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  1. Nobody on this website does any pure singles pking brother considering all singles pking is over 30 wilderness. Good luck
  2. Just to add to this point ^ if you know about anything related to logins in 2010, you'd know the runescape database was leaked back then requiring everyone to aim to have your login changed to email login instead of an old rsn.
  3. Lagex really killed this game.. 

  4. Nice "11" man spy check trip brother. You weren't even really in your clan's outfits either, i would of thought you were a venny team l0l
  5. You will not make an impact on a 1-5 def account at old fog. As much as the wilderness would be limited to under 10, it would be the best thing for the scene ultimately. Even if clans decided to mass make zerk accounts, it wouldn't make as much of an impact as meds/mains actively lasting hours in rag in the current scene. I don't think clanwars action will improve but it will make grinding easier overall for new players who want to experience it. I do feel the 25 def scene is extremely comfortable in cancer fighting, i also know the person i'm quoting right now barely even does any clanwars as a clan if any at all. I don't see alot of good fighting happening at 25 def, mind as well reset to 1 def and see if there's any life left in the clan world.
  6. You have zerkers in pure gear, stop talking.
  7. I will forever, never believe what the guy below me say's on anything. 

  8. The guy below me has no idea how to be a king at GDZ. 

  9. The guy below me will forever stay free 

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