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  1. Yo, waddup dweebs. Today the cross-eyed apes at Onslaught set out with 40 wheelchair warriors ready to smash and dash on this Sunday Funday. Started off our trip in a nice cluster around CA that led to a gwas near Corp to close things out. Then, we received word that some small fish were wandering around our hut, and in gear as well. Even with the "aid" they had alongside them, what originally was a fight swiftly devolved into a farm session for the apes... And as it always ends up being, it turned into more damage being done on RoT/VR than the 9 Apex accounts returning in waves. The dance around our hut ended with RoT putting all of their energy and focus towards Newgate, with VR ceasing returns to the Hut, and Apex breaking fully to only returning in rag gear for more harvesting. The entire ordeal lasted around 3 hours, with a few weak attempts at fake ending happening at various points, all of which were denied . Chode: Baldman: Cowboy:
  2. Sup tards. Today the wheelchair warriors over at Onslaught set out for our Sunday crusade with 34 autistic apes. Today we had scraps with Rage and Fi before switching gears and farming some slave clans, most of whom had decided to remain near the holy land, far away from their safe abodes near ferox. With 3 slave clans degeared to no gear and 1 slave clan seeking to reclaim its indepenence, our smoke session was thorough. With the mains who'd threatened to camp us months ago broken into submissive multi-logged zombie respawns, KD stats were padded throughout the day. Alongside Rage, who have also not felt the true pains of this war for the recent months, we chose to sign the Treaty of GDZ on this day, signifying the end of the Crashwar as it pertains to our sides. Announcements as to the divvying of rival assets will come at a later date. To all of the slave clans who wish to cosign on this treaty, please pm flower#6217 or Jizzle#1310 to discuss your terms of formal surrender, before you're too deep in the bunker.
  3. Yo waddup. Scheduled 3 pkris this week against fellow big dicked clans, took 3rd time as the charm to get any sort of main course farm session to occur, but you already know how that shit went. To think that at some point, certain clans claimed to be "camping" us and are now closed, while their support staff are MIA now as well. Onslaught vs Blunt Purez CHEWSDAY we set up vs the Blunt lads over at Gorillaz Hut. Legit had 45 minutes of clean action, lot of own and back n forth. Ggs BP Onslaught vs Rage Wednesday saw us schedule against the bears over at sperm hill vs Rage. Fight was pretty much matched and despite being outlevelled still managed to swing through and catch some spicy loot. Ggs rage Onslaught vs Blunt Purez vs Legacy Thursday saw us get into a 3 some for our 3peat of PKRIs. Finally had some main dishes show up, but alas did not last. Ggs Bp and Ly
  4. Yo yo, buncha apes came out today, started with 36 and later peaked at 40 to run around and have some fire action. Waited forever for clans to get the fuck away from G/E, but once things started moving the apes got a lot of solid action in the scene. Set up with BP at east bandits, had a good wrap happening north side before Apex crashed from south and Fatality crashed from east. Before long was a proper clusterfuck with Ly, Sup and Fs also making short appearances while the fight eventually devolved into Og just catching massive boxes around the castle water. We then heard of another fight being set up and decided to head that way. Found Hydra vs Jumpstreet north of Varrok ditch, ran our way in and focused both clans, making most of JS tele out whilst Hy remained for the most part until Zenith, not realizing how many we had ran into the fight. Zenith then quickly got boxed up and began getting specced out and forced to tele shortly thereafter, so OG followed after being in the fight vs 3 clans consecutively. After Zenith got thier regroup, caught them from behind again north of ditch as they fought vs Rage with Apex. Apex quickly teled, and the mountain men dipped again for yet another regroup. Came back to bandits to get in on the Jumpstreet vs Hydra action that was happening there, only to awkwardly log in almost the same time as BP. Yet again, Bandit Camp quickly turned into a clusterfuck, but most clans ended up tele'ing while we moved west of tele spot to gain that control. As Fi rushed in with their larger numbers. As we got west of tele spot, we noticed Zenith running in a fall in up past the castle, so we caught a quick gwas on that box of men and forced them to a standstill, dipping once the overwhelming odds of Fi and the rest of the cluster made their way to west bandits. Decided to continue following Zenith, rushed them as they were south of Corp hill headed for Rage. After having Apex make a short appearance and disappear, FO tried rushing us and sandwiching with their 20 man pull, only for us to stop them in their tracks and then continue focusing on Zenith until Legacy rushed, forcing us to regroup Corp cave. We weren't the only ones trying to regroup at Corp Cave, saw Apex at the Corp Hill and engaged them, both clans fighting for returners before Rage came barging in from the south. Apes kept ourselves north and just piled anybody who came from the cave or came north in our direction. Heard from our friends at Hydra that they wanted to set up some fire action at newgate. We thankfully obliged, and proceeded to have the longest and cleanest 1v1 fight of the night. Special shoutout to Hydra keeping it pure and keepin it fire action in today's scene. During the entire 15-20 minutes that we spent fightin Hydra, 3 clans were at the ferox bank spamming each other literally in our world. We sat at bank under them. Spammed at them for 1 minute. All clans left bank after nearly half an hour of safe zone typing. After that, the apes decided to chill and call it a day. Thanks again to Hydra for the fire clean 1v1. Chode: Wintercharma: Mattie: Anthony:
  5. Today Onslaught massed up 35 big dick gorillas eventually peaking at 40! Had a strange trip today, with Zenith peaking at only 28 proud Mountain Men ingame, and only managing to average 19-22 ingame when in multi despite having RoT meatshield them. DW boys, yall definitely making it work Baldman pov: Chode pov: First fight we started off crashing BP and Jumpstreet at fog turned out to be a nice cluster before BP dipped and we ended up pushing js all the way to singles gf all! Second fight was the same again pretty rinse and repeat. We found Rage and Apex fighting west of CA decided to pay a visit and hit both clans before supremacys 19 man pull decided to have a swing and got severely manhandled by the apes. We ended up running straight north after that and fighting with fatality and bp for about a few mins. Found 19 mountain men east of CA and quickly wiped them off the map within seconds before daddy rot came to crys for help lmao.
  6. Today, 23 teal headed spastics went to our home at GorillaZ Hut© for another glorious midweek PKRI against some blunts and some bears, later peaking at 26. After waiting for the pair of GMT clans to make their way up, we began the action around white plateau, and over the next 30 minutes fought down to gap, across to oldgate, back across white plat, then to vents, and then to newgate, only to end back at GorillaZ Hut© to farm a precious few spawning raggers before dipping after no further competition arrived. We chose to end, after hearing that our local dealer had a discount on certain substances, and that our wheelchairs had been repaired at the shop. Shoutouts to Rage and BP for the action. Chode: smished: mattie: flower:
  7. I never would've imagined that lil ol' Onslaught would be delivering the way they have lol. Helmets seem to be a tight fit.
  8. I actually think that for the purposes of encouraging solo Pkers to actually try to go out into the Wilderness/return to PKing in the game, this update is pretty sound. Singles teams have been a cancer for the Wilderness, as it becomes more of a "who pulls more" game to determine how often max sets/+1s are PK'ed. TB, dump spec, dump spec, re-entangle. Surge, dump spec, dump spec, barrage. I think this update will actually give content creators a chance to actually hold their own against some of the lower quality single teams out there, as they'll be able to get a kill, pick up their key, and dip out even if having to stave off a person in max camping them down the wilderness levels. From the clanning side, on the surface this looks like it'll punish lower pulling clans as they won't be able to single to multi and catch larger clans in huge clumps. But on the reverse side, even if a bigger clan tries to sit on top of a smaller clan with rag gear or whatever, since there's a PJ timer, those raggers with no gear will get smoked quickly by quality singles PKers. And if the larger pulling clan is willing to lose returns in singles vs a smaller clan that has better quality, then in a way that sort of helps with the imbalance that we see in current rivalries where it turns into alliance vs alliance wars. I'm loosely positive on this update, because the Wilderness has needed a change in the rules of engagement for a while. Although this doesn't fix everything, I think it's enough of a change to make a difference in a positive direction. As per usual, clans will adapt to the new systems. Atop of that, we may actually see individuals return to the Wilderness for those improved Loot tables once they realize they can actually fight their way out of the Wilderness instead of just getting sat on by 5+ people. More people PKing = more people potentially interested in clanning.
  9. I'm pretty late to this party, but I feel like this discussion is something that probably should've occurred back in 2017/18 from the looks of things since my 6 year hiatus from the scene/game. I've read alot of replies to this topic that seem to have the correct observations, which is that simply put; the reason the mains are a problem in the pure community, is because the pure community is itself the problem. If we go back (and I mean way back) to when the original Pure Community/Warfare became an established scene, the primary and obvious pro to being a pure versus a med was that you had more options for DPS at a lower combat level than any main had at the same +/- 5 combat levels. This meant that en masse, despite the defence advantage of being a med, pure accounts could damage the lower hp meds and kill them faster than the meds could kill the pures. This also translated somewhat equivocally from multi to singles pking, with the most successful examples of this ideology being displayed by Kids Ranqe, Mahatma, Elvemage, etc. This popularity enticed more players to play as pures, especially if you were a dedicated PKer, as that was seen as a true form of risk/reward combat, a prestigious way to play RS if you will. Many pure clans at the time were on average between combat levels 65-75, and it was considered impressive to have a pure over combat 82 whether by 70 attack or by additional prayer/defence. This was a culture not built around min/maxing for competitive advantage, but a culture built around massing as many damage dealers as possible with as little defence as possible. The biggest shift from massing culture to individual quality culture came with the addition of Clan Wars and Bounty Hunter Craters, and the abrupt removal of Free Trade and the Wilderness. Suddenly, no longer were combat 65s fighting 70s and 75s maybe depending on the day, but now in the Craters you have combat 60s trapped in a crater where level 100s can hit them with no penalty or stat rework. Being the stubborn sort that pures are like to be, rather than just make new builds or change their pures into meds that could compete in the craters versus higher levelled meds, the single pking pures opted to just stay pure, but chase that before never embraced stat of Attack, and some also chose to add some extra Prayer and Defence alongside it. Since clans struggled to pull to Clan Wars, this was widely accepted so that as many people as possible could partake in Pure Warfare whilst the Wilderness was still for all intents and purposes dead. Please note that back then, 20 defence was the absolute max def level allowed. It was astonishing to see a pure combat 90+ at this point and time. The clans who craved winning in this Clan Wars only era promoted and pushed for their members to get that higher combat level, because in CWA, all combat levels were hittable by the big boy 95s and 100s, just like the BH Craters. Alot of clans slumped during this time, as most members did not care to train or grind accounts to have maxed 99 stats, they just wanted to pk and war with their mates and have fun. Obviously, in this matched environment, the competitive edge in clans began to evolve and the culture of pure clanning shifted almost completely from massing to individual member quality (especially with the rise of Mini wars and matched preps). Then, the wilderness was brought back in the form of PvP worlds, and pures everywhere rejoiced. Thousands of players returned to the game, and hundreds returned back to pure clanning. New clans were born, all the pent up frustration from the Clan Wars era, the annoyances of bickering rank teams struggling to organize events with other rank teams was partially reduced, because in the Wilderness, there is no timer countdown, and there is no matched cap to run by. The bigger the clan, the better the clan, the more they win. So the pure community exploded, 2009 probably saw some of the biggest pulls in the game's history, in fact I doubt that the scene will ever see the top 4 clans pulling 90+ during winter holiday, the 5-9 clans all pulling 70+, and the lower 10-15 clans all pulling 40-50+. The main community was similarly enjoying huge pulls and due to the amount of competition, had weeks where every day there was a rune war happening in f2p, or a PKRI happening in P2p. During this time however, there was no going back to the days of combat 65s-75s being good enough to compete. Sure, a clan like Epidemic could show up every now and again, overloaded with combat level 70s and low 80s to compete with the top pulling clans. That individual quality though, because Clan Wars was still the only "true" test of a clan's quality, meant that big mithlord accounts were the rave, and every clan wanted their members as high a combat level as possible. "The more you hit, the better use of your strength". "The longer you can pray, the better you can tank and last". These are sentiments the community still holds to this day, and the biggest changes from back then to now, is that back then: - Main clans had plenty of other main clans to fight against. Despite pure clans being at the same combat range as Zerk/Tank clans (btw capped at cb 110-112 at the time), it was a show of weakness to try and compete with clans that boasted no defence or rune. - Pure clans on the weekend were not interested in using mains in the wilderness, there were still plenty of level 70s around that couldn't be hit at FOG or Hill Giants by level 95s and 100s, let alone by level 105-112 meds/tanks. - Defence did not play a roll in defending against Magic attacks. Your magic defence was purely based off of your magic level and the gear you wore. This meant that in a pinch scenario, pures could utilize their actual bridding talent to out DPS meds in P2p using Mage as a reliable source of DPS, alongside a random melee KO or great prayer/positioning. There are other variables than just those 3 mentioned, but even if you compare those 3 points with how things are now and have been since probably 2012 when the Turmoil/Chaotic era was with the game.... I think it's pretty obvious that the pure community is honestly too far from even the proper ideology of "pure" to be capable of reverting truly into a more fun and enjoyable scene. Add to this the fact that main clans are as prone to avoid one another as pure clans, and they number very few when you remove the mercenary venezuelans that are contracted to fight alongside them... Everybody just wants to have every possible advantage for their clan to win before they fight. They want the stats, gear, opts, and intel superiority. With the game balanced the way it is, it's impossible for a pure past combat level 80 to really compete with any med around the 84-88 combat level range, regardless of build or gear. Statistically, a mage/range tank is the most powerful "combat" build in the game now. In both F2p and P2p with snare being allowed in the F2p server. The pure community's only hope to revive/survive without continued reliance and interference by mains is that Jagex firstly alter the game's combat triangle in a manner to where Magic accuracy is again buffed to ignore Defence stat, and also that clan leaders/members get out of the endgame gear rat race that only really benefits CWA since as we've established already, the higher your combat, the less effective your pure. With combat level averages being well over 85 for most clans, it's highly unlikely that a scene reset back to 1-5 def would have any true impact, because people would still chase that combat 101 build with 99attack prayer str hp mage range etc, or have to get that 80 attack for the Elder Maul. Add to this the fact that pures have a annoying habit of multi clanning, whether that's CWA teams, Main clans, Singles teams and what not, the community just simply cannot escape mains, because they themselves are mains. No pure can outmatch a main. Most pures would rather win, even if that means bringing mains, before they would remain pure and just take the L, regardless of it being in CWA or Wild. No conglomerate of ranks will ever willingly be the first clan to fully return to the roots of pure warfare, setting a hard combat cap, refusing to fight in CWA with endgame gear (elders, toxics, rapiers, ballistas, etc) at the cost of their winrate (shit as everybody's is). All that you, the community will achieve, is eventually ascending fully into the Med/Zerk/Tank bracket, and from there, the main bracket. Regardless of any scene reset, soon again shall everybody be back in this position, with these accounts and these weird ass proxy wars. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk. None of you will make the change happen, and Jagex certainly don't give a fuck about you to help facilitate that change, so at this point just enjoy the community you're apart of, and when you finally get back to IRL, focus on the good times you had in your memories.
  10. Ah yes, the familiar sight of BP avoiding. First it was GDZ is loc and they avoid, now even when their loc is CWA they disappear...
  11. Crazy that you're out every Sunday and no pure clan or main clan has seen you. Next time crash somebody else's fight if you can't hang at GDZ and dip to Gap for nice 25 ending.
  12. Damn, at least when I looked up shit on people they were people not in my own clan. SMH Fo really out here tryna IRL NS their ex-members lmao
  13. As nothing here surprises me.... Congratulations @Proccyyour clan certainly knows how to further itself from Walli's greatness. No wonder Adhi doesn't want to return and lead you guys lmao.
  14. All that really needs to be said, FO literally had 40 mains when full opts, but that didn't save you lmao.
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