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  1. P00n4ge

    midweek Notorious vs. SKO - Late Night P2P PKRI (15v15)

    Puff Puff, NT takes the W
  2. P00n4ge

    First nrg, now divine?

    can't speak for nrg but.....divine 3-2 prep record vs imt.. imt trash 3/4 of our ranks were going inactive so we'll close top tier btw divine wont go LPC lmfaoooo what shit you guys smokin?
  3. Join Divine for a way out
  4. P00n4ge

    Divine Smoking Immortals - Late Night CW Mini (2-1)

    Tooooo easy
  5. Why waste your members time and even go out on weekends? LMFAO
  6. You must have never been in an xLPC lmao. Calls, movements, and binds win preps. Overheads are for the wild.
  7. IMT thought they were #1 lmfaooooooooo. This was honestly too easy... go back and hide in the sewers you rats. DIVINE NUMBER 1 ---- KISS THE RING
  8. Divine destroys wild.. Where's IMT? oh right, dead.
  9. Monday madness full of action. #Divine #NoActionIMT
  10. P00n4ge

    Divine vs F2P Hybrids - 12v12 CW Mini (2-0 Sets)

    Divine wins again