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  1. fucking joke of a clan. 

  2. l0l Fo members think thats juice... just wait for the real juice coming :D

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    2. Sliq


      @Deviants you slaved non stop for eop and you still got kicked

    3. LIT-Files


      oh shut up you moron

    4. Cody9204


      You mean nearly 2 years ago, right? Because the last time I left EoP was when they closed. That's the second time you've mentioned that. Isn't there anything else you've got in your arsenal to attempt to insult me with, or..? No? Didn't think so. :anismart::kermit_tea:

  3. you dudes are cringe man. free my boy Ace
  4. Mercy#6631 - Pm to make a salary. Imagine making only 20m a trip lmfao.

  5. Form is temporary, class is permanent.

  6. Form is temporary, class is permanent.

  7. This can't be the same clan that just lost to apex? no fucking way it can be..
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