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  1. dont crying on my topic BC is literally at the bottom of the list
  2. | October 14th, 2021: Pulled up with 30 #GodKings to a scheduled 25 def gear CWA fight vs VR, in which we came out on top all 3 rounds. Despite us having a +4 opt advantage, we performed exceptionally well for fighting 126s (no other pure clan would have won if they were fighting in our place). Thanks for the action VR! WIN Apex Ending Kills - 25 VR Ending Kills - 18 WIN Apex Ending Kills - 25 VR Ending Kills - 23 WIN Apex Ending Kills - 25 VR Ending Kills - 22 Grats #GodKings
  3. Today, we had setup a pkri vs BP in hopes of having another attempt at a clean 1v1 PKRI. Unfortunately, and LUCKILY for Apex, we only pulled 9 and ended up cancelling our PKRI during prime time GMT Hours. We were really hoping we can "bait" apex again but maybe next time when we have more people online. You got lucky Apex!
  4. | October 6th, 2021: Won first 2 rounds, and got sloppy on the third, gf FS - thanks for the fight. Round endings: Round 1 50-40? Round 2 50-45
  5. Don't crying xdxd

  6. Apex had double ur 16 bears try again loser L0L0L0L
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