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  1. Does any clan accept 30 def atm.
  2. Fi struggled to kill 9 people in a matched prep. Do you expect anyone to believe you could beat Apex down opts
  3. #1 xlpc perhaps. Apex dismantled you every single fight.
  4. You tried to team with FO and rush Apex and got fully cleared not once but twice.
  5. FO legitimately left the wild for over 1 hour and didn't even attempt to fight back. Anyone who thinks they won is delusional.
  6. God of ditch pking. That's a yikes from me dawg
  7. 7 clans 2 weekends 0 wins Stay classy anti-Apex.
  8. My favorite part was when FO ranks desperately attempted a regroup at Chaos Altar and got swatted away likes flies not once, not twice, but four times in quick succession. What was your favorite part of this historic full out?
  9. Good job posting a losing topic I suppose. Never change Elve.
  10. Every time Fatality has any glimmer of hope they always get slumped into oblivion. Hope you fellas can buck the trend this time around.
  11. Pro tip: Don't bother writing propaganda if you struggle to string together coherent sentences.
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