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  1. Hey @Moni, I've been good bro, just got done car shopping, headed to Florida for a week of vaca with the fiancee :). How're you lad?

  2. @hittin next time use the @ mention if you wanna chat. It's not like you do anything but play rs and lurk on forums anyways LMAO. Maybe one day you'll learn how to get off your mommy and daddy's funds ya know, but til then, keep losing at RS and life child.

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    2. Quode


      @Unbiased Representative "hittin's *daddy* has more money than u could imagine lmfao"


    3. Pinhead
    4. Moni


      @Quode what have u been up2

  3. My my, wonderful to see that some things never change. Sv starting beefs they can't handle and fleeing the scene of said beef in order to recuperate. Unfortunately for you, RoT has the largest memberbase of no-life nerds of any organization of any video game to date. If they're as serious about continuing to snipe you as they claim, you might as well just become a pure midweek team, then make a new clan with new image/name instead of Sovereign to go by. Seems wise considering the alternatives.
  4. Quode

    u fucked up fo

    I missed seeing all of the banter on these forums.
  5. Quode

    weekend AAO Sunday F2P |Can't Break Us Baby|

    Think you're missing a letter somewhere there @@Mikey_. The word is "loser", and you just provided the perfect example of one for the rest of the people viewing this topic .
  6. Quode

    weekend AAO Sunday F2P |Can't Break Us Baby|

    Play nice now little one. Just because you closed one clan doesn't mean you have to be so angry towards people involved in others. Especially towards somebody who is retired from RS and is superior to you in every facet of life .
  7. Quode

    weekend AAO Sunday F2P |Can't Break Us Baby|

    Gratz on your trip AAO . Interesting to see that Imperial are a singles/f2p-snipe team now, even moreso that they got cleared in singles. From what I recall from previous renditions of Imperial, they had some quality 1v1 warriors, are those former members in HPC's singularly now? Hard to believe that the former Golden Gods got cleared wearing purple CD/SV capes.
  8. First f2p trip in awhile. Was nice to get to cruise along and steamroll familiar clans .
  9. Quode

    You Guys Are So Adorable

    Best synopsis, seems most believable. Ty m8
  10. Lovely seeing so many new aliases on these boards ^_^

  11. Quode

    You Guys Are So Adorable

    skip to 2:15 @@BarrageKyle
  12. I love that I can come back to this site after a lengthy hiatus from RS-related activity to still find both extremely subtle banter and horrendously justin beiber-worthy bash sessions. The community's members may gain months and years in age, but the society forever remains defunct . How is the e-drama festering? Who are the top rivalries right now? Who are the tightest allies? Help an oldbundle of twigs out, cbf'ed scrolling through pages upon pages of possibly brown sticky stuffty intel, somebody give me a brief synopsis if you would.
  13. Quode

    Leadership renewal

    You are now a disappointment to me
  14. Quode

    Leadership renewal

    More specifically, the "wet dick" club if you know what I mean