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  1. looking for LY pov or topic..

  2. l0l this kid upset both clans pulled more on a Tuesday than he does on the weekends LMFAO
  3. ENJOY THIS UNCUT REAL TIME AUDIO OF CP DAVID & CP SAM LYING TO THEIR MEMBERS AFTER GETTING FULLY CLEARED MULTIPLE TIMES. (CRINGE WARNING) 0:08 - "Zenith just logged in" "HOP OUT SCATTER IN RANDOM WORLDS!!" 2:09 - "Zenith is dipping" (We do 360 and fully clear LY" 4:00 - LY runs south and logs out after getting gwas'd @ gap 5:45 - LY ranks yell at members to get out of zenith's world 6:10 - Demoralized SAM giving losing speech "we don't need to spam" 6:50 - David: "Sam im pretty sure zenith is cleared" (we tele up and fully clear them 1v1) 7:40 - Sam chokes and rev trip leader zero picks up for 5 seconds 8:50 - LY Gwasd 9:00 - Sam still calling with only 15 in game 9:20 - LY FULLY CLEARED 9:55 - David lies to entire clan saying Zenith got cleared 11:20 - David lies to his clan again 11:40 - David makes up an entire scenario that didn't even happened 12:30 - Sam attempts to save face by spamming Rs Zenith cc (CRINGE WARNING) 13:20 - Sam gives DEMORALIZED losing speech 13:50 - Sam begs his clan to get 80 intros this week with 10m per recruit incentive PM Mercy#6631 TO MAKE UP TO 100M/WEEK
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