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  1. It's not that smart to post a screenshot of CD TS from your phone, you can easily check what device someone is on Teamspeak
  2. Tom Valor

    Netflix Original Trailer: Ace Krave the Documentary

    lmao pretty funny still don't get how people can get that fat
  3. Tom Valor

    Pure clan list

    Would be cool to look at
  4. Tom Valor

    For only £10 a month....

    I respect the juice but 10 pounds haha
  5. Tom Valor

    Nawe presents: Quality of Shitpremacy

    I was not holding any grudges against you or your shit clan, I was legit giving you some advice because right now you sound like an immature moron grow up
  6. Tom Valor

    Nawe presents: Quality of Shitpremacy

    Reconsider posting this topic, you're honestly making a fool out of yourself & admitting that IR got beaten this weekend
  7. Tom Valor

    Part two of the PD leaks

    idk haven't been active for a long time, what is PD?
  8. Tom Valor

    Which Clan?

  9. Tom Valor

    Wich tutorial would you like to see?

    haha @Maxx geef de mannen wat ze willen, zitten al bijna 4 jaar te wachten potverdikkie!
  10. Tom Valor

    showcase Clan Set for The Plague

    Nice job!
  11. Tom Valor

    cwa Awp vs Cp?

    I always mini without knowing who I mini against too
  12. Tom Valor

    team Team Bandits

    Clean banner