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  1. half the clans that go to these variations of 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlpc' are led by kids that can't compete with the big boys. git gud fgts
  2. oh wow, you all just caught on to the fact a community site that's not sharkbrew is being used as an ip farm?
  3. that's all you had? the old 'hm i no smart enuf 4 dis watch me say i baiting lool'
  4. na bruh, we nothing but talk dude we totally never put FO through misery 😂
  5. ? your clan asked us to leave you alone so we have, don't ruin your rank teams efforts at getting out of what we put you through. We've resumed our internal focus and it will likely stay that way until your clan is stupid enough to provoke us again.
  6. looks like way too much moving around for a fullout, especially with snares existing.
  7. Not gonna lie, it feels good to be a dragon 🐉

  8. fuark feels good to be right, rip 2ndchance stinky ideas
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