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  1. You realise bp declared on zenith and not the other way around? Cookies can manipulate his puppies into believing his fiction but the scene is 1-25 defence, there is nothing more to it. 1 def cap refers to the gear, you bring elder robes instead of infinity robes etc. He knows this but he’s just avoiding as per usual
  2. We declared on you, the scene is 1-25 def. You can’t decide the defence levels in a prep, this isn’t a pub off 1 def mini.
  3. What is your clan's name?: Blunt Purez What is your clan rank, and provide proof of it: The name of the clan you are declaring against: Zenith Fight type: P2P Cookies was so kind to suggest the following Since we're GMT we suggest that, if we were to fight in a midweek day, the fight should start at 5:30PM EST. If you really want 7PM EST we can do it on a friday or saturday. The scene is 1-25 defence so this should be the ruleset for this prep aswel. 40 minimum, 50 maximum. Insert any motivational message(if any): We don't expect Zenith to avoid a declaration by Blunt Purez that wear wooden shoes. We look forward to see you on the battlefield. By posting this topic, I understand and read the rules of the declaration system
  4. Farewell Jumpstreet and no way the infamous @K2Pis commenting on our topic! remember the last 15 cwa events u did against us? kyp loser movie tomorrow
  5. why the fuck do u make a topic about 4 kills man u need to get a different hobby
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