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  1. My meat is built like zion williamson, big and tough.

    1. IamjohnC


      just come to papa

    2. Big Meat

      Big Meat

      John c my good man how have you been fam

    3. MAGICfrmda6


      l00l your meat is 3 inches stop this 

  2. Big Meat

    daeva doxing onslaught members?

    Lolllll he ugly af
  3. Cowboy hat from gucci wrangler on my booty

  4. Big Meat

    This Is Why I'm CD

  5. Big Meat

    @lpc scene

    Gz envy lol
  6. Unban Elmir, Revive Sharkbrew

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    2. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      you sound triggered you autistic monkey

    3. Noise



    4. Big Meat

      Big Meat

      Elmir the goat

  7. Big Meat

    @lpc scene

    Envy big winner clan
  8. “Before rap my last name was my lifestyle” - Nipsey Hussle 


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    2. Holiday
    3. NiggV
    4. Big Meat

      Big Meat

      @MAGICfrmda6u in zone 6? You better quit playin with me fore i pull up on your ass forest gump ass nigga

  9. Big Meat

    my intro

    Envy killed aao
  10. Big Meat

    oi imt lol

  11. Daily reminder : Envy ts has been up for 3 days and pulled 45 without mains. 

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    2. Apocalypse


      Wait till you get bully to using mains like the last x2 you were open 

    3. Big Meat

      Big Meat

      @Apocalypsethen we will bring mains lol just dont pipe up and get ur clan killed 

    4. IamjohnC


      I wouldn't pipe up to mr bigmeat & the real, it's a deadly duo just sayin haha

  12. Big Meat

    oi imt lol

    I can confirm Envy has over 50 tanks currently but will only use them vs clans that rag us. And tannie I can buy your whole village with my monthly check broke boy and u ugly 🍆
  13. Imt is #1 matched considering they beat yall last week but gj
  14. Ah yes its the return of EnVy. Gods of xlpc back. Stay tuned.

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    2. NiggV


      thanks GF!

    3. Warbow


      Show me 1 video of envy winning. Pls and tank ou

    4. Big Meat

      Big Meat

      Lmao you started clanning in 2016 brother