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    eop will re-open in 2-3 weeks and try to gain some hype  just to become a punish bag and close again. After that they will repeat the process like we've seen over 10 times, the real question is what main clan are they going to suck off next time.

  2. the fact u felt the need to explain proves you're mad.
  3. imagine posting a teamspeak pic of 75 and post a 90 pures spam pic... Damnit this is some jaja minion clan propaganda.
  4. jaja smoked once again in a 1v1 speak the fuck up @Thimaah disgusting rat

    1. Cody9204


      Bro you literally stole gold on runescape lol.

  5. Nike

    Saturday FT Revenant Ended 2x

    Gratz on different world / fake endings AGAIN
  6. Nike

    Main quality vs pure quality

    disagree, half of the pures that want to go main don't even last, they can't find piles, can't deal with spears, slow in returning, list goes on.
  7. Nike

    ---> Freelance Video Editor <---

    Damn, nice templates. Didn't expect any less from a rat like you.
  8. Nike

    announcement Caroline

    battle of the e-girls keep us updated
  9. idk why you think your ranks are better than derek, you're all equally shit lmfao.
  10. 5 Anti SV clans, still no win get your PTSD under control or just close already.

  11. Nike

    Crisis in EoP?

    a banter topic shouldn't be 8 paragraphs long tldr
  12. why do you always go for a fake ending instead of trying?
  13. Nike

    Why was CD so shit?

    Location: Iraq is this topic going to blow up?