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  1. Then you must be more stupid than I thought ;/ where is your clan backing up your claims? lmao
  2. I'm sorry to break it to you! Maybe you got tunnelvision or something, but this was the fight from our perspective + the audio from your teamspeak. If you go to near end when you guys just call a tele out, you can see we still has plenty in game! You got decimated for 2 hours straight, just accept the defeat...
  3. Hahaha how can you claim a win on this slaughter fest, lol Please explain yourself!
  4. ? we were literally north of you lol You ran south an tele'd out when you cleared up the middle We cleared you numerous times within the dragons lad, does that mean we could just dip after we cleared you in there for the 70th time and claim the win? No because you guys were still up north, in singles...
  5. Goodfight Zenith, appreciate the action but come on We were all on pures, you were literally the first clan to say on your teamspeak "Hop on your meds (/mains)..." Nonetheless you still got smoked for the entire 2 hour duration Accept the defeat, damn. And don't go make topics like these when you know clans like Rage/Legacy/Foe/Apex all have your audio
  6. Come on zenith, please fight back (this is not to insult you but serious lmao)
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