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  1. Sayerso officer means this will be the gr8est xlpc of all time
  2. Pun

    Plague of pures

    I kill piss clans for a living regtardo
  3. Pun

    Plague of pures

    Yeah nobody asked
  4. How are you copy pasting that when you literally did the exact same a couple of months ago, weird bih
  5. No? What the fucks wrong with this shit, to even make polls like this. Literally giving me an aneurism
  6. Actually feel sorry for you if thats the case, but very expected from soup scum ranks. Mind me for any flame ive blasted off at you for being in soup, glad you left the kanker.
  7. Soup been bringing mains since the start of the rivalry, big daddy rage about to give them the big daddy main treatment
  8. Looked very easy for the bear brigada
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