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  1. Mfw both your video's cut out and you try to put a cc overlay on your vid I killed your clan faggot
  2. LOOOOL what happend jaja 

  3. Got the word the alliance would be out this weekend, massed up 40 people and forced them to end lmfao. @[email protected]@Alan Rickman Nice 10 man pull you fucking losers, marky tucked in before it even started
  4. awkward moment when dk doesn't even want to join your cc LOOOOOOOL
  5. Everytime I see a jaja topic I lose a little bit of faith in humanity, desperation should have limits...


    eop will re-open in 2-3 weeks and try to gain some hype  just to become a punish bag and close again. After that they will repeat the process like we've seen over 10 times, the real question is what main clan are they going to suck off next time.

  7. the fact u felt the need to explain proves you're mad.
  8. imagine posting a teamspeak pic of 75 and post a 90 pures spam pic... Damnit this is some jaja minion clan propaganda.
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