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  1. https://discord.gg/s7puXF https://discord.gg/s7puXF https://discord.gg/s7puXF Join today, Smoking victims moi.
  2. Tannie

    hej outrage

    not only jamz, its just funny to victimize someone on this game.
  3. Tannie

    Has CD ever won a rivalry?

    sad tbr losin vs cp sam
  4. Tannie

    hej outrage

    expect me jamz 300 also buying outrage locs, 30m/trip. Tannie#0817 on discord
  5. Tannie

    Victim World ~ ty moi 4 donate

    friends need support plz come show some love
  6. Tannie

    cwa [SB Tourny] Supremacy vs Rage | P2P 20v20 [3-0]

    nvr 1st pile chinaman, hes a huge tank.
  7. Tannie

    Dear CD #2

    Tannie#0817 for mercenary enquiry. The pigs promise to delete your enemies off the map. Whoever that pays will be our boss. When you say jump, we will ask 'how high?' We have also evolved ourself to becoming P2P hired. #VictimWorld is ready for hire as well.
  8. https://discord.gg/PtsxQ2r https://discord.gg/PtsxQ2r https://discord.gg/PtsxQ2r A 1500+ totals world rev rag squad. Daily pk trips. Pures, Meds, Mains are all welcomed. Requirements : 1500+ total levels. Recommended stats : 89 Agility, Wilderness Hard dairies completed. Rules: NO N-RANGING, TB/Freezes is a must. Dedicated to smoke all pkers in 1250s,1500s,1750s. Loot pile collected past 2 weeks: Join us or become our victims Forgive my messy screenshots. i cbf arranging them. its just an idea to showcase the loots.
  9. ? we smited 2 zgs, 1 ags, 2 mace, 1 craw from ur pvmers/pkers..??
  10. didnt u guys feed my boys at least 300m/week worth of loots lmao?
  11. credits to @Bajere gj bro