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  1. Why didn't you show the brother bears any mercy.
  2. "The clanning world is changing drastically, the pure and the main scenes are now interchanged. Rage is no longer just a "pure clan", we're a PvP clan that focuses on hosting official pure events but that's not all. Those of you with maxed clanning pures should not be just content with that alone, you should be training a main/med to an acceptable P2P standard to continue our clans growth and strengthen our versatility. " Fatality, Ancient Fury, Rev, PD, Veng, VR, DI wasn't enough to save the brother bears from Apex.
  3. Ancient Fury tried and failed, Revenant tried and failed, today was Playdead's chance to try (and fail) to challenge Apex. The initial fight erupted at New Gate, the slaughter only lasted a few minutes before Playdead bent the knee and ran to singles and logged. After one hour of massing and begging their 20 clan alliance to help them Playdead finally teled up to GDZ. We immediately hopped to their world and the most one sided fight in Runescape history commenced with Playdead members endlessly suiciding and donating +1's for an entire hour. The half dozen Ancient Fury and Revenant members at the fight were relegated to one item as they watched their allies get farmed in an open clan chat.. Out of ideas and allies Playdead were forced to call LC (rev protection cc) as a last ditch to team on a pure clan. These venezuelans made zero impact and were quickly dealt with. Only minutes later Playdead would run to single and Apex would once again be victorious. Playdead ranks would then have the genius idea of trying to rush us as were walking south of dwarves to tele out. Needless to say this backfired as they were once again wiped off the map. When we say any scene we mean it \
  4. Pulled more than the open cc alliance (AF, Rev, Veng, Rage) combined. Crash war = over
  5. It's starting to sink in for Fatality that suiciding for Rev/AF won't save them. @Danny [email protected] [email protected]@Ancient [email protected] Tripyou guys need a new plan ASAP.
  6. Pretty much every other clan would bend the knee. Even to low elo main clans like Rev rather than stand their ground. Apex proved again today they're built different.
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