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  1. Literally dicked yall week in week out. you had 0 wins vs us. 50-0 vs yall lmfao. kyp young bull dont awaken envy elders.
  2. Lmao yall kids legit suck, tried bringin mains against envy got dicked daily l0l. Better hope there aint another pandemic
  3. Naaldo spent 50m? kids dying of hunger irl. grats apex grats naaldo. eat noodles for the next 3 weeks now.
  4. 2 weeks in a row now envy pulling 120+ dickin asstro

  5. I can confirm this guy is a scammer indian
  6. You suck for posting this so late lolll ty for action astro
  7. If you're an alpha male join EnVy today.

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