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  1. Crazy that you're out every Sunday and no pure clan or main clan has seen you. Next time crash somebody else's fight if you can't hang at GDZ and dip to Gap for nice 25 ending.
  2. Damn, at least when I looked up shit on people they were people not in my own clan. SMH Fo really out here tryna IRL NS their ex-members lmao
  3. As nothing here surprises me.... Congratulations @Proccyyour clan certainly knows how to further itself from Walli's greatness. No wonder Adhi doesn't want to return and lead you guys lmao.
  4. All that really needs to be said, FO literally had 40 mains when full opts, but that didn't save you lmao.
  5. Quode

    Sum Ting Wong

    Ohhhhhhhhhh I get it, cuz he can't read
  6. Of course apeg are going to roll over and just forfeit like the 1-0 yesterday. No stamina or momentum clan.
  7. @Deserieare you going to put up or shut up? Accept the fullouts, this is your clan's only chance of actually warring with more than 50 people, your members know it, you know it, quit being a degen and accept.
  8. Surely you guys are so confident in your ability as to accept this when NOT scheduled on a holiday yeah? Accept it
  9. Accept it pussies, you can't pull shit unless there's a tag with it, now that we're past holiday let's see if you just avoid again @Deserie
  10. Accept the fullouts @Deserie https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/54998-declaration-f2p-p2p-fullout-vs-apex/
  11. Strange how your clan accepted the original declaration (that Fi started), THEN declined it despite the fact that every day that week was made available to schedule on. You then re-declare, no flex on scheduling, schedule it on a holiday of all things (feelsWeirdMan), and refuse to sit to matched even though Fi offered to sit to matched on all scheduled options previously. RNG wrote matched opts in his declaration, you can't have a title of 50v50 then have "matched opts aim for 50" in your own rules. In the end, Fi could only pull 46/63 signups (cuz holiday), and Apex didn't trust that they had 46 warrers that could win, so they refused to sit. You forfeited, simple as that.
  12. That's insane. Apex members have better reading comprehension than Apex ranks. What an Uno reverse card
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