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  1. I believe the solution has already been in affect. Goodluck at your events!
  2. Zenith doing 20v20's in hopes to find their Fatality leak. Good try.
  3. Most clans that you just mentioned pull 40+ , the only clans that aren't doing their full potential are Supremacy and Hydra. You have to also keep in mind that Hydra only enters the wilderness every other Sunday, and Supremacy rarely will fight.. With the experience upon review, with the past history of the names prior, this whole LPC thing will take alot more from the ranks of this unit and members to actually make something happen from an inexperienced angle. Its do-able but it take many months and even years with determined people. Prove me wrong, i'd like to see something surface.
  4. Never liked the anonymous to begin with and since they lose wilderness run-ins versus pure clans i can't imagine them in the main scene. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. I heard you lost to sf in a mini-war, couldn't of been that easy.
  6. Decent pull for a p2p Sunday, but I did overhear your clan is actively spreading peoples personal information around the community? Not a great start.
  7. Your pull was 40 at most, stop lying on your topics please. You ended your trip with less then 30, reply and lie because you can't tell the truth otherwise.
  8. Upon my review of my typical Sunday chill zone in my basement, i was interested in watching the bp vs sf battles happen. I can report, bp attempted to follow around sf with 65 players in hopes that they would catch sf off guard. In fact, they never caught sf off guard other then trying to spam random messages seen in the videos and pictures proving nothing. Normally a Sunday war last about 2 hours, i did see bp drop down from a 65 man body count to a 40 man body count in 1 hour with 1 hour still remaining. On the other side of the spectrum you had sf who had 35 from the start and eventually gained upwards to 45 in the same amount of time giving sf the upperhand. Generally, viewing the videos it did seem like bp wanted to end their trip with sf coming to edgeville to provoke them to fight instead of flight. Based on the video, bp decided to tele up to annakarl and was eventually attacked/attacking a main clan by the name of Anonymous. Still question as to why Anonymous was their, but eventually sf appeared on the map as well killing anyone and everyone. Looking further, bp was cleared off the map and sf faught anonymous for a really long time before bp was spotted back on the map. In this duration, some bp came with 1 item tent whips and variety of weapons with a 25 man team of geared players as well. It was very clear that bp was targeting only sf and therefore sf pushed bp to singles from gdz to rev entrance. Sources informed me that a single wars broke out with bp attacking sf with their 20 man pull vs 40 at rev entrance and sf cleared bp in singles. You can't really lie on your topic when videos from both sides make the entire trip. It was clear that sf didnt want to fight down 30, and it was very clear that bp didnt want to fight sf matched. Gratz to sf for battling the clans who pull their numbers, something we just don't see anymore.
  9. Your 1st event in how many weeks? Zenith, you did a very good job handling Foe. Ex-eop members on this forums should take note. Good action for a Tuesday.
  10. Good luck, its a very hard scene to come at being as new as you're and the experience being as low as it is. It'll take being a full on masser clan with your experience to get something going big enough to compete. The average clan that pulls to official event is 40 for good action, a clan like Supremacy who pulls 20-25, may or may not provide what you're looking for when it comes to consistency. You should evaluate the scene before putting "LPC" in your name.
  11. After watching your video, you cut out so much of the fighting it was probably not worth your clan's time uploading. I overhead that your clan teamed with apex in another cc while getting farmed by sf till your trip ended? Ouch..
  12. Waiting for that event topic Onslaught... or did you lose to vengeance? l0l

  13. You made a topic on a fight that didnt even last 5minutes before it was ragged. Desperate for some attention much...
  14. Your shit clan history speaks volume. This is why you're in zenith.
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