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  1. Big own! Gf Exo L0L them phone pics, juicy ring tho
  2. Gz rage, good week for Bronxx
  3. nice to see u guys in p2p, look forward to some nice action
  4. CC: Bp Pub Firstly Big GZ to Tickzy INFERNAL PET on 1 KC Bp had a planned small inner sesh with core members when we heard DC were doing a 24 hour rev trip claiming the caves were theirs with 25ish. so we decided to delay our inners and join the rest of the clan in the caves. we had around 30 to start the trip off peaking at 42. After clearing DC Multiple other clans came out Legacy, Fatality, Zenith and a main clan we managed to get multiple full clears. Thanks to everyone who came out for some nice midweek action. Fight 1: DC Dc were in a return fight with about 15 of our members as they had 25 we quickly geared from our inners and teled up to make the fight even we pushed DC all the way up to singles til they only had a few members in singles trying to single- multi us so we went back south with the win. Fight 2: DC we ran into DC again fought for a while, dc had nice returns but we ended up pushing them to singles we then waited in the dragon pit to see if they wanted to rehit, when they didnt we went back south and got a tele. Fight 3: Main Clan We were hopping around in caves with 35 and logged into a 30 man main clan, we fought them targeting all the magers first single pile killing them all 1 by 1 where they then teled and we got the full clear. Fight 4: Main Clan The mains found us a 2nd time to tried redeem themselves, turned into a return fight where we again managed to get the full clear on them Fight 5: Legacy After quickly clearing a few terminal members Legacy hopped in from the north with 20-25 we got a quick spread pushed north and fully cleared them Fight 6: Legacy + Zenith Legacy massed a few more people and rushed us with 30+ we fought in the caves for a while until zenith crashed from south we ran N/W and LY ran N/E the fight was carried on in the dragon pit by LY and Zenith we then rushed in making it a cluster, LY tried to pull west where we chased them and got the clear. Fight 7: Fatality Found fatality with 25 south in the caves we hopped on top of them dumping specs and got the full clear on them Fight 8: Legacy + Mains Found Legacy and mains south in the cave so we hopped in hitting them both we fought for a while pushing ly north when Fatality hopped in from the south sandwiching us so we dipped. Fight 9: Legacy + Zenith Again we hopped on Legacy south in the caves and fought them through the caves where they then ran to the dragon pit and Zenith crashed so it became a three way cluster we managed to catch them in a 20 man clump north in the dragon pit taking the advantage of the fight, the fight then became very main infested so we pulled out the pit, killing all pures/mains as they came out. Fight 10: LY + Fatality We went to rehit the clusted with ly and Zenith from a new position so we hopped in west of the pit and caught a lot of Legacy once they ran back into the pit we found out fatality were south of us in the caves so we fully cleared them. POVS: @UncleRash
  5. Think they were about 11 when it was made bud. anyway it’s runescape in 2020 none of us cool @Brock Lesnar
  6. shh i like to use him for +1 on topics. love the attention he gives everytime
  7. What ko “lot” there’s 3 in bp the rest no
  8. Not causing shit just people need to get use to 3 members not being invites the excuse is getting old. Said gf multiple times from the start, always liked rage but when clans use the same excuse when we been grinding from the bottom You don’t see how it could get old? @FLOWER
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