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  1. Its Alan

    xlpc Overdose - 55-65 Combat [XLPC]

  2. You may apply to clan by joining our discord! https://discord.gg/JKtbMJ5

  3. Its Alan

    unofficial TP Sunday Funday

    Wait wtf? " at one point you saw od and xl hold hands?" Are you gona be another one of those kids who spreads propaganda to build hype around your shit??????? And why would we hold hands with a mostly mid 30s clan -___- and you guys are low 50s... were high 50s... u guys backed down from a +8 fight LOL.... smh stop this man
  4. Its Alan

    weekend Rampage Sunday vs. Xlpc scene

    good shit ryan
  5. Its Alan

    weekend Syndicate Saturday Action In W308

    Lit action yall!!!
  6. @Scims @Super Smoke @DilLFirst off thank you for the event on behalf of OD. Shouts out to Blitz for pulling up to! Second of all, with out mentioning any names I've learned that a few individuals in the clanning scene are bitches. Due to a handful of kids who attended just to troll the event, we couldn't even move on to have a round 3. Im just a nice guy and give people the benefit of the doubt. But in the future Ill be sure to know who to involve in these types of events! Once again, good fight and see yall tomorrow.
  7. FRIDAY, everyone's favorite day of the week! A day that was action packed for OVERDOSE. Peaking @ 25 Legends, OD stepped out into the wild and had dance with anyone who stepped in our way! We got a few quick hits on a few snipe teams & came across NOXIOUS & ASCENT during our trip. Shouts out to all clans/teams that came out today. Lets keep the scene BUZZING! . . . Join the #1 XLPC for daily action & events!
  8. Its Alan

    midweek (unofficial) The Plague FT 2v1

    Goodjob! Hopefully we can dance soon!
  9. On Thursday OVERDOSE stepped out into wild for a short but fun trip! We didn't get much action as we would of liked but we did manage to bump into NOXIOUS. We knew NOXIOUS wouldn't hit us first so we had 7 of our members walking by Chaos Alter in a different world, using them as bait and hoping NOXIOUS would find and hit them. Little did they know the rest of OD had eyes on our brothers and would intervene if ANY team dared to attack. Sure enough with NOXIOUS having many scouts out our lil team was found. They really thought it would be a quick and easy hit, up until the rest of OD logged in LOL. . . . Join the #1 XLPC for daily action & events!
  10. Its Alan

    Ascent Backing Out LOOOOL

    Unfortunately this is confirmed and super sad.
  11. Its Alan

    Ascent Backing Out LOOOOL

    Im down like we said from the start! @Scims We told you we wanted to team with blitz anyways so this type of shit would not happen, but yall said no it has to be ascent. But regardless If blitz confirmed that were good to go then lets run it. Win or loose, OD is taking part of this for the action/fun of the game. We could care less if we win or loose. But hopefully we can go through with it with no issues.