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  1. hey look, there's more fo members on sharkbrew forums today than their weekend trips

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Murd


      I can see what dead clan you're in @orgasms👺

    3. Chief


      eop died lol

    4. Murd


      Feeling like tlp v9, 10, 11 rn... might cause a little mayhem, since I'm feeling unbreakable....

  2. clan wars teams should stick to their safe minigame

  3. apex is dead, zenith is dead, fo closed, rot on the brink of closure. this alliance better get its shit together if they want to be relevant lmfao
  4. when a four clan alliance pulls 26 people it's safe to say there's no competition 🤣

  5. when you write this fantasy shit, it symbolizes how afraid of onslaught you are that you would even imagine such a scenario.
  6. the guy below me just wrote a christmas wishlist for his clan

  7. old comments from flower are your best shot at responding - want to take bets on how fast i kick your clan into an early grave?
  8. yeah definitely zenith. the fact they've spent the past four months trying very hard to recruit, they never have more than 30 people ingame at any given point. they've turned into an xlpc and have basically closed, just like every other time zenith/doom has encountered real competition. also the fact onslaught quite literally decides if they have trips or not puts them in the same category as the rest of my underlings.
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