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  1. HYDRA P2P SUNDAY | HYDRA SETS FIRE TO THE WILDERNESS Date: February 28th 2021 We were able to set up & organize pkri fights against Apex, Terror on this Sunday. Action was lit, with most of our fights getting crashed we found our selves battling non-stop in crazy clusters throughout the entire event gg wp. Ty4action to all clans, we had ton of fun ladies and gents! Video Pov:
  2. HYDRA P2P SUNDAY | WAR POV Date: February 21st 2021 We were able to organize fights vs Venom, Special Forces & Terror this weekend out. The Sunday was lit with non-stop action. All fights got crashed as f*** setting the wilderness a blaze on the Sunday . We also got caught in a super cluster in GDZ at one point during a team-on-crash. Thank you for the action guys!! Video Pov:
  3. Hydra vs Fatality Singles Run In | 7v7 We organized a SRI with Fatality in the wilderness with a 7v7 opt count. The event lasted for over an hour. it was a good event against them throughout & shortly got interrupted by solo pkers mid-way through. We ended up taking the L 0-2 sets but still had an action packed event with our heavy active Hydra shooters. We hope to take the win next time! Gf to the boys & thanks for the event! Date of event: 9th Feb 2021 Video:
  4. HYDRA P2P SUNDAY | SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! Date: February 7th 2021 We were able to set up & organize pkri fights with Terror and Venom in the wilderness this Superbowl Sunday! A lot of the battles organized got crashed which resulted into more clans joining in on the action non-stop throughout the warring event. GF to the clans that came out ty 4 action! Video Pov:
  5. Hydra vs Fatality ~ P2P Minis | 1-0 Sets Video
  6. HYDRA P2P SUNDAY | WAR POV Date: January 31st 2021 We were able to set up & organize pkri fights against Terror and Sf this Sunday with the attempts of team on crash if crashed into a cluster. A lot of our fights ended up being a crazy hectic cluster war and it was intense throughout the event. GF all for the battles & the action to all clans that came out! Video Pov:
  7. HYDRA P2P SUNDAY | ft. MEGA CLUSTER WARS Date: January 24th 2021 Wilderness was action packed this Sunday and we were able to set up 1v1 fights vs CLAN APEX, CLAN VENOM & CLAN TERROR throughout the Sunday. Most of the wilderness fights got crashed quickly which led to multiple clans joining in the super clusters. Respect to Clan Apex & Clan Venom for organizing & battling us down ops. GF GF! Video:
  8. HYDRA P2P SUNDAY | ft. Action Packed Clusters Date: January 17th 2021 We started the Sunday, setting out with 35 opts. We attempted to set up clean 1v1 fights with Venom however getting crashed by other clans & mains we ended up having an action packed cluster for most of the P2P Sunday around the wilderness, GF All! Video POV:
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