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  1. No, it is an inside joke between some Noxis and me. Me in Noxious Discord (instead of Clan Friend):
  2. 1) Those miths in Vision cape belongs to Moscow and is trying to false flag teams in their cape. 2) Not sure what you're speaking about. 3) He has never spoken in the chat with that avatar and Monday was the last time he wrote. Pinoyz changing his avatar went unnoticed or this is another edit of yours. If this was reported on the spot to anyone on the staff team, it would've been handled. 4) - 5) BU people have been moved to #ban-appeal for unethical NH activities for weeks straight until we have a solution on this case. 6) Not really, BU was given a final chance to reform but even that you guys ignored. Repa, one of the BU guys screaming for ATL to be removed from the community due to NH, got his wish granted. Pity you insisted to follow the same path.
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