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  1. didnt we 2-0 you and you were too fucking depressed to respect a third round?
  2. people love to combine clan names in a negative way as if making new clans with different people is illegal or a bad thing. relax
  3. "dead clan struggling for ops with invites" -IMT yesterday talking about Divine 🤔
  4. as if you didn't reply to your 2-1 winning topic 5 times. quit starving your members
  5. 5 is a stretch, especially when divine has been its own thing for a couple months. Aren't rp and noxi the same thing? also both od and cx closed and only some members have kept with Divine. I recognized 4 maybe 5 OD names in the TS, myself included. no clue who is from cx other than one guy. and energy was also definitely not with us lmao. delusional.
  6. ngl I really thought that our defending round would have been closer, usually thats the way it goes even if defending team wins. embarassing for IMT tbh, sorry.
  7. wondering what excuse IMT will have this time #divine