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  1. When Rage finally closes, this SB post will be screenshotted to remind you that you should never open again
  2. Gj Zenith and FOE on yet another event while rage sits in rags thinking they’re doing anything LOL
  3. Rage isnt allowed in the wildy anymore looool they getting the life choked out of them
  4. Lol Apex literally didnt hit 35 that ENTIRE fight when Zenith had nearly 40 and still dominated.... looked fun gratz
  5. Why is this man writing essays about being honorable when Rage literally relies on 70 paid vennies on midweek trips and doxxes clans that arent even their rivals... Rage really just always wants to play the victim card whenever they can — maybe that’s why so many of your core members have joined FOE already 😂
  6. Why did yall do LY like that at the end of the trip LOOOOL 😂😂😂
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