tourney we had before had apex already LOST before they even finished the set to foe in the finals due to dropping 1 round to a 2 diff clans (they won all sets previously) Fatality went 9-0 and lost because of this system. I like that one your mods came to me for advice because how you guys are allowed to make 'competitive' events with such an uncompetitive system is beyond me. You can never completely eliminate RNG, you can reduce it yes. but rng is still rng.
  6. yes this ALMOST makes sense EXCEPT that you are ignoring a very important factor. runescape is an RNG game. you cannot compare runescape to sports An NBA team is gnna destroy some pissrandoms in the streets 10/10 times in runescape, you can play the absolute best but still not win because of rng.
  7. Full round robin - Everyone has to fight everyone Clans earn 1 point for every round won or forfeited by their opponents Clan with highest number of points wins the tournament another incompetent dogshit tournament by sharkbrew where people can possible have 0 set losses and still lose. every tournament is just another disappointment, fix up after that last shitshow u guys had @slushpuppy stop rewarding round wins, no one cares. make it bo5 but make it SET WIN = POINT do you think you get points for dealing a set amount of damage to a player b4 he kills you? lol.
  8. this is the saddest thread ive ever seen imagine ragging from christmas eve into the 25th, and then bragging about it.. hope u guys get some help in the near future
  9. good to see the lower tier teams battling out for 7#, keep it up guys love to see the improvements!
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