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  1. u want another human being to die because he said the green hat wizards are beating your blue hat wizards in a point and click browser based, 20 year old java based massively multiplayer online role playing game?
  2. Zenith fails at burning down Jamz' house, Fi succeeds at burning down Zenith.
  3. It's just their sand crab recruits trying to get 50 fm for DT bro.
  4. I havent been in the pure clanning scene long, but from what ive learned from w308 edge and f2p pvp worlds over the years is if someone wants to rag you, theyre going to rag you doesnt matter what cb bracket you're in.
  5. how many more threads of foreplay until theres finally some action in the purple portal to determine whos the better green clan
  6. unless something its something very embarrassing ie an anger fueled shouting match between ranks, any leaks less than like 4-5 minutes long are fucking pathetic and you should genuinely feel embarrassed posting this.
  7. We hear jokes all the time about why foe and sup havent closed yet all kidding aside, why in the fuck hasnt EZ closed.
  8. Wonder what part 3 is going to be in this saga whats the end goal trilogy? Hexalogy?
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