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  1. Lmao they tried.. 😂
  2. OD big winners, noxi scared.
  3. OD #1 baby, join up and be a part of the best xLPC clan!
  4. P00n4ge

    Pvp Safespotting

  5. P00n4ge

    1 pray 1 def guides???

    waterfall quest
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    Tanking Guide

    nice guide
  7. cinema 4d most def
  8. P00n4ge

    Pure Community in-game suggestions

    What is the biggest problem facing the pure community at the moment? f2p scene - the 150 skill total for the clan chats. What suggestion do you have that could fix this said problem? take off the 150 skill level to join clan chats. How should the unified council or committee decide on which suggestion to push for? do what you do
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    New to SharkBrew

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    Smuggz Introduction

    welcome brother
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    hello community

    welcome mane