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  1. i dont even play but the fact that ure so against a server where its 100% fair shows where ure at mentally
  2. 'im a fucking rank' what r u officer? who says that l0l
  3. ure mentally ill try convincing ur dog ranks to setup any type of event vs us before u speak
  4. extreme cringe the same people that had the oppurtunity to fight and make the scene better in OSRS goes and hides on a rsps pathetic @Adhi
  5. hahaha hider on sharkbrew.com forums ur parents r proud
  6. cry 4 me? u seem so mad over video game wtf??
  7. the present is that there is 1.5b of fatalitys money up for grabs for anyone in any clan but ure still sitting here avoiding l0l
  8. no cwa, no f2p, no preps, no community what u got?
  9. Fatality Summer 2022 Tournament This tournament is open to people outside of Fatality through a referal system aswell as a 25M deposit (Your money will be given back after the tournament is over) (that can also be MM'd by SB high rank) If at any point outsider participants are proven to be difficult to communicate with and/or are suspected to be sabotaging the tournament both them, the referal and the deposit will be removed. IF any outsider is blatantly toxic towards ANY Fatality members, they will be removed from tourney. As a side note, do not think you are excluded from joining because of personal/clan beef with any members of fatality and or the clan itself, we want to have a competitive fun tournament for the scene. To sign up message blitz ltd#4638 nawe#8256 Or message your referal. SIGNUPS END ON FRIDAY JULY 8th, 2022 5PM EST Draft will also be hosted and streamed 6PM EST on the same day. Starting date of Tournament: JULY 15-17, 2022 MANDATORY STARTING TIMES: 5-7PM EST/10-12 GMT PRIZES 1st Place - 60% of prize pool 2nd Place - 30% of prize pool 3rd Place - 10% of prize pool CURRENT PRIZE POOL IS 1.5B OSRS GP This tourney will be 1-25 DEF 5v5 CWA. There will be a minimum of 8 teams and teams will be made by captains. Captains will select their first TWO players then the rest of their team will be randomized by a name generator. The making of the teams will be live streamed in Fatality Tournament discord JULY 8th at 6PM EST. The tournament will be a randomized double elimination style tournament with a losers bracket. RULES OF TOURNEY 1 DEFENCE GEAR CAP (Infinity boots/Addy gloves allowed) Seeds ON Staff Spec ON Kodai Wand ON AGS2/Zaryte bow/rapier/inquisitors mace/blade of saeldor ON Venom OFF Dragon Spear OFF DDS OFF D scim OFF VLS OFF Harm/Vola OFF Granite Maul OFF Dragon claws OFF BOFA OFF ANY OTHER QUESTIONS PM blitz ltd#4638 Nawe#8256 on discord.
  10. nawe


    fuck jagex fk rl
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