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  1. Zenith haven't won one fight in CWA over a month which is no surprise.

    So now, they enjoy themselves pking ghostly robes in an open clan chat consisting of 30 vzla's.

  2. You got cleared 10x, re-rushed in an open cc and got cleared again.
  3. Your topic has pictures at 2 different locations. Doesn't look like you had any action at all.
  4. sad to see what happened to zenith. you guys should close into a main clan already.
  5. Skulled World (Vzla team) have an actual spy in Sovereign and chased them around the wildy until they ended.

    Just wow!

  6. This is so embarrassing lol. They are cleared in a 1v2 after 2 minutes.

  7. The only topics you get to make is you pking with 10 people in a dead game.
  8. Zenith was pulling 150 alone 6 months ago.

    My question to the 4 clans what showed up to CWA, why did you guys only pull 130 as a whole?


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