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  1. l00l must suck to be onslaught. losing all day to bp in the wilderness then declining a 40v40 prep lmfao - topic to come 

  2. threw a +3 2nd round smh... gf tho rage always fun
  3.  LY and OG cant break BP ty for staff + Zgs. imagine 2v1ing  and still hitting safezone to rg 4x each. 

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    2. K0ed


      @T H E UndertakerWait are you and og trying to both claim a clear after hitting the bank 4x each and rehitting bp without leaving once?  sounds like rage stealing ur members and foe have made you very desperate 

    3. T H E Undertaker

      T H E Undertaker

      Don't let @Scimsbrainwash you into thinking we were teaming with OG LMFAO!!!!!

    4. T H E Undertaker

      T H E Undertaker

      We pulled 95 today tf you talking about lmfao?????

  4. L000L you’re retarded. Who let you off your leash and onto sharkbrew again?
  5. l00l how can you lose 4 +1s in 1 hour. Another bad day for Onslaught hq

  6. lagged irl, ears ringing from acb specs rm today @Broxxx no nh tactic
  7. Careful you almost sound nice, flower and my friend godfather would not be happy
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