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  1. Damn this is how top tier preps should be not only one sides clear dominance , nice performance by both clans.
  2. You seemed pretty clueless at falador of what you r doing lol ,practice is the key.
  3. When Tom is taking it to his hands 2 destroy you ur fukd.
  4. All that talk for "---------thousands of years and the half of popularity has died and ur crew has died" .
  5. Enjoyable povs @Spiral and @K0nt,clearly rage bears dominated the whole thing the entire time.
  6. I agree with thease guys.
  7. Nice action packed trip goodshit on ur domiation bears.
  8. 6 ags and pic of 1 ballista pk ok m8
  9. About same time Ub lost their F2P Belt to Rage.
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