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  1. Horizon


    ty 4 update friend!!!!!1
  2. Horizon

    Penguins Vs Misfits 15v15 P2P Miniwar 2-0 In Sets

    misfits still getting the smoke l
  3. misfit = sukr clan still lo

    some things never change

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    2. Opticals


      miss you bro

    3. Kanicus


      Misfits closed your clan Peenix haha 

    4. Horizon
  4. ah yes, misfits still sukr clan nothing has changed ^.^
  5. Horizon

    Public Apology to Fom

    don't know what you're insinuating but all 3 of those clans were better than any clan you've ever been apart of.
  6. misfits quality of a topic.
  7. @Moni u idle in everyones teamspeak and expect not to get ddosed l0l

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    2. Ace Krave
    3. Jamer


      i agree lets idle in every ts and complain on sharkbrew as an admin when we get ddosed!!

    4. JoJo
  8. Horizon

    PX pay the ultimate price - closure

    why am I reading ur life story? You sound like a new bundle of twigs that just started clanning in 2013 lmfa000 how was I the most active in this rivalry? flaming the hell out of u guys on sharkbrew? l0l0l0l I've been inactive af working 40-50 hour weeks the past 2-3 months (reason why i've sat at elder) try again.
  9. Horizon

    PX pay the ultimate price - closure

    u didn't close brown sticky stuff btw (reason u made this topic) stay lurking on my beautiful forums brah
  10. Horizon

    PX pay the ultimate price - closure

    literally have been clanning more than most people, 10-11 years. u really think i'm gunna join foe? i'm already extremely inactive and work 40-50 hour weeks so the answer is no.
  11. Horizon

    PX pay the ultimate price - closure

    game is dead, clanning in 2k18 ROFL BTW BTW gg, thanks for the fun m8s Misfits forever in our shadows.
  12. Daily/Friendly reminder IR hasn't won a matched fight in the wild in over a year (l0l)

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    2. Pigwrestler7


      Wait, have PX?

    3. Peace seeker

      Peace seeker

      Ir is such dog brown sticky stuff lmfaoooo



    4. bt black son

      bt black son

      don't ir beat on px every weekend on both servers?