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    UwU vs DC 3-0

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    Knockout vs Foe

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  3. from the jagex discord not ingame. yeah good thing this game's only customer support is "being followed by a jmod" or "getting upvoted to the top of reddit"
  4. lmao i tried discussing this patch in the official jagex discord. a pmod replied "source?" to me saying "the majority of new pkers who aren't returning vets, are funneled in from youtubers" deleted all my messages then banned me i guess jagex is waiting for a wall street journal or fox news article before they fix pvp! definitely can't be listening to the community, or people who spend thousands of hours a year talking to new pkers!
  5. most people who leak/scam fall into one or the other category, often comorbid
  6. says the biggest walking and breathing joke in the community
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