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  1. fuckiujnhg lossers all of u mini me lmaoooooooooooo
  2. how did apex get this many points don't u need minimum 25 to get points?
  3. even then they wont. you should see the ego of some of the leaders atm
  4. most clans already pull too low on weekend/cwa events for them to go back to 1 def, the general motivation in the pure scene is at an all time low and that's heavily due to mains and constant avoiding in CWA. mains clans need to fk off but they won't, people won't stop avoiding. Clans will find ANY excuse to not fight eachother and their members believe it like the hounds they are because they've commited too much time into the clan already, reality denial. If some sort of anti-main alliance would form that'd be great but sadly it would require almost every single pure clan to render the mains useless and cleanse the scene, when more than half the clans openly have mains on their trips and mains backup ready they're certainly not ready to commit that. unfortunately the scene's so dogshit right now and i can't see it changing because clans have already commited and in their minds if they pull out now they've 'lost' and this pissrandom nh mentality of never not going back because it would be seen as a 'loss' is so funny to me, you're playing fucking runescape.
  5. main high opt cwa is a snoozefest try encouraging these avoider ass pure clans to prep eachother maybe
  6. hopefully they'll have leaders from all clans to discuss the jcups instead of clueless jmods
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