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  1. Winning video, take notes supremacy

    keep teaming with apex lmfao dogs



    1. Wessel


      Your video consist of you getting cleared 2:02

      And walking the ditch for over an hour 6:05 


      l00000000000l ur delusional?

  2. Redemption vs Fatality 31v31 Sep 21, 2015 Redemption vs Final Ownage Elite 32v32 Sep 28, 2015 Redemption vs The Last Pures 35v35 Oct 19, 2015 Redemption vs Sovereign 30v30 Nov 23, 2015 Redemption vs Eruption of Pures 35v35 Dec 15, 2015 All in a matter of a few months without losing. Keep telling yourselves RD was never #1 P2P Matched idc. Just because your clans have never been #1 anything lmfao. kiss the ring
  3. title go mine would have to be Redemption cause of the community, midweek activity and when Redemption was #1 Matched P2P
  4. Miss u! Talk soon Looked like a good trip, upset I missed the Beatdown on 3ats dog clan.
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