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  1. clearly you dont understand. but then again this is the guy that got his clan gwassed from singles to multi and makes calls such as hopping on bp in singles being reduced to 15 claiming wins so what can i expect
  2. CC: BP Pub Sunday We massed up 60 Pures to take on Onslaught and thats exactly what we did. Onslaught managed to take a total of 0 wins on the almighty Blunt Purez and with poor leadership logged into BP getting cleared to 15 ingame x2? Onslaught this propaganda you feed the community and your members does not fool anyone. Still waiting for a video on Onslaught actually fighting bp showing any type positivity and upperhand on bp in p2p and again like every week if interested in a prep after all your inners you've been doing we'd be glad to let you try redeem yourselves after all the previous times you've tried fighting Blunt Purez in CWA. ONSLAUGHT PROPAGANDA: thought it would be a good idea to section a part of this topic to show Onslaughts propaganda, as they do it so often! 1. Onslaught won 5-0 yet have 0 evidence of this in vid and as seen in bp Vid ( 02:28 ) They get reduced to 15 before we teleport out with 50 to continue our multi trip 2. Onslaught claim we end with 24 yet looking at the end of vid in falador (07:10) whilst we were trying to set up our last fight we hop into a ly member with 42 on capes getting his +1 then having a drop party with 50 members. 3. Onslaught "cleared bp" in east bandits cluster where we have 0 interest in them as seen they are sniping a few returners ( 03:28 ) and we then teleport out of ly with no OG to be seen. 4. BP at draynor for 45 mins? just didnt happen l0l 5. Onslaught claim another win in singles when reduced to 20 ingame and do not follow to multi (05:13) Fight 1 Venom/Legacy Our first fight of the day was vs Venom where we defended bandits they rushed in and we managed to get the upperhand with legacy then logging in Venom teleported so we fought LY for a while Before teleing out. Fight 2: Onslaught- Reduced to 15 ingame We were at east bandits when OG ranks thought it would be smart to log into us in singles. Onslaught having the poor member quality they do found themselves getting smoked by east bandits for around 5 minutes straight Blunt purez never dropping under 45 ingame whilst onslaught were reduced down to just 15 in game with about 5 of them being pures. once we had 42 to onslaughts 15 we decided to teleport out as 30 members not being able to fight due to onslaughts slow/weak returners was not what we came out to do sunday. (to og they won somehow) Fight 3: Cluster Found a cluster going on at east bandits we started by clearing the telespot from the west then went into bandit camp hitting some clans over the river we then went north hitting legacy through the gap of bandit camp, once they put their focus onto us we teled out as we were outnumbered. Fight 4: Onslaught - From 50-22 (afraid of multi) We found onslaught at east bandits so we hopped into them again smoking them from start to finish never dropping below their numbers, or near their numbers for that matter. once the fight was 46-22 in our favour we ran to multi gave them a while to come, and they continued to sit in singles, rage then logged in so we teled out claiming another win on onslaught. Fight 5: Special Forces/ Venom Found Special Forces and Venom fighting at east bandits we crashed the fight from south fully clearing both clans before teleing out with the w. Fight 6: Terror/ Supremacy/Legacy We decided to setup a fight with Terror having similar opts we defended Al kharid where they would rush from the east, the fight went on for a while before supremacy crashed, and terror teleported to al kharid so we fought supremacy pushing them into singles we then went back to al kharid telespot continuing to fight Terror until legacy rushed with 70 so we dipped. POV:
  3. L00L just watched OG's weekend trip claiming they beat bp, yet the only part which includes bp is when og get reduced to 15 ingame?? @Godfather

  4. LOOOL OG really thought they could compete with same opts. 3-0 to BP. look forward to OG’s Sunday propaganda and video cutting POV! 

  5. Can only assume this is your sunday vid of crashing another rivalry whilst avoiding your rivals (who were sat in multi all trip) starting clusters but ye +6
  6. More propaganda! and thats +3 now!! my mans been up at like 7am replying to sharkbrew topics of his clan losing. thats another loss itself aha
  7. CC: BP Pub Today we heard that Terror and Venom had a pkri setup and a few other clans such as Rage and Zenith were going to crash. so we decided to run an est trip with our growing est squad we peaked at 22 having a 2 hour trip whilst Onslaught sat at inners missing the clusters. We started off hitting a cluster Where we would pull north of dwarves and fight venom until Terror came with a big opt advantage so both us and Venom had to dip. We then set Up a Clean main free pkri with Venom as we had the same opts, where we managed to get the full clear on them. nice to see clean pkris can still happen without any mains. ty for fight Venom. After our Pkri we heard there was a cluster at CA Between Terror, Rage, Zenith so we hit it from the east getting multiple kills the fight then dragged to ghost hut where a load of mains would join the fight as seen in vid so we decided to tele out. After 2 hours of inners missing all the action trying to train the untrainable At Clan wars Onslaught ranks decided they would try to join the action. Very poor leadership got Onslaught in a 10 man clump trying to rush their Rivals in singles from multi l0l. we took them down to 15 in game from one clump once the remainder got into singles and they brought mains to singles we dipped losing nobody to onslaught yet again. We Then set up a fight with Venom at ca where it would only last a small time before Terror crashed once venom pulled north of the fight we were left with terror and a big opt advantage so we decided to call it there. Again no sign of Onslaught in multi. Onslaught You're gonna have to do a lot more than 3 pictures in singles and no vid for your midweek topic to show you're "winning" this "rivalry" that was another very poor attempt of propaganda by Onslaught Ranks. Povs: @sickko
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