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  1. Some fun GMT action between BP and Rage. 2-0 in sets/4-1 in rounds.
  2. Thanks for mentioning me boys but in reality most of DC went to apex! just a couple GMTers joined BP.
  3. This sunday BP decided to go out eventhough it was Valentines day. As espected our pull was lower than usual but still managed to maintain a 40-45 pull troughout the trip. Had a lot of good and clean action against Apex and Fatality, we would like to thank both clans for the fun hits. We also had some fights against Legacy, rage, Supremacy and FOE. This trip was not a very competitive one, we were mainly trying to have fun and therefore we chose not to teleport out when we got crashed or sandwiched but tried to do damage where we could. Dizzy POV (Cute voice leak at 5:05) Ramz POV Training magic in a FI clump AGS Whale Pics: Lootations:
  4. probably our worst mini ever LOL ggs
  5. TY both clans for action and ofcourse thanks to Onslaught for the laugh
  6. Nobody will ever watch your 27 minute POV of nothing man hahaha who are you trying to convince? btw
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