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  1. Ah yes b2b prep wins thats what i like to see, ty for prep FI seemed like close Af 1
  2. Pipe up when u reach 50 pull atl once again.
  3. Nope those arent at all mains camping us in a "fair 70 v 70 " Who u piping up to dog AAO was the worst quality clan of all time stfu u irrelevant loser. @Colin
  4. Its clear 2 see that it was not "clear 70 v 70 " fights vs Rage if you see on ur exilent cape counters there are 10 mains camping Rage in Rage capes. Gfs tho .
  5. Stfu pleb you were legit competing on #1-3 wilderness before you piped up to us, look what slump we have put you in once again know your place. Grats on #8 wilderness once again lmao.
  6. Couldent make it , but looks like u guys owned goodshit .
  7. Somehow Supremacy has " A winning topic " without a vid and with 3 pictures on their homepage , nope were not brainwashing our members NOPE.
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