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  1. Yall ready to watch these names get crossed out?
  2. you need both psychiatric help and jesus
  3. i am gatekeeper of the dinosaur discord rank none of you are getting in
  4. i heard rot got locked in a cage match @ kbd and didn't come out alive. rumor has it they're still picking pieces off the ground.
  5. the only clan that's tried making one of these is zenith, who lost its rivalry to onslaught over the summer and now competes with OFA.
  6. thanks for being honest with the clan world fella
  7. could have sworn part of zeniths promise to jump street when they closed into them was to bully bp, seems bp are bullying them instead
  8. lost rivalry to onslaught, now compete with OFA. zenny down bad.



    1. sharkssss


      nobody believes that except og? lmao

  9. i think the same thing when i see my old clan struggling to compete with fatality in p2p.
  10. cute public front, your teamspeak energy evaporating the few times i have hit you says enough though
  11. the last thing your clan wants is for onslaught to actually become anti-apex
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