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  1. gj Team Spectre gf ears listening to this song L000L
  2. idk why someone spammed Terminal cleared - Terminal hasn't been open for over a month lol
  3. You’ll have lots of fun double logging onto mains and playing with hired Venezuelan’s! What they don’t tell you before joining rage, is that you’ll need to brush up on your Spanish, get a whole lot of rev bracelets and have a whole lot of patience.... Regreso Regreso! GL
  4. I don't get how you put rage higher than LY in p2p clan wars when they have smoked you consistently for weeks now. And you can't put Apex on the same level as Rage when Rage has refused to P2P prep Apex for months - Apex is P2P c/w undefeated for years and you put Rage on the same level? Delusional.
  5. ?????? was 2-1 to us in sets SMH
  6. Be interested to see the reply... if none, confirmed disgusting scammer behaviour - ty for heads up
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