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  1. Clan Awards Best Cwa Clan: (Fatality, Rage) Best Overall Clan: (Blunt Purez, Rage) Most Active Clan: (Blunt Purez, Zenith) Clan With Most Stamina: (Onslaught, Blunt Purez) Most Improved Clan: (Blunt Purez) Most Honorable Clan: (Hydra) Most likely to be a meatshield: (Zenith) Most likely to ally with mains in 2022: (Zenith) Clan with most delusional members:(Zenith, Foe) Upcoming clan of 2022: (Foe) Team Awards Best Team: (KO) Most Active Team: (The Boys) Most Likely to Avoid: (Team Apex) Upcoming Team of 2022: (-) Individual awards(1 vote per category) Best F2P Caller: (Chris, Lee) Best P2P Caller: (Rosa) Biggest One Bang: (Illegal) Biggest Vending Machine: (Droze) Best Leader: (Monkey) Worst Leader: (Droze) Best P2P Warrior: (Bassie) Best F2P Warrior: (Mallu) Biggest Simp: (Rosa) Nicest Member: (Ping) Most Gullible: (person1,) Most likely to end up in jail: (Flower) Hardest Working Member: (Grey Wolf) Worst Member to Have: (Droze) Most Active Sharkbrew member: - Funniest Sharkbrew member: ( Sharkbrew member with the worse banter: (Proccy,) Moderator Awards (1 vote per category.) Most hated Sharkbrew mod: (Illegal) Most Biased Sharkbrew Mod: (Stella) Best Babysitter: (Mokles) Favorite Sharkbrew Mod: (Obli) Best Sharkbrew Mod: (Mokles)
  2. no way ly, rage and fi above me. pff dead clans
  3. Lmfaoooo hope you still got some braincells left for 2022
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