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  1. yes, exodia was 4 closed clans merged into 1 - now that exodia is dead all 4 can reopen and get beaten up by onslaught again
  2. its not meant to solve the issue of starvation, those who starve sit at the bottom of the ladder. reintroducing the raw list in '17 helped solve it partially and put fo down to #4 after sitting at "#1" for an entire year after starving TLP and farming wins off of Fi
  3. tried suggesting it to slush, he seemed uninterested. basically gotta accept that the shitty system will remain. this is what we used in 2017 (most competitive year since 2011) when we did the 1-5 def movement, i piggybacked it off of IVP's top clan topic (now deleted) - could perhaps tweak it but these days i honestly don't care about this community.
  4. i love how over time lpc became xlpc, xxlpc, xxxlpc - back to xlpc and now this abomination
  5. considering you have a video and they don't i assume this is the real topic
  6. everytime i read these statements about foe pigeons i feel like its aimed at me
  7. rip uzi, good soldier lost too soon
  8. ok seriously, do u morons have bots in ur rank channel @holydreams
  9. if the email is still alex (uaex v jad)'s personal email i still remember that one
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