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  1. Meds at revs on a midweek, yet clans bring mains to weekends solid topic regtard
  2. Lol you openly team with soup and now you crying wolf, isnt that what happens when other teams and clans dont like you?
  3. Yeah bro imagine imp begging for off by an xlpc. Iv always wins mr kyle
  4. Do you have no intel? Looks like you really slacking, officer in an edating clan lmfao
  5. You're an officer in an e dating clan, congratulations regtard
  6. Imagine slaving on this game for years just to still be irrelevant
  7. Its ok pak man, closed shitperial in a week of you piping up to me.
  8. Bro your names kyle settle the fuck down lmfa00000
  9. Looked easypeasy unbiased squeezy
  10. Im in coma my friend, big own on edgi heh
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