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  1. Zenith is fucking dogshit lmfao imagine starting with 105 and ending with 60 l00000lza off = nfs

  2. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We scheduled a F2P PKRI on this fine Wednesday Evening with Foe, leaving CWA with 49 Pures later peaking at ~55. We knew 2 dog clans would come bark for us, so we eliminated both off the map in under 5 minutes 1v2ing them with ease; later resuming our clean 1v1 Vs Foe for the remaining 30 minutes. We dominated each opposition from start to finish, thanks for the fight Foe. Chins up to the other 2 dog clans who tried to ruin a pure vs pure fight with mains and got kyped quickly! Latino Pictures
  3. Zenith is dogshit lmfao

  4. Scims? Calling? He has to ask permission, and even then he still sits with a muted microphone. Dumb dog lmfao
  5. dogshit clan with 0 history, lost a full out to their rivals pre-eoc 3-0 and that's why they refuse to full out Legacy & Fatality @[email protected] both have PTSD from IR 3-0'ing them
  6. Your video's CC count displays 40 lol, thx for the action my man
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