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  1. Pun

    pure account whos out there

    imagine needing mains to compete with a pure clan, fearless was dogshit, aaos catshit, you can't catch a break lil fukboi
  2. Pun

    pure account whos out there

    Cringe from the Welsh guy who lost his land haH
  3. Pun

    pure account whos out there

    Pretty sure you got your clan killed in a month
  4. Pun

    pure account whos out there

    By the way my shit clan, shat all over your shit clan.
  5. Pun

    In all honestly

    Yes I agree
  6. Pun

    Seeya invictus

    Damn we still asleep lmao
  7. Pun

    The clan member theory

    Keep coming back for some of the shittiest banter I've ever read
  8. Pun

    Just Saying

    Just saying up the RA
  9. killed all of your clans and you still stressing about it, get out of the house.
  10. are you still upset i killed all ur clans?
  11. We originally were 60 combat arose from a snipe team of 10 people to come into the scene and fucked your clans, progressing up to 70cb with the scene, we closed too many of you shit clans cause you can't compete so we continued to grow along with the scene, literally no competition until Fearless came out. By the way you're in Envy you have no right to call any clan shit, that names laughing stock.
  12. I saw it from an unbiased perspective, I simply was spectating fights and I seen a solid 150 pures and your clique get shot up by that gold cape clan. Envy quality shines through, shit clan, shit members that Hassan has brainwashed lmfao. You probably don't even think for yourself no more. Slave lmao
  13. Look at how triggered you are, my intel is 110% spot on and yes, solid 150 pures compared to envys 40 pures and 60 mains that I seen at their mass. If i'm brain dead, you mustn't have a brain, you fat motherfucker.