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  1. Havent seen your topic of the fight yet. Maybeeeeee watch our vid of the fight? Was fun anyways gf. Lookin to have more of these in the future.
  2. https://wildmight-rs.net/ - RyanSpooner#3815 Planned a quick short prep vs VR 11pm finnish time and massed around 26 strong members. Ended up gaining to about 28 or so but not having all of them in game due to VR starting with less. We started very strong and kept our good k0 power and calls till the end. GF ty 4 action. Sadly our neighbouring country Sweden had to cancel their own fight today due to pulling 20 with a week prep, Finland sends prayers to all the swedish men.
  3. oh, felt like you had 15 on monday ;F sorry.
  4. Idk man your clan pulls 20 on prep. Not looking good either.
  5. - https://wildmight-rs.net/ - RyanSpooner#3815 - Decided to have DForces as our opponent for our first prep after our long summer break. We pulled around 50 and went hard from start to end. Start was super good from us and we pretty much controlled the fight and had great spams. DForces upped their performance the further the fight went and made us work for it. Somewhere towards the end couple venezuelan bolters tried to come loot so we quickly erased them from the map. GF DF. 0ec145cd2eac69de8344f9ae5278f12f.mp4 Media:
  6. - https://wildmight-rs.net/ - RyanSpooner#3815 - Wild Might is a Finnish RuneScape clan founded in early 2007, but Wild Might's roots go far back to year 2004 and 2005 when a clan called Blood Brothers firstly opened its doors. Around that time there was still many other Finnish clans and the main focus was on F2P wilderness. From 2007 to this point the clan world has changed a lot and Wild Might's focus from F2P has slowly changed to P2P but one thing will always stay the same in Wild Might, a unique and close community. Currently Wild Might is one of the oldest PvP -based clans and possibly the oldest so called country clan. The focus is heavily on P2P multi fights but all community related activities from F2P and PVM Competitions to the clans own inner tournaments and IRL meet ups are very important and have a big role in Wild Might. Media - https://wildmight-rs.net/ - RyanSpooner#3815 -
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