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  1. Ah ok I'll pm u next week on discord to set up fights then!
  2. If you're undefeated, why are you too scared to prep us again ;o It's not like you dominate us in the wilderness let's face it
  3. Uploaded on June 12th and June 19th! I'm sorry but it is now august lad ;/
  4. haha what have they done to u when can i kill green dragons with ur little brother again btw that was kinda fun ngl
  5. "suck my dick dutch retard" *gets 1banged next round* @Mustafa sorry haha
  6. That for sure shows! You're only embarrassing yourself and your clan at this point. A clan without any members isn't really a clan matey!
  7. Hope you had fun hosting this!
  8. Lmao 0 respect, how come they put in effort in Rage? Sad to see how you think about your own ranks/members...
  9. Mustafa, there is a reason why elders of your clan leave for applicant in Rage...
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