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  1. Jimmy Neutron

    @Vengeance? @Legacy?

    jw why the screenshots are so compressed? i cant really read anything on them, hit me with a 480p+ link
  2. how did your p2p go today
  3. Jimmy Neutron

    weekend BP's Sunday Trip

    nice stuff, looks like cd strugglin a bit
  4. Jimmy Neutron

    weekend Legacy's Action Packed Sunday P2P Trip - The Alliance Broken

    nice stuff legacy
  5. didnt we 2-0 you and you were too fucking depressed to respect a third round?
  6. people love to combine clan names in a negative way as if making new clans with different people is illegal or a bad thing. relax
  7. "dead clan struggling for ops with invites" -IMT yesterday talking about Divine 🤔
  8. as if you didn't reply to your 2-1 winning topic 5 times. quit starving your members
  9. 5 is a stretch, especially when divine has been its own thing for a couple months. Aren't rp and noxi the same thing? also both od and cx closed and only some members have kept with Divine. I recognized 4 maybe 5 OD names in the TS, myself included. no clue who is from cx other than one guy. and energy was also definitely not with us lmao. delusional.