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  1. the foe member i camped yesterday returned once every 15 minutes since the start, one by one they'll break.
  2. what do you expect us to do when you have mains in your pre mass and stand around at our massing telling us to bring mains? l0l cmon bruh i know a lot of the foe members' mains rsns.
  3. you should also audio leak the part where we sat around for 4 hours not even calling piles because you weren't getting above 1/3 our cape count
  4. i agree rage needs to know their place. that little box you respawn at in edgeville is FOE turf!!!
  5. it took over 3.5 hours into trip for foe sv to kill me their first time and i was already 50 kills deep probably the same deal for every other rage member you got slaughtered
  6. 100 bears with double logged mains destroyed 100 piss knights double logged on mains, 100 piss birds double logged on mains, and 40 piss tigers wearing piss bird capes at the same time all day long. i returned with 1k arrows on my pure and ran out !!!
  7. lol foe had two maxed mains show up to our weekend mass a half hour before our trip even started, threatening to rag random members. what room do they have to whine about anything if they behave that way? this one which danny confirms is a foe main kept (trying) to rag me with dcb all day lol
  8. emptyquoting dis emptyquotin dis fo lost to bp 3-2 in a big mini today fo lost to bp 3-2 in a big mini today
  9. i bullied 2 of your ranks off their pures and onto mains yesterday
  10. foe spent all day 60v0 and took a fake ending to avoid further embarrassment after most of us got bored waiting for fudog to tele back up
  11. we spent all day with no foe in game and got bored of camping you, you weren't even there or one of the foe returning why r u piping? your ending ss was 20 minutes before you actually ended and you called it (aka gave up and lost) when rage started regaining numbers.
  12. weird how you say this when you weren't even one of the 4 or 5 foe members still returning when most of us got bored with camping you
  13. foe spent about 2 hours where it was only fudog and maybe one rank returning with the only opts in game being level 3 and level 126 dihns accounts sitting outside of the cross, and the southeast L corner hours and hours before your ending screenshot. weird story too because i was returning the entire time and i teled in on your ending screenshot. i have multiple pures and switched to one with more cbow charges because i didnt feel like buying more. you hit 0, 2, and 5 on the cape counter even with the AFK accounts and it was only because we didn't bother logging in level 3's to kill them for a while. most of you were not online for it but foe was completely out of the fight only a few hours in and instead of taking a fake ending screenshot and dipping like you guys we kept camping you because return rag fights are decided by who lasts the longest (foe ended first.) you guys legit waited for us to get bored killing the same 2 people repeatedly and logged in people called a main clan then called an ending. rage was prepared to go all night and longer. foe broke.
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