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  1. Today Onslaught set out with a peak of 34 shit flinging monkeys. Despite being the lowest pulling clan today, we were the first into multi, waiting a total of 40 minutes for our first bit of action as ever clan wanted to overmass. nonetheless we had a big owning pk trip. fire pkeru After waiting an entire 40 minutes past mass time for one of the clans with our pull to finally leave the GE and fight us, we were rushed by Supremacy. Despite being down 15, we stuck it out until the others sacked up and got involved in the cluster and remained a part of it to the best of our ability. Set up a fight against Terror, at this time we were roughly even. Due to our positioning we were able to remain on top of this fight, despite BP trying to get involved this was majority OG/Terror, ending only when Rage crashed. Next up we got another fight against Terror. This time things got off a little rough but we recovered and began bringing the fight back until LY crashed ending the fight. Next up we rushed BP on Corp Hill, basically deleted them. Terror crashed and so did Zenith but nonetheless the blunt was smoked and that's all that mattered. BP got some cute spam at the bank, went into multi and got perfected. Scrapped with Terror one last time, fight didn't last long before Supremacy rushed with close to 50 so that put an end to that fight.
  2. also experienced this last night, lot of whales at the altar lately
  3. good, now the revtards cant come crying to me that they want music
  4. surprise surprise a zenith kid is complaining about his precious rev caves
  5. damn what he do to get banned from the forums even i aint banned from these things
  6. be consistent in coming out and i'll make saturdays mandatory in onslaught
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      leave the man alone hes born in wealth without a hairline

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