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  1. Winter is coming , corona 2ND. Wave is coming , let's go !
  2. Gongrats strong win , still gonna ask you again to put ending opts to topic please.
  3. Yes Rage core strong was tryna tell that ? Otherwise stfu.
  4. Pretty cancer making new accounts each week LMFAO.
  5. IDK really how you put LY b4 Rage in F2P Clw , when the exact prep score in F2p is 9-0 for Rage this year btw.
  6. Imagine being in that clan you choose to join a mainclan on your main and you shall be doxxed LOL.
  7. Yeah Sup did it to Rage also ,their desperate need 2 compete has yet again resorted with mains "Big surprise" Gz on bullying them still.
  8. Bro Apex is dogshit if friendly fire is on you just kill your own teammates stick to CLW.
  9. Not even a minute into the vid z got cleared basically and SR rolled over lmfao.
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