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  1. talk 2 mi again when u have achieved more than 500 rep oki? other than that, l0 i fuked ur clan every single weekend, dead bearslmfa0
  2. know your fucking place little dog from the shit clan i closed. dont ever pm me and ends up getting cleared, triggered because you cant handle the heat. xD look below u fukn victim. looking for another round of beating after 1 year l0l
  3. i understand there is something called vpn and chinese actually invented that thing.
  4. i know netflix but what does amazon acc do? not sure if there is a market need for that :thinking:
  5. how about i sell u some sharkbrew dollars?
  6. hi i have new china business, i think is against rule 2 sell accounts here but i think not against rule to buy accounts. buy all u unwanted accs. :] pm me on discord. Tannie#0817
  7. can u imagine losing to this kind of rank team? wait u dont have to imagine, u are actually experiencing it real time. l0l0l0l
  8. i pick 400k loot over J cups anyday, 400k i can buy 1 crystal bow and that can close rage.

  9. this reminds me of invictus and outburst.
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