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  1. l00000l get the fucking treatment you ugly duckling
  2. Don't remember asking, little chihuahua boy, did you want to answer the question?
  3. couldn't tell ya, i'm still in the bahamas sipping ciroc. Hows it feel investing your life into a 64-pixelated game?
  4. don't cry little chihuahua, you supposed to be yapping.
  5. ur 0-15 little chihuahua, you got cleared, don't ask for it again but you can keep bumping your masters topics
  6. Great banter @orgasms foc reduced to snipe team and rot lap dog l0000l come bark
  7. @orgasmshere you go my little chihuahua come bark for me
  8. we took 1072 kills on rot/foc/a/z/sv and left, all I can say is ty for the rune today regtard l000000l
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