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  1. Zenith kids dropping like flies as if they don't even bother to click on their food. Goodjob Fatality. See you in the wild next week Zenith, by the way: don't forget the full-out declaration.
  2. I truly wish Zenith members would get their brainwashed heads out of their asses and man up. You're literally the laughing stock of the pure community from the very first (idk which version we're dealing with now) time you've opened. Notorious for mass recruiting, low quality, no skills in matched opts, low intelligence and being over-emotional. It's literally embarassing how afraid you are to fight us with +10 in a full out, after declining a matched full out. Not to speak of the preps you have avoided or pulled out of. This weekend we have devasted you in both servers. Of course your ignorant members will blindly believe a cape counter and the bullshit you feed them. In all my years of clanning I have now seen it all, Zenith has sunk to an all time low with Supremacy, Apex and main clans in their capes, having people in no gear just standing at the fight wearing your team-cape, and the few pures you had left there returning in rag gear because they either don't have any return sets or just died too many times. What's most pathethic yet hilarious about it is the fact you're actually proud of that. Have some dignity, pull yourselves together and stop being scared of fighting in a fair and honourable way. Cut the SharkBrew crap and let your actions speak instead. Theres a full-out declaration here and in your leader's (idk which of the 5) PM. And we're hunting you down again this weekend. Bring the pure community back to it's former glory and let this be a nice rivalry that is fought between pures with some sense of honor. Goodluck.
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