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  1. they cant but i can bro. FO didnt struggle with you heavily lmfa0, The EoP you led went from pulling 130 to 60s in a matter of 3 months dont get too cocky jamz, or china will return and smack your ass again
  2. bro u forgot 2 mentioned 5. u got kyp'ed by a chinaman while leading the highest pulling clan at that time and got dethroned l0
  3. yas lol ur army getting slaughtered every weekend while mines living the life out there l0l
  4. yas i agreed i killed ur clan and quit with ease lol xd
  5. yes lol snipeteam killed doom was very ez lol xd
  6. i agree too, how did a snipe team killed doom lmfao
  7. ? i closed doom, beat them 50v50 tourney cup, still got the ugly ass sig, want 2 see it? l0l hueehueehueee y reply if not read, 1/100 members l0l i made covid-19 son
  8. the clans u join, sucks more and more each time tho
  9. well overall its about leadership leading capabilities in terms of baiting and setting up traps. i see ur clans only know how to sit and wait. lol
  10. but all i see is 100 of your members doing nothing for 2hours other than hearing cringe ass jokes on ts and typing on their keyboard lol
  11. dude, this game is not about running around in the wilderness and waiting. it is about pking, wat did u pk this weekend?
  12. bro your vid just re-confirmed my point lol... so you pull one hundred, while your rivals pull another one hundred and ur 100 man cannot find their 100 man.. u kno brain is a good thing to use, but your leaders dont have and that sucks for you.. the 1/100 man
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