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  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, October 10, 2021; Fatality massed up peaking at around 50 Pure Elites for our weekly P2P PK Trip. Started out this #1 Pure Sunday trip breaking that Annakarl and ran west to white plat where we found Rage fighting Terror and Legacy. Fatality quickly cleared up Terror and finished up the rest of Legacy. Once those two trash clan clans were cleared up Fatality focused on finishing off Rage clearing all their pures aswell. Started moving towards GDZ to see if there were any returners and were disappointed by the stamina of "Pure" clans today. ~Fatality victory #1~ After a quick regroup we log in at FOG since clans were avoiding setting up fights we forced the action today and joined a cluster that involved JS, Rage, and zenith pures (shocking i know). JS quickly flopped over and never saw them again while zenith pures quickly died and logged out to get on mains because they cant compete on pures without their rune armour. Fatality and Rage fought it out moving towards Bandits. ~Fatality victory #2~ Again no one wanted to fight a clean 1v1 so Fatality forced action. Hitting another cluster at Bandits. The key thing to take away from this fight is that the quality of Apex is so dogshit that they will never be able to fight a clean 1v1 without 3 other clans and mains supporting them. Apex pure were getting farmed and quickly were forced to run to singles so they could hop on mains and wait for zenith mains to show up to try and save them. Clearing all pures Fatality teled out and waited to see if any clan wanted to get some clean action or if not they can fight in singles. ~Fatality victory #3~ The Final fight of the day was great for Fatality and sad for the rest of the pure world. Apex and zenith were trying to get some kills vs eachother so we decided to come show them how its done. Both clans were forced to figure out what to do vs us and the simple minded rank teams figure it was best to just crumble of their pures and hop on mains and wait for backup. Apex pures shit on and zenith forced to get on mains officially realizing that anti fi has been bullied out of the pure scene for good. Good times to be in a real pure clan. ~Fatality victory #4~ THIS IS WHAT #1 LOOKS LIKE!
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord October 9, 2021; Fatality massed up peaking at around 37 members for our weekly F2P Trip. We would like to emphasize how Fatality continues to call for pure vs. pure fights only, and that we continue to fight with pures only in the hopes of other clans having strong enough leadership to do the same. There were no clans that accepted our invitation for a clear 1 vs. 1 fight today, despite having similar or slightly less opts. Having clean, uninterrupted 1 vs. 1s are our highest priority as it allows members of both clans to have an enjoyable experience, win or lose. Since no clans accepted against us, our only other option to have fun in the wilderness is to join in on other clans fighting each other. We began our trip by taking on both Terror and Rage at Sperm hill, who were fighting each other. They wisely teamed on us and tried to take us out, but were only partially successful at the beginning of the fight. Below is an example of Terror members spamming "Fi fully cleared" despite clearly having over a dozen members still in multi. After pretending our remaining members weren't there, the two clans went back to fighting each other, while we continued to attack back and gain a bulk of our returners. We rejoined the fight and pushed both clans from Sperm hill to Corp, where both clans ran to singles at Graveyard. Rage attempted to re-hit us from below Corp, but one melee push was enough for them to run back to singles. We claimed our win and logged out as both clans were pushed to singles and were no longer able to continue the fight in multi. After regrouping, we then attacked both clans again at Bandits, alongside Fearless, who were hiding in singles at the time of rush. We pushed the clans to singles fairly quickly this time, as the first round showed how even a 2v1 was not enough to take us out. At the same time, Apex logged in and chased Rage down to the castle, where we followed and once again forced both clans to run to singles and fight each other in singles. We soon left after mains and other clans, such as Fo, showed up in Apex capes, a continuing example of the failed leadership at Fo headquarters. Perhaps one day they will be brave enough to wear their own capes and be proud of doing so, but until then, they continue to bleed green to our amusement. We ended our trip after learning that Supremacy was walking inside bandits by themselves with a broken compass leading their group. We simply logged in and caught them off guard, forcing them to immediately run and log. At least they were strong enough to wear their own capes. @Spark @Paige
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