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  1. Dude is 67 pull bigger than 80?? You sure are dumb
  2. They only killed eachother and didnt touch other clans so doesnt rly matter if u add the points or not
  3. Do i have to remind you what "dick sucking" means? You in ly capes + in their cc trying to rag rage u dumb loser
  4. Nope but nice try. Btw i wasnt talking to you so pipe down ur irrelevant ex piss clan member
  5. A random idiot talking who left sup lool
  6. Sucking apex because they congatulate them?? Seems like rage can take an L and still be respectful unlike your shit clan with ur silly excuses.
  7. Imagine spending your time ragging pure clans on weekends. Get a life and enjoy outdoors lil guy
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