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  1. Estranger

    Thursday: FT Rev/Sweep

    6 ags and pic of 1 ballista pk ok m8
  2. Estranger

    1 year ago...

    About same time Ub lost their F2P Belt to Rage.
  3. Tbh who tf cares about EOP in 2k18 , you havent maganged to pull out anything this year lmfao , should of remained closed you just have embarrased urselves by this rivaly to FOE by far YIKES.
  4. for all you boys out there: rich and handsome , mostly handsome fuck the gp , but dont be w/o a life like this nigga out here @apexplosive
  5. The ammount of effort u put in this lmfao , not even any clan ,but u seem desperate kiddo lmfao.
  6. Estranger

    Dk Derek opens fire

    Dont know shit about "DK" either about this clown , but get a grip man.
  7. Estranger

    weekend EoP Saturday: Supremacy Mains + Low IQ Fo

    Damn EOP taking L-s on their own topic.
  8. Estranger

    Forsaken's Thursday pk trip(s)

    Imagine having dbow as a spec weapon with amethist arrows lmao.
  9. Cancer main clan once again only reason u ever could compete.
  10. Estranger

    cwa IR vs Apex F2P Prep [3-0]