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  1. fuk mi, why did i help astro win this l0l0l
  2. l0l and im ragging u and theres nothing u can do about it bich boy. xd
  3. astro got smoked wym 'fun' trip l0
  4. mani hav learn their lesson not 2 fuc wit chinky man mani hav not. apparently u have not. now u will feel the wrath of china in edge, upon all u recruits :] im see u in the wilderness ❤️ hej, also pm Tannie#0817 on discord for free astro locs hhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  5. @Ramiewhy do you put yourself calling on the audio, holysht.
  6. dont pipe up lol terror dogs pls look minimap dumb ass clueless rats l0 how do u skim backline when enemie is on top of u clan, u not kno u run scim backline, half u clan ded? l0
  7. @Slurisel000000l get shit on

    1. IamjohnC


      You sound so fucking ugly, I bet you can't stand to look in the mirror for more then 2 mins 😂

    2. Tannie


      @IamjohnChow do u look at sound? ._.

  8. @puppyslushdid u not tell them, we invented corona
  9. pm Tannie#0817 on discord to discuss
  10. hej, i was the man that closed eop on its final legs lol
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