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  1. zenith quality, probably took grammar lessons from the 'doctor' get your spelling right kid
  2. hey pal, false accusations happen all the time, that's why its always 'innocent until proven guilty' so just take a lil chill pill before you reply next time, everything is going to be ok
  3. Pretty sure this is someones gf on mic not even an rs member, such a reach
  4. Lol what? Sad for Zenith making this thread learn to audio mix this is embarrassing
  5. Nice win but idk why everyone geeking over this like it was a real clan prep. These kind of events mean nothing, might as well been a fire bolt fight as far as I'm concerned, same as red v blue fights
  6. Yikes lmaooo incoming Z forum topic ”no more protecting people at high altar.... noted bones...legacy....not a good idea....” -cookiez
  7. Proof? not actually expecting a reply from this zenith bot hider account btw
  8. Todays supremecy video is sponsored by artlist.io. Copyright free ascending violins for everyone fr tho good vid sup, speech was entertaining!
  9. They’re the ones saying we’re nothing but mains and claiming they have better quality than us! Not sure why they’d say those things and not accept something along these lines. Regardless if either clan can show up with 100 (which i think both can, as long as there’s time in advance) crazy that they’re so confident going in the wild where its a FFA and not confident in a portal where its 1v1 and you can’t lose items!
  10. thats fair, imo take precautions and its all g. I'd say as long as you dont list your RSN on social media/in a picture of yourself no one can 100% prove you're the player of a RS/Discord account. And if you allow that to happen you accepted the risks, knowingly or unknowingly. Gotta start an some kind of anti dox union between the communities if you really want it to end - which will likely never happen b/c of grudges and snakes
  11. im not one to judge but you cant be calling people virgins while having an anime avatar, username of a hiphop artist, and Tupac smoking in your sig. Thats some virgin energy. no flame just letting you know
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