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  1. January 14th, Sharkbrew came together for the first of many incredible community based events this year: North America vs Europe. With some heavy debate on who actually won the last NA vs EU event both sides came ready to fight for glory within the pure community, and bragging rights that will last until the next event occurs. With Europe dominating Round 1, North America came in undeterred and motivated Round 2. With some good tanking and legendary calling from PX Tyler, Tyendinaga, and Quode, North America battled their way to victory Round 2 to tie the score up 1-1. Round 3 was the deciding match and North America and Europe were both determined to leave the arena victorious. North America through some more good tanking, a stellar wrap, and great calling ended up dominating Round 3 to reign victorious! Shout-out to everybody who made this event and took it seriously, the callers for each side (@Quode, PX Tyler, and @Tyendinagaas well as @nawe, UTC, and Jokuyurt for taking time out of their day to make this happen) as well as all the other Sharkbrew staff members who helped organize this event. As a staff the Sharkbrew team is super happy with the outcome and are excited to host another one. Expect another event announcement in the coming months for a 2nd NA vs EU event later this year Round 1: NA vs EU Starting: 54/55 NA vs EU Ending: 0/22 Round 2: NA vs EU Starting: 56/55 NA vs EU Ending: 13/0 Round 3: NA vs EU Starting: 55/53 NA vs EU Ending: 28/0 Videos: @Pearl Z Clowny @Runs @Stella @Brain Pictures:
  2. Will fight main teams but avoids pure clans like the plague Odd
  3. Imagine getting broken by Mod Markdonalds LOL Jk bro and congrats to everybody
  4. Fi is still #1 and there is nothing you or your clan can do about it Grats Fatality! We are big winners like usual
  5. Such ownage from PURE clan Rage Too bad only 2 clans had F2P trips Also closest FT50 I've seen (R3) GZ
  6. You need to move this topic to the below forum. That is the main clan wilderness section https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/forum/327-wilderness/
  7. I put your clan in the grave and this is a desperate attempt to stay open. Closing topic imminent!!
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