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  1. Gotta come out of retirement for this.
  2. Holy shit long time no see man and hell yeah Fs on my chest
  3. Used to clan a lot back in the day looking to get back into it. Past clans I ran with were Sudden Death, Fearless, AAO, Olympus, Ruin, and more. Hit me up
  4. Hmm may be interested just got back from a long break of rs
  5. Been inactive for months deiciding to come back to the scene. Looking to find some old clan mates and join an XLPC
  6. This loser is still making cauliflower topics on this site. God bless
  7. What's TS? I'll hop in when I get back to my apartment. I think it's time for me to make a come back
  8. YOOOO I'm back boys where is my FS boys!!! One of you bastards pm me Ts
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