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  1. https://imgur.com/pOtrV36

    Would you have done the same as this guy if you were in his position? [emb in reply]

    1. Tom Valor
    2. Bruta


      poor sup members cant blame them, with those shitty ranks you can't expect much

    3. Maxx


      stil shoving scims up in bumholes 

  2. Clan warfare, pure warfare shut down years ago dnt think they all have the wrong intentions @Breakand @slushpuppy r good ppl so sharkbrew it is
  3. no1 uses it lol even owners gave up on it with all respect to scott, but no one would trust him to be the owner because of the nh things in the past
  4. Yes on p servers it was amazing but wont happen
  5. ??? who the fuck are they lol "team rev"
  6. gj ub but wtf is that inventory padres, might as well take prayer potions if you're trying to save money
  7. Yo Supremacy members when do you start realising you are not winning anything? I am really starting to doubt you know what a win feels like winning isn't keep on finding excuses to why you won the fight! (fyi) And where is the main excuse? I remember you said a couple of weeks rage brings mains, you finally realised this is not the case? and if so, why would your clan not consider doing the same thing?
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