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  1. Still feeding mine clan after I made u cancel weekends LMAO
  2. Rage for sure - old rank cashing out, ranks pking with heroes and uploading povs for them (can't blame them - their ts is dead, and ranks just sit muted), teaming with the lowest pulling cosplaying main clan(rev), gets bodied anytime they fight apex 1v1.. list goes on and on but yeah closing time is near
  3. | November 26th, 2021: Today we massed up 36 GODKINGS for our scheduled F2P Prep vs FOE. In a convincing manner, we took home all 3 rounds. Thanks for the prep FOE, looking forward to more! 27v27 WIN Apex Ending - 23 28v28 WIN Apex Ending - 19 28v28 WIN Apex Ending - 23 #1 P2P/F2P. Grats Apex.
  4. Ask edgi what it cost him . Also half the names in these pics are from a 1 week period where we memed each other and changed our names in discord. I was never purple veteran rank looooool. stay mad apex disc is lit and yours is dead (more on that soon)
  5. | November 11th, 2021: Pulled up with 30 #GodKings to a scheduled 25 def gear CWA fight vs VR, in which we came out on top all 3 rounds. We agreed on a +2 opt advantage for round 1, but rounds 2 & 3 were fought matched opts 21v21. Another exceptional performance against 126s, grats Apex! Thanks for the action VR! WIN Apex Ending Kills - 25 VR Ending Kills - 20 WIN Apex Ending Kills - 25 VR Ending Kills - 18 WIN Apex Ending Kills - 25 VR Ending Kills - 21 Grats #GodKings
  6. @barcode leader more than half your clan left since January rev is the joke of the entire scene LMFAO
  7. @barcode leader1 year later and ur pure campaign is weaker than ever before L0L0L0L
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