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  1. Supposedly I am at war with rod and their allies. Blunt PureZ put up more of a fucking fight lmfao.



  2. Massed up 28 big dick autistic gorillas for a scheduled P2P cluster with Rage and Terror, we eventually peaked at 34. We had a clean 20 minutes worth of pure action with Rage and Terror before Rot and there EZ dogs decided to crash it, but within 15 seconds Rot and there dogs were wiped from GDZ. GZ to Elite Zerks on their 4 man pull, I am really happy you decided to "camp" us. After the dogshit alliance was wiped, we decided to reset same world North of rev caves with us taking full control of the fight before no clan was left on the map. GF Rage and Terror.
  3. We crashed Onslaught at north of 26 hill and they instantly teleported to the bank. more made up hits on a zenith topic
  4. CWA is difficult to take seriously in its present state - it needs change that nobody seems interested in and as a result, it's stagnant. I've said this for 2 years now and it has been impossible to motivate new clanners to care about it. This is not unique to my clan either, even Nox has stated the majority of his active memberlist could care less about CWA. Since you're interested in reaching out to Jagex, if you could request an ability to disable snare in F2P you would likely see F2P CWA pick back up again. F2P was the one server that was relatively competitive still but with the introduction of snare - while great for wilderness, it has destroyed CWA. (Also if Jagex goes through with introducing mith crossbow and bolts F2P will be ruined entirely). That's a subject for a different discussion though.
  5. Been a while since I wrote a book on this forum: When we originally went 1-5 defence in the beginning of 2017, there were many factors behind not just why it happened but also that circumstances allowed & enforced it. Back then, everyone had two accounts because of LPC & after EOP went full main clan to deal with the 7 clan alliance we were fighting, it was easier for everyone to "reset" to escape this problem. What kept this in check was that I gave an ultimatum that anyone who'd break the new normal would be hit with overwhelming force of adamant and rune (Something that was put on full display against Sv). Nowdays, there's no interest in making new accounts and after seeing Revenant's FEL accounts, 1 defence will not save you from them. I don't see the community dying, we have been through far worse (though, we were younger then). In the second half of 2014, the game was basically dead & there were only 3 clans left open: EOP(30), CP(50), FI(65). What saved us then, was IVP's decision months earlier to bring out a secondary bracket, which resulted in the clanning 'boom' at the end of 2014 with an additional 11 clans being added to the list. Granted Supremacy is the only one of those clans that is still open, the contribution from the influx of people was massive. This will not happen now, instead the "lpc bracket" is an assortment of clans that were left relatively untouched the past 2 years and protected, in part, from larger clans by a high level of politicking on my end - along with threats. I can see F2P going away for a little while, in the same way as we did for P2P in 2014, where we did F2P Saturday & Sunday leaving P2P entirely abandoned to adapt to our needs. A lot of the "main problem" is just kids double logging, something very difficult to do in P2P. As for the main clan situation: The main clans themselves are no problem, most of us can out-main the main clans on our own. This is entirely down to pure clans trying to find allies in the main community and using main clans to try and make their clan look relevant again (fo/zenith). As a result, this problem ends with the closure of Zenith and depending on whether or not they aid EZ against OG ever again, that may very well come sooner than later.
  6. remember when you said i was irrelevant because my clan didn't pull 80? now look at you, 32 strong eagles the past month. also these mains aren't putting up much of a fight, so you never know, i might turn my attention your way for having caused this mess in the first place.
  7. remember when fo bragged they'd use mains against whoever they liked. now look at you.
  8. rot and their dogs surprisingly silent these days

  9. taxi stopping outside of amars house once a day for the past week dog the destinations set, jump in lmfao
  10. Today Onslaught set out with a peak of 52(+42) helmet wearing dickheads ready for week 2 of being "camped". too bad elite zerglins is dead and pulled 18 Started out rushing Fi, gwas'd a few of em. Terror came in and we began elsmoke-o. Eventually Zangw boys rolled in and we bounced out of there. Next up we rolled on Terror and Hydra, both dipped out immediately. OG vs EZ 16 proud zenith cape wearing morons decided they wanted a singles fight with Onslaught. I'll let the gif speak for its self. https://imgur.com/GPFmTjm OG vs EZ I don't know who came up with this idea but EZ and Zenith came to GDZ. Between the two of them neither of them were willing to admit this was a terrible idea but fuck it, if they weren't willing to say it they got the message anyway.
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