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  1. @Jus10avoid more pussy you dont make calls or decisions go simp for paige
  2. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD Last weekend we dominated our competition having one of the best trips in Zenith history absolutely demolishing through every single #Anti-Zenith clan in the wilderness, The midweek was more or less the same with Zenith pumping out over 12 Events in 6 Days with the majority of pure clans and Anti-Zenith Clans being unable to compete with us activity wise. We knew there wasnt a hope in hell for any pure clan by themselves today and their only option was to hold hands with former clans they called rivals and try to fight Zenith. We were super excited for our P2P Sunday and to once again battle the entire pure community who would team against us with every single clan they could. We massed up 70 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at 75 Zenith Mountain Men for our P2P Sunday. This trip we spent all of our time destroying a 8 Clan Alliance at GDZ (Rage,Legacy.Vennies,Heros,BC,Clumpa,Rev,PD). No matter how many clans/teams/vennies you team with, We will always beat you. uploading........ We heard Legacy was north of lava dragons with 2 clans and their vennies sitting on standby, We waited for them to log in and instantly logged in behind them and started clearing them up. We pushed them far east and Blunt Pures rushed us with Fatality. We moved east through LY and started barraging far west and held the return spot at GDZ. We caught them all as they were returning and cleared them up within seconds. Numerous main clans came to snipe us at GDZ and once we held the HUT and cleared up BC & REV we hopped worlds. We heard Hydra was moving west of GDZ and we went to hit them real quickly, We rushed them from the east and started steamrolling through them, We heard BP and BC were logging in behind us and we turned around on them and started barraging through both clans. We heard REV was coming and knew the fight was about to be blown up. We pulled east and baited REV to us and watched them all get collectively sent to edgeville, We pulled to new gate and cleared up everything and moved south and caught a bank. We heard Hydra was at bandits trying to setup a fight against Anti-Zenith, We quickly intercepted and started barraging through everything on the lava and we began to push north and clear up every single clan who showed up. We cleared up everything and waited for Revenant to be done switching over to their level 80's. (Once they spent 15 minutes gearing 20 level 80's) we baited them to log into bandits and fight us, They logged in and for some reason FEL called them to get in a massive "CLUMPEY" and we would blow them up. We fully cleared them up and caught some spams and laughed at them and teleported to edge. We heard Fatality and Blunt Pures and Legacy were trying to crash FOE, We quickly shadowed Legacy and waited for them to log in, Once they logged in we rushed them from behind and cleared them up within seconds, Next it was Blunt Pures and they came in from CA and we quickly ran west and intercepted them at pond. Once at pond we started transitioning through them and pushed them far west into singles, Once they teleported to ferrox we followed them. Legacy tried to re-teleport up and cosplay like they did something with their 20 man pull..... We quickly teleported back to CA and rushed them from behind and laughed at DDOS who died in seconds after his terrible calls. `
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