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  1. Yep we usually dont get events for fridays and saturdays because members enjoy doing most of their irl stuff on those days. Maybe you should consider taking a look on what your members like and what they dont since you be losing lots of them.
  2. You know a title like "3 hour fight vs The Boys" is not good lmao... It simply just shouldnt take 3 hours to clear TB when youre up +10 ingame but then again, its Zenith so cant rly expect anything better...
  3. stop posting shit like this it just makes you look like a clown
  4. | WILD MIGHT | FINNISH COUNTRY CLAN | #1 GMT CLAN | | PM Jokuyurt#3988 / Ryanspooner#3815 | First of all, Respect to Liths for being the only clan with enough balls to ask us for a CWA fight. We haven't had these in a long time so our round starts we very rusty but ended up having good round endings. Hope to see more of these from Liths since they seem to be not scared like many other clans. 3rd liths fight since their reopening and they already showing signs of a good future. BLNT. ROUND 1 Run-In - Win WM: 25 Liths: 16 ROUND 2 Run-In - Win WM: 25 Liths: 16 ROUND 3 K0 - Win WM: 11 Liths: 0 Videos:
  5. You seriously tryna stay relevant by saying dumb shit like this? We compete with DF in GMT everyday and you're trying to say we called them to help clearing you? Im sorry to tell you this but we actually scouted wildy in hopes to find clans like DF so we could have a good competitive fight but instead we found you and literally shit on you. Our members were actually quite bored fighting you cus of how bad you are. Ty for the free loot. Clearing you + you running for your life to singles & dwarfs thru gap Same day calling out DF
  6. | KINGS OF GMT +2 ;FF | WILD MIGHT | FINNISH COUNTRY CLAN | PM: Jokuyurt#3988 / RyanSpooner#3815 Masspoked bout 20 strong Finns to scout wilderness since GMT has been active, we quickly found some randoms pking at vetion so we took their stuff and moved on to scout deep. Scouted Zenith pking with VR members @GDZ so we hit them while gained to about 40 strong Finns. Took bout 5mins and we cleared everyone off the map. After stopping Zenith from pking deep we found them @Vetion, did a quick drive by on them while we found Liths @Annakarl. Teled up to 50s and Annakarl to clear them twice. Ended with a smile on our face.
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