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  1. Nobody told you that you are not allowed to "argue", again, you didnt read what I wrote. Therefore I couldnt care less anymore.
  2. It is cool and so to share a private DM to the public, which I don't mind, perhaps you should make your warns/past punishments public as well? No moderation action on your forum behaviour is out of bias, same goes for everyone else besides you. As I said, maybe you should read the rules and stop ignoring our warning reasons. If you keep violating, obviously you will keep getting warned/punished. Banter surely is okay, but keep it in compliance with the rules.
  3. I have 3 options: 1) Final Ownage Elite 2) NOTTTTTT rage pussies 3) Close Poll Hm..
  4. Hi @Edjezunfortunately I am unable to find it.
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