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  1. This was terrible. And horribly executed. Considering Zenith is known by all as an e-dater clan, not sure what you were trying to accomplish here. @Hormoneis a fat virgin who e-dated a girl named Ashley, and failed to bang in a hotel room he used his dice money on. L0L
  2. Fo dead, Z hasn't massed for an official PK Trip in 3 weeks! Pure Clanning is in a great state.

  3. Zenith pulled 12 yesterday and 9 today..? @ZENITH HEAD LAWYER wake up u pedo save ur clan L0L0L0L (u cant) LMFAOOOOOO!!!

  4. Fo is horrible. MM was always and will always be better. Fo is more-like EoP, and will forever be in MM's shadow
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