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  1. where is ur 50, i see 30 on cape counter entire video meh
  2. im still waiting for my consequences fuck
  3. thats the only reason outrage can stay open men
  4. hey i would like to have some consequence's' lmfao what the fuc will rot do? what the fuc will you do? maybe return on discord and dont avoid like last time lmfao dumb virgins acting tough on the internet
  5. yo, will rot return on discord ever again against me? lmfao 'consequences' bite me dumb bitch
  6. OSRS IGN: I find new and creative ways to be dumb
  7. nice u pull 10 more to safezone minigame than dangerous wilderness with 5 clan friend?
  8. y pull 30. r u forum clan?\
  9. with all due respect, you do not deserve to use the word 'broke' cmon bruh, all banter aside, do you honestly think you can call foe broken? when you...? well u know what happened to u lol
  10. u mean foe ended ur trip in singles where half ur opts are mains? 12pures 9mains? nice essay btw
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